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”I LOVE ChessKid. My children have learned how to play chess and master a lot of the basics. They have been able to move onto the intermediate zone. This has helped them develop friends in their various co-ops and at church with the same interests so they could play games during the week. We have scheduled playdates on the phone during the pandemic with specific friends. After a while they wanted the gold and one child is moving on to I say this one resource has helped them develop a great hobby. This is so much better than video games. I love seeing Judith Polgar and the other children, who are grandmasters, teach. I never learned chess and I must say I even find this very exciting!”
Judy W., Co-op Member
”Great experience with the purchase. Children friendly and helpful tutorials!”
Adam M., Co-op Member
”My son loves this program. He has learned strategies in a fun and engaging way.”
Elaine, Co-op Member
”If your child has an interest in chess, ChessKid is an invaluable resource. It's a way to find games at any time with other people when your kid has run out of partners at home. :) It's a way for them to experience playing people of higher ratings than one may find at home! And it's safe and anonymous as there is no chat behind the sending of preset phrases and emojis and children are encouraged to use a handle that shields their identity. ChessKid also provides a wealth of entertaining and useful instructional videos on ways to improve one's game, puzzles that improve one's tactics, and informal tournaments. If you hunt around online, you can find a free curriculum for teaching chess--great for a co-op class!--that is clearly laid out and accessible for parents with limited experience. In short, I highly recommend this site and am pleased that I purchased a gold membership for my five enthusiasts. While the site is free to use at any time, the gold membership offers access to more videos and tournaments that my kids love and use regularly.”
Tara, Co-op Member
”My son loves playing chess and having the opportunity to use this website and have the gold membership has helped him a lot improve his chess skills. He practices every day with puzzles and he learns new tactics using the video and lessons.”
A. Jamis, Co-op Member
”My son has been a member of ChessKid through this service for a little over 3 years, and he still loves it! Great site.”
Lissette H., Co-op Member
”While I had to contact the Co-op for them to reach out to Chess Kids to actually upgrade my membership (which was done the same day I put in my inquiry to the Co-op-their customer service is the best!), the program is great. I signed my 7 year old son up for chess at the park district and he fell in love. All he wanted to do was play chess and I don't know much about the game and can't always play with him. The tutorials and puzzles have definitely helped him and he loves being able to play against the computer anytime I let him. He can now beat me most of the time after only a few weeks of using the program and has even beaten my husband twice, which is an achievement he is quite proud of.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”My kids beg to play ChessKid! They excitedly share strategies and stories, and Fun Master Mike is now a buzz word around the house. I am impressed by how well their new skills and knowledge transfer over to games on the physical chess board as well. Now they're trying to teach their four year old brother!! Thanks ChessKid for a positive experience.”
Beth, Co-op Member
”ChessKid is a wonderful aid for teaching easily distracted children to focus. I use it while homeschooling my grandsons, ages 8 and 9. The 9 year old finishes his assignments quickly and uses extra time to polish his chess skills. He claims that chess has taught him to think before reacting when making decisions. The eight year old says he just likes playing the game. I enjoy the fact that they both are occupying their minds with good, decent entertainment. I highly recommend ChessKid.”
Pamela R., Co-op Member
”My kids love chesskid. We have seen a huge improvement in their game. They enjoy spending time to practice and the puzzles are a big help. This is our second year that we are using it and will keep doing so in the future!”
L. Louw, Co-op Member
”My son is really enjoying ChessKid!! He has significantly improved his skills and is now winning more in his chess club. It has really improved his confidence. He has learned how to sacrifice important pieces to win the game. Such great logic skills!”
Kelli from Alpharetta, GA, Co-op Member
”My son loves the videos and tries very hard to beat the different bots at chess. Good value at the reduced price.”
JM, Co-op Member
”My 5 and 8 year old love chesskid. They get to play with friends even when they can't have play dates!”
Elissa E., Co-op Member
”My son, now 11, has been a serious chess student and tournament participant for the past five years. He uses ChessKid for daily puzzles and games. While he uses other online chess tools (free and paid), ChessKid is a favorite.

Being able to purchase through Homeschool Buyers Co-op saved us money, which we can put to good use for other activities or curriculum.

Thank you for including this high-quality resource.”
Becky M, Co-op Member
”We love chesskid! My son started chesskid as a beginner at age 8 and this past summer won a local chess tournament at age 10. He plays every week in the chess club at the library and sharpens his game online during the week on chesskid. It is upbeat, fun, and gives you many ways to learn including lessons, online slow games, fast games, and puzzles. You can play the computer or other kids. There are even full scale tournaments. It took him awhile to get the courage to start playing against "strangers" online, but now he loves it. Best of all it allows him to review his mistakes or great moves that his opponents made thereby increasing his learning/strategy. I can't say enough about this program! This truly has made a huge difference in my son's enthusiasm for the game of chess. We will continue to purchase chesskid for several more years, I am certain.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”6 and 10 year old and parents play and LOVE this program. Curriculum taught by personified chess pieces. This is Gaming with only nice precoded messages between players. There are videos from the pros also.”
Jersey, Co-op Member
”It is a excellent tool for kids who are beginners and intermediates. It has video lessons, puzzles and also can play games. It is done in a fun way to keep the kids engaged. And the homeschool deal is a excellent value for chess lovers.”
John P, Co-op Member
”I tried ChessKid without any real expectation for my seven year old. He just learned how to play last fall but has really started to love the game. I thought that at a minimum, he'd enjoy being able to play leveled computers and even live players (and he does). I figured he'd not care for the videos - after all, he's seven - chess instructional videos are boring, right? Was I wrong! The videos are his favorite! They are peppered with funny animations and he belly laughs throughout the entire lesson. But don't let the comedy fool you - they are rich with teaching gems. This past week he executed his first gambit and won the match - much to his coach's surprise. My son said he learned how from the videos and wanted to try it in a real game.

We are hooked on ChessKid - it is a keeper!”
Lara T, Co-op Member
”My son loves ChessKids. He mastered all the rules in a short time and has taught his sister how to play. He has encouraged his friends to sign up too. Now he is entering chess tournaments and exceling. This is our second year and we will definitely continue.”
Ren e L., Co-op Member
”My son began chess classes about a year ago, and we joined ChessKid around the same time to give him more opportunities to play. He has advanced very quickly by learning from the videos and puzzles, and playing other children more often than he would have the chance to otherwise.

My son has been teaching his younger sister to play as well, and I decided to add a membership on ChessKid for her as well. It's amazing how quickly they are both learning with the help of ChessKid!”
Sharel C., Co-op Member
”My son loves chess, so ChessKid has been wonderful for him! He has been a member for over 2 years now and really looks forward to new videos and playing games.”
Lisa N., Co-op Member
”ChessKid is by far, one of my favourite programs I've had through the Homeschool Buyers Coop. I was hesitant at first - after all, I'd only read a book on on it and it already looked complex! But eventually, I was logging on daily to take my lessons and watch the newest videos - I was hooked! The videos each focus on a specific topic and have various positions shown on the board to explain the concept. The positions start with just pieces laid out on the board, but then they are moved to show the concept - often having a little funny animation on screen to explain it in such a way that it appeals to kids like me but also teaches chess tactics and concepts. The teacher making the video then explains what the move is and why this is a good, in some cases bad, move in the position. The best part? I can play against real kids in real time, to practice against a person! There are also puzzles, where I am given a position and have to find the best move. There is also a levels system that is by lesson - a kid watches the corresponding video then is given a few problems to solve on a interactive chess board. There is the occasional contest or tournament - I'm currently in a open ranking tournament with a score of 3 wins. Overall, ChessKid has taught me so much and I have NEVER gotten bored with it. I'm on my second year of use and I still haven't tired out with it. Two thumbs up!”
Macie Juiles, Student
”I'm so glad we subscribed to ChessKid! My son absolutely loves it; and his game has improved so much. He earns computer time by completing his schoolwork, and doing chores; and instead of playing video games, he hops right on to ChessKid instead now!”
ETM, Co-op Member
”I am SO happy we found this site! My son loves ChessKid so much, we have told his friends about it and now they can play against each other. So much better than video gaming!”
Lisa S., Co-op Member
”My son started chess classes last Spring, and was loving it and wanting more time with the game. We had signed up for a ChessKid membership on a monthly basis, but I was so excited to see the annual membership through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It gives him the opportunity to play more often and improve his skills between his club lessons.”
Sharel C., Co-op Member
”Chesskids is a great value for players of any age or level. My kids love playing other players online as well as solving the puzzles. My own experience with the program has been rewarding as the website prompts parents to stay involved by playing their kids and learning on their own. My kids invigorated a waning hobby with this engaging, fun program and ask to play daily. We were paying for a private lesson and this is a much more affordable and flexible option for our family. We plan on supplementing our homeschool with Chesskids for years to come and recommend it to any families who ask us how to learn the game!”
Ashley G, Co-op Member
”ChessKid has been one of the best purchases our family has made thus far. We had the option of doing a chess class at our homeschool co-op for $25 a month and I feel this far surpasses the class at a fraction of the cost. Two of our boys have improved so much in just the past month of using ChessKid. Our entire family has learned rules that we didn't know existed. Love that our kids get to play online in a safe environment and learn in such a fun manner.”
M. Carpenito, Co-op Member
”I love ChessKid because it gives my boys that 'gaming fix' while also increasing their critical thinking skills. We got ChessKid for our 10 year old and he enjoys it so much that the 4 year old has taken a big interest in Chess and actually has a bigger knowledge of the game than I do (his mother)! WOW! We will continue to use this program and recommend it.”
Cassie R, Co-op Member
”We have two boys (12 and 9 y.o.) who are using ChessKid daily to improve their tactical vision (solving chess puzzles). We're very grateful to Homeschool Buyers Co-op for providing an opportunity to renew our ChessKid subscription with a nice discount! Thank you for your service!”
Vladimir V., Co-op Member
”We love chess kid. My daughter plays on it every day. The lessons are fun and interactive, the puzzles are just challenging enough, and it is so safe. We will continue to use it and have told many other people about it.”
Tina J, Co-op Member
”5 star . Very comprehensive with puzzles, video lessons and live online chess games. Your child is matched with another child depending on his/ her score. Great for practices. My boy lives it, especially he likes to watch video lessons . Available as app as well .”
Irina, Co-op Member
”My grandson adores this course/game! The lessons are easy, specific and he employs them immediately after in a game with the pc. After practicing his new moves, we play together.

Let me tell you; I quit when I was 21 because I always won. After several weeks to 'un-rust', I am playing almost at past peak and my grandson is out-thinking me, out maneuvering, and winning the majority of games!

We got our money's worth in a few days!!! He LOVES Chesskid and so do I! Well worth the price.”
Andrea Kanter, Co-op Member
”GREAT basic introduction to chess for my elementary-aged students. Tournament games. Tactical puzzles. Play games with the computer and enable a "coach" to help you make the best moves.

Well worth the money spent! Will definitely continue using this resource.”
Christine G., Co-op Member
”My student loves ChessKid. Not only does he have options to play others, but also lessons and fun interactive play. He liked chess but knew he did not fully understand it. Now, he is building his confidence and completely enjoying the experience. We often tell others about ChessKid because it is so easy, yet challenging. The site has many safe guards; I feel at ease as he navigates on his own. ChessKid is one of my favorite purchases with the co-op!”
KH, Co-op Member
”ChessKid is great! My son now does a lesson and plays a game of chess every morning. His chess skills are improving greatly.”
Debbie O., Co-op Member
”I purchased this last year for my son, he learned so much from it that he asked for it to be renewed. I couldn't say no.”
Tammy B., Co-op Member
”My boys love this app. If more homeschoolers participated, children would have opportunities to play chess throughout the day (after school lessons, chores and outside time, of course.)”
Kelly K., Co-op Member
”We love My daughter enjoys engaging in multiple games with various other players. She enjoys the skill building opportunities and the chess puzzles. It has been a fun way to learn more about chess and work on logic skills. We will be using it for many years to come and the co-op price is a great value.”
Ann F., Co-op Member
”Chesskids has been a wonderful help for my son who knew basic chess moves but needed more guidance and practice. He started with its lessons and puzzles, and soon moved to playing online where he was delighted to find so many like-minded players at his level.

The website is well thought out, with online safety a priority. I can see my son gaining confidence as he learns and plays in an encouraging and fun environment.”
E. Edvardsson, Co-op Member
”This site comes highly recommended by my son's chess teacher. We use it to watch teaching videos and play chess games, but there is so much more on there.”
Amy H., Co-op Member
”I have been pleased with Chess Kids for my 13 year-old. He has spent a good deal of time watching the teaching videos and playing numerous games. He has learned the rules and some planning tricks, gaining confidence along the way. It has been good to watch. Thank you.”
Bonita R., Co-op Member
”Fantastic chess learning program. Appreciate the fact I did not have to sit next to my son to teach him.”
Max R, Co-op Member