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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Always Icecream to their home school curriculum. If you have used Always Icecream and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”This adventure adds just the fun needed to make school enjoyable! Very happy with the program. Encouraging when struggling with concepts.”
Mary R, Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with this program. My daughter spends alot of time on the website. She is learning alot. She studies hard with all different sections she works in. I live that it grows with her all the way through 8th grade. She will be able to stay with the website for several years. I have told others about the website as well. I would love to have something like this website for when she hits high school. Again, highly recommend.”
Monica N., Co-op Member
”My 8 yr. old loved it so I purchased the lifetime membership. She has learned so much and enjoys the scoops and medals for rewards. She loves being creative by decorating her Minnie me and castle. She loves writing in the newspaper, taking care of pets, designing things for her shop, and watching the educational videos.”
Ms. Ashley, Co-op Member
”Always-Icecream is a fun and engaging program that teaching essential skills while playing a game! My daughter asked to play all the time. She really enjoyed the lessons and the characters! I appreciated the level of learning incorporated in this fun and interactive game!”
C. Brooks, Co-op Member
”Our daughter absolutely LOVES Always Ice Cream. As soon as she is finished with her school work that is the first thing she asks if she can do. We love how much she enjoys it and that she is learning while she is having fun.”
Doreen M, Co-op Member
”We purchased a desktop for the first time since we've had kids, partly so we could let them learn to use it. But of course, once we had it, I was overwhelmed trying to think of how to let them on it and how it would actually look as a part of our "education" and fun time. And then along came Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons!! It is the perfect blend of learning and play and I am able to see what they do and what they are learning...and reward them for it! Our kids are so excited to have the independence on the computer and I am happy they are learning basic computer skills in a safe place, while learning and having fun. Thank you so much for this fantastic program! (our kids are 4, 6, 8, 9, and I have set up accounts for each of them. navigation is a little more difficult for the 4 yo, since she isn't reading, but she manages to have fun :)”
elizajean, Co-op Member
”My son has loved Clever Dragons. He especially enjoys the ability to publish a paper with whatever he wants (he usually does jokes or discussion of archetecture) and that he gets feedback from other kids on his publications. He began to get on and play. I love that there are specific areas you can assign to your kids first so there is some control of the areas they frequent. He would play for hours if we let him, doing review questions, caring for his pets and making newspapers.”
Beth S., Co-op Member
”My kids beg to use this site. They have completed many of the learning quizzes in order to get coins to feed their many online pets. I love that it has Bible questions and that the site is very carefully monitored. The kids are constantly trying to invite their friends. As a parent you can assign them specific tasks to do first which is nice so there is some control of what gets done! If you are looking for an online world where kids have some limited interaction with others, have school review and some play, this is a good choice for you.”
Beth S., Co-op Member
”We took advantage of the free offer for the summer on this program, and it's been amazing for our daughter who loves learning and is motivated by the chance at earning scoops to spend on fun things within the application. She loves taking the quizzes and aiming for that coveted diamond award, and she wakes up each morning asking if she can log into her account to get rolling.

For several years, we used which is quite similar to this, only on a much more rudimentary level teaching the basics. Always-Icecream definitely steps it up a notch and meets her at her current level.

Because she is in a charter school full-time during the school year, we'll be investing our money there for now, but next summer, I'll be on the lookout for a similar opportunity that might discount this program for short-term use. I have shared this and Clever Dragons with the homeschooling community here in town and with my friends who homeschool. I know someone of them have subscribed and love it.”
Tiffany Amber Stockton, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves it. She has learned so much from it. She loved the geography part. She enjoyed getting the virtual pets. Decorating things. Even doing art.”
Katrina, Co-op Member
”We purchased always ice-cream for our daughter on the recommendation of a friend. At the time, we were just considering it a nice supplement. Now that she has been using it for a few months, I can tell you that it is an excellent resource and it is actually going to be a core part of her curriculum for the upcoming homeschool year. The material is excellent, the structure is impressive, the oversight and parental controls are just fabulous. It is a safe, engaging environment. Our girl is learning a large variety of things, making friends, and having a wonderful time doing so. Our only regret is not trying always ice cream earlier. She is older than the recommended age range (turning 12), however there has been no shortage of items to interest her on the site. Thank you, homeschool buyer's coop, for this great resource at a great price!”
Jessica R., Co-op Member
”My children love Always-Icecream for so many reason, to learn, play games, communicate like emails with other homeschooled kids. They can create their shops, items in their shops, sell them and buy other kids items from their shops, they can create cool rooms. They can assign jobs like advertising for their shops. They can watch lots of learning videos. They can study while having fun all their subjects and so much more.”
Tina Mayer-Fortuna, Co-op Member
”My daughter has enjoyed Always Icecream. She learned a lot and it gave incentive to work hard on learning to read to be able to communicate with her online pals :-)”
Lanie, Co-op Member
”My daughter really enjoyed learning with and using Always-Icecream.”
R. Clark,
”We used Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons for my daughter and son this summer during the free for summer promotion. They both thoroughly enjoyed using the programs and actually asked on their own to play on it each day. That says a lot to me since we mostly homeschool year round with a brief 6-week break for summer. They chose to keep learning with the fun games. What I really loved was how encouraging it was for them when they would move up from level to level within the same game. It wasn't so difficult to move up that that got discouraging. My kids were also incredibly motivated to keep shooting for the next level or award. We currently are in a very limited financial situation with my husband being out of work for so long so we could never have afforded to try this program even with the fantastic discount you can get through the co-op so it was wonderful to be able to use it even if just for a while. Thanks.”
Karin Owens, Co-op Member
”My daughter (11 yo) and I have enjoyed using Always Ice Cream this summer, thanks to Homeschool Buyer's Co-op's great offer. We have tried every subject and have enjoyed the encouragement through scoops of ice cream so she can buy virtual decorations for her home. It's very cute. It's more of an assessment site, as my daughter complained that it didn't teach as much as she expected. The subjects include language arts, math, science, geography, music, foreign languages, life skills, and Biblical studies. The grade levels top out at 8th grade. I don't think I'll continue to use this because it's "not as in-depth" as my daughter would have liked. I have told others about it, and they have enjoyed it as well. I think it is a very fun way to review subjects for your children.”
Lisa M, Co-op Member
”My kids love this, there is endless information for them to learn. The only thing I would like to see is more lesson type activities, prior to them answering questions and learning from them getting them wrong. This teaches them, but I think they could learn better if they really understand the material rather than just memorizing the right or wrong answer. They say some of it is like Facebook and they like that they can also make friends and that they can create things and have a business to sell their creations or to buy other kids creations. They like that they can see the results in the graphs of their products and sales. My kids want to be on this all the time, it's actually hard to get them to do other things sometimes. They also like that they can create their own rooms in their house and put their creations or things they purchase from other kids in it. My son wants to watch every video he can find, they do teach them a lot about how things are made, etc. We do love it and we will most likely subscribe to it for this and the clever dragons.”
Tina Mayer-Fortuna, Co-op Member
”My kids played on it every morning during the summer. It motivated them to learn new things. They loved the geography, earning money to watch videos. It was great for elementary. I would have liked a little more for upper elementary going into middle school.”
Serena, Co-op Member
”Always-Icecream was fun with all the games and activities that my daughter used. I never really understood how to assign the lessons. How to do daily schedules. My own fault for not seeking help. But I really do love the website being for girls and being responsible in safety and morals.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”Both my daughters LOVED this website and asked to use it every single day. I even had to limit the time they spent on it. Hey, I even found my husband highjacking their accounts and playing games sometimes!”
A. Akyurt, Co-op Member
”I was hesitant about this program because it's marketed differently to boys and girls, but since they offered a free trial...My daughter loves it. She loves making her way through the levels and seeing her progress. I like that she has enough control to move herself faster or backwards in the levels. I am likely to buy this program for her to use for the remainder of the year, and am bummed that I missed the July 4 special sale.”
Mom of 2, Co-op Member
”Our daughter adores Always Ice cream. It makes learning fun!!! Seeing our daughter take such delight in learning and playing we had to purchase the Always Ice Cream homeschool apps for our iPad so she can play as we travel.”
Doreen M, Co-op Member
”My 11-year-old is on the upper end of this program, but still enjoyed the learning games. I liked the way it both teaches and reinforces learning through quizzes. Not sure if we will continue with it because of her age.”
L. Love, Co-op Member
”My girls enjoyed owning pets on Always-Icecream. They also loved it when someone bought one of their creations: a dress, or a chair, or a bed. It kept them busy for a few weeks in the summer. I really appreciated the free trial.”
Amy K., Co-op Member
”My girls have really enjoyed Always Icecream. They are motivated to learn new things and have fun with the avatars.”
Angela C, Co-op Member
”My daughter enjoyed Always Icecream very much. She actually looked forward to learning on there because it was fun!”
E.Smith, Co-op Member
”My children couldn't wait to play Always-Icecream each day! They didn't realize they were learning and doing "school" work during Summer break! Always-Icecream is a necessary resource that I would add to any curriculum!”
Casie B., Co-op Member
”Our daughter really enjoys the learning games as well as the incentive of earning points to hatch eggs and enjoy new virtual pets.”
Teresa S, Co-op Member
”My older two (9, 10) love this program. My younger two (6, 7) have a very difficult time because they can't read all the quizzes. They get very frustrated. I look forward to them being able to use it more as they get older. I am glad we bought a lifetime membership!”
Dawn L., Co-op Member
”My son actually uses the Clever Dragons, and absolutely loves it! The gold requirement for the games is brilliant. He loves the games, and enjoys earning the gold to play them. Great supplimental instruction tool.”
Jeanne A., Co-op Member
”Always Icecream boosted my daughter's confidence in her math skills!”
S. H., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Apps by Always Ice-cream is wonderful!! It's a great & inexpensive way to take the online games on the go without having to worry about internet connection. The program is a fun interactive way for children to learn and brush up on various subjects. It's a gem and my daughter is thankful we purchased it.”
Doreen M, Co-op Member
”Always Icecream is the number one website for my daughter. She enjoys submitting stories and poems for their weekly newspaper. The educational quizzes keep her learning as well as enjoying fun videos. Definitely recommend this for young girls. It's a fun and safe website for them.”
Karen B., Co-op Member
”We tried the short trial period online before buying. I wanted a good typing program. I was reluctant to spend the money and also tried other products. I found that I kept wanting the features on Always Icecream and Clever Dragons. Seeing the great discount on Homeschool Buyers Co-op sealed the deal. We purchased a lifetime membership so we don't have to cram all of the wonderful learning opportunities into one year. Without the discount we would not have purchased this product. Our kids have greatly benefited from the myriad of educational games. We especially appreciate the optional Christian games and lessons. I love the weekly reports sent to my email detaling what games they've chosen to do (beyond the ones I have directed them to complete). Having a record of their progression through subjects and levels is wonderful. I highly recommend.”
Homeschool mom in VA, Co-op Member
”I certainly appreciate the positive nature of these learning games and activities. It takes the worry away, and it makes learning fun.”
Shannon, Co-op Member
”I have to say that I really don't understand what it is about this program that my kids like, but they do. This program teaches them information in a trivia sort of way, but there's also learning videos on all sorts of topics for them to learn from. It's a great thing to fill in any gaps you might be worried about and also let them learn other fun things like dog breeds. I know my kids really like some of the games and the ability to design items for their castle. They love being able to earn coins for pets, too.

I bought the parent option, because we homeschool. It's nice to be able to schedule what you want them to focus on, and also to have a report card whenever you need one.

I found it best to structure it so that they are learning one of the things I assigned, then take a test on it. THEN, I have them watch 2 learning videos. The rest of the time they can use to play games of their choice, get more pets, watch videos that are fun, or design things for their castle. I give them a total of 2 hours each. I'm not sure that it's necessary to schedule it out like this because they actually earn coins for all the learning features and pay coins for all the fun things--so if they want to do more fun things, they need to do the learning things to earn the coins.

We'll probably continue to use it for a long time.”
M Green, Co-op Member
”After avoiding online learning for our daughter, we are excited about the opportunities provided by Always Ice Cream. She is tackling both learned subjects via a new mode and new subjects. The biggest benefit is that she can do it as the format does not over stimulate her that which most media does.”
S. K. Robertson, Co-op Member
”This is for the boys' site Clever Dragons. It is a fantastic site, my 9 year old son enjoys it. They have a wide range of subjects as well as educational and fun videos for them to watch. They earn gold coins, then they can spend them on a wide variety of activities on the site. I haven't found a site like this. This is ad-free, its monitored, its bright and colorful and fun. We will definitely be using it. I bought the lifetime membership. I have told other people about and they have signed up their family. I also have the upgraded parent membership which allows me to assign him tests and gives me a report card when I want it. They also notify every weekend of all the videos he's watched, games and learning activities he's played and what level he's on. He is very visual so the learning videos are the most enjoyable for him.

They also have a free trial which is awesome. I put him on for awhile to see if it would click for him and it did. I have not seen a program similar to this. Others focus on one thing, math or reading. This has everything and then some. It covers math, LA, Geography, history as well as typing and he can even learn a variety of other languages. This site also has Canadian geography on it! This is definitely worth checking out! We just absolutely love both the girl's site and the boy's site. And the price was very reasonable for the lifetime membership. We will definitely be using it for a lifetime.”
Sheila Knox, Co-op Member
”My 6 year old daughter loves Always Ice Cream. She is always excited to go on it. It covers a wide variety of school subjects, its bright and colorful and no ads. It is carefully monitored. It is tons of fun with games such as mini-world, pet world and a great learning activities on there as well. I tried a similar website, educational, but I had a hard time getting my kids on it. Always Ice Cream, she begs to go on. Being 6 I do have to do most of her typing when she emails a friend through there, but she will definitely grow with it. We will definitely be using it, I bought the lifetime program.

I have told another homeschooling friend about it and she put her kids on it as well. I really love. I recommend it anyone who is looking for an online educational program to augment their curriculum, or anyone who would like a safe educational online program. Its fun but they also learn at the same time.
I use it to occupy one child so I can do 1-1 teaching with the other child. Plus you can have "real world" friends, on there, and email each other.

My daughter has practiced math and really improved on her reading.

I also bought the updated parent membership which allows me to give assignments and tests and gives me a report card on her progress. They also send me weekly updates on her progress on Always Ice Cream and what videos she has watched. They also have learning videos as well as fun ones. So if yours learns best by watching videos they will love this. I really like the range of subjects that they offer, I'm waiting for more Canadian content, but they do an absolutely fantastic job with what they have already too. I really like that they have typing and they teach it properly, not hen-pecking. It is definitely worth checking out. Plus they offer a free trial, unlimited really, but limits the level of games. Give it a try, we just absolutely love it!”
Sheila Knox, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Lifetime membership for Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons. Both of my school-aged children love these programs. They log on to the sites every day and love earning the rewards. I love that they are "playing" while learning!
Thank you!”
Cindy C., Co-op Member
”I had no idea how much my girls would love to play Always Icecream. It's very engaging and has made them both want to do more activities so they can earn scoops (points) to build and furnish their own mini world of houses as well as take care of the pets they can hatch. You can set the grade level(s) they work on too. My K4 daughter works on the K level while my 2nd grader works on 1st - 3rd grade levels. We will definitely continue to use this program and I recommend it to anyone who has a kid that likes to learn through games. We have tried other learning websites but this is the one they always come back to and ask to play.”
Jennifer B, Co-op Member
”My 6 year old son is loving Clever Dragons so very much!! Good learning site which lets you set an expanding level which is wonderful because he may be 1st on Math but 3rd on bible or reading etc.”
Janice T., Co-op Member
”My daughters love Always Icecream and while they are playing, they always learn something new. It has made it so much easier and much more fun to learn the states and capitals, and they get to practice the skills they've learned in school. They also love the videos and they have become more excited about trying new things such as baking and decorating a cake or making an origami rose, for instance. They also love decorating their online homes with items they create themselves, or they purchase other girls' creations. I like that there are no advertisements and that the girls can have a safe place to play on the internet.”
Julie H., Co-op Member
”My son loves playing the games and enjoys all the different activities.”
Victoria Holding, Co-op Member
”My two boys joined Clever Dragons just over a year ago. They are 8 and 10 year of age. They really love this program. It has wonderful learning games on subjects that I have not been able to find on other websites or if I did I would have to have them switching between sites. This is all in one. My boys can interact with other kids on Clever Dragons. They can chat with each other through their computers. They design clothes and compete to sell them and get into the top 30 stores. They also compete each month for the top 50 highest points and win a prize. There are always new games being added. I just added the Parent Premium and love it. I can assign work and have a record of everything they have learned. Love it.”
Donna, Co-op Member
”My kids love this program. It's really helped in motivating my kids to learn to type and re-enforces their language arts and math skills. I'm super impressed with how the site rewards children's progress in academics with the ability to build in their virtual world as well. My kids love building their "castles" or "homes" and decorating the rooms inside. They are learning how to buy and sell as well in the virtual world. The designers of this site are impressive! Definitely an A+!”
Maria, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves Always Ice Cream. We bought the family four pass because I have four children. My favorite is the States game, and anything language arts related. She has already learned so much.”
JHeim, Co-op Member
”We have only had Clever Dragons for about a week and I am sold on its teaching qualities. The math and geography have been our focus. All four of my boys memorized the countries of Europe (39 levels) this week and are now working through Asia. What maps, crayons, and years of quizzes could not do, Clever Dragons did in a week! The beauty of the program is that they still get a reduced number "gold coins" when they go back and review what they have learned. Gold coins are used to furnish homes and care for pets. I might just get my own account! We purchased the premium account and I was pleased to see the first "progress report" detailing what my kids did on Clever Dragons. Customer support at Clever Dragons and Always Ice Cream was almost immediate and very helpful. I would highly recommend this program!”
Tamiko, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old daughter loves the site. I purchased Always-Icecream for the excellent geography games, but see now that it is far more than just a game site. Always Ice Cream an excellent educational supplement that can be used as a "reward" for completing other assignments.”
Tamiko, Co-op Member
”I am extremely impressed with Always- IceCream and Clever Dragons. Both My son and daughter ask to "play their game" but it's not just a game. They are both learning and excited about what they are learning. I have tried other learning computer based programs but my kids didn't take to them. This program is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much for making learning fun for our family!”
Mary Coleman, Co-op Member
”We love Always Icecream! It is a very fun and safe website for young girls. During our recess time they beg to check on their pets and squeeze in another game of typing or decorating a cake or serving up ice cream or designing a bedroom. There is math, history, and Bible quizzes, spelling and matching, and even foreign language games as well! It's just fun.”
Eve, Co-op Member
”My daughter enjoys learning on Always-Icecream. I like that I could control the subjects and activities she has access to if I wanted to. I also like that she can play a range of grade levels instead of being stuck with one across the board. It has been a great tool for homeschooling for the days I do not feel well for her to do as I know she is getting some educational value from it.”
Melinda L., Co-op Member
”We bought Clever Dragons for my elementary aged boys, and they absolutely love it. My second grader now knows all of the States in the Union, and the video, castle, and pet care incentives work like magic for them. We have already encouraged several friends to try it out. I plan on using this until the kids have maxed it out!”
Melanie D., Co-op Member
”We use time with Always-Icecream for a reward for my daughter finishing up her school work. It is fun and educational, and it holds her interest very well. She is 7. I am soon going to have her work on the typing skills section of the program.”
Martha Armour, Co-op Member
”My kids love to play Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons and are learning so much without even realizing it. They beg to do it each day as a reward when their other school work is finished.”
Heidi H., Co-op Member
”I have 9yeaqr-old boy/girl twins and purchased Clever Dargons/Always Icecream for them. They simply loved it! They could not wait to finish their daily studies to start learning on Always Icecream. The variety of fun educational information is awsome. I would highly recommend it.”
Christopher N., Co-op Member
”I'm so glad that the Co-op had the lifetime subscription avaiable! My daughter loves the site. She calls it her "facebook for kids." She enjoys the games, creating items to sell in her store and interacting on the message board with other children. I never get groans when I tell her to go play Always Icecream!”
Dawn C, Co-op Member
”My girls enjoy the various activities on Always Icecream. They find the games creative and entertaining. They have learned the states through it, improved typing skills, made cakes, and "experienced" science experiments. We have bragged to others about it and will continue to use it.”
Michelle Lindsey, Co-op Member
”I bought Always-Ice Cream and Clever Dragons as a fun, inexpenive program for the kids to play with and it has been much more valuable than I thought. Both of my children, ages 10 and 7 love to use it. We consider it a game, not part of their school but they have learned a great deal. It has helped them both become proficient typists and it has helped their geography. My daughter can identify all the countries of Europe by shape. They have also learned about internet safety and some basic economics and I'm sure there is more that I'm not aware of. They also do lots of drawing and designing activities. Since we don't have any video games or smart phones I think these are skills that they will be able to use when they are older. I see other kids manipulating smart phones and ipads and this helps fill the gap for our techonolgy deficient family. I'm somewhat anti-techonolgy but I know my kids generation needs it and this is a great bridge for families who don't want to go the full video game ipad route.”
EdlynN, Co-op Member
”My 2 oldest girls really enjoy Always icecream - it's a fun way to do "more school" -I like how I can trust the content on it and how I can get weekly updates on what they have been doing on the site. It is a great encouragement for my girls to get their regular school done and have them still be learning while on the computer. My initial reason for trying it was the typing option and they are doing well with it. We will continue to use it and when my other girls get older, we will get them accounts too.”
Helen M, Co-op Member
”We LOVE Clever Dragons! It's so awesome that there is a site that is faith based, educational, and a safe place for our son to play online! If you have a girl that you are seeking out the same environment for online be sure to grab Always Icecream just for girls from the same people who made Clever Dragons. You will not be disappointed. Thanks to Always Icecream and Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering another amazing deal.”
Melissa M., Co-op Member
”We LOVE Always Icecream! Thank you for having a site that is faith based, educational, and a safe place for our girls to play online! If you have a boy that you are seeking out the same environment for online be sure to grab Clever Dragons from the same people who made Always Icecream. You will not be disappointed. Thanks to Always Icecream and Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering another amazing deal.”
Melissa M., Co-op Member
”My daughter has really enjoyed Always Icecream. I like that she has an opportunity to learn words from other languages, practice typing skills, and work on many other subjects she has in home school.”
Debbie L., Co-op Member
”I love this--My kids will pick it over xbox and wii for their "screen time" because of their desire to take care of their little eggs that they earn.”
R. Reid, Co-op Member
”I bought this so that my daughter, who was 4 at the time I bought it, could get used to the computer in a positive way, and use it for years. She is a dog-lover, and her favorite game is the Dog Breeds Quiz. Now she is 5, and as I am teaching her to read, her 'reward' if she does her work is to 'take care of her pets' on Pet World. I'm excited to see what games she can play as she learns more and more, and really love the lifetime membership that a child can grow with, offering her more and more opportunities to learn as she is ready for it.”
B. Lee, Co-op Member
”My daughter and I are thrilled with our subscription to Always-IceCream. She has learned to use the keyboard properly, and improved her geography and math skills, among other things. It is educational and lots of fun at the same time. I will be getting my 6yr old daughter a subscription very soon! My daughter has told all her friends about it. This was definitely a great purchase!”
Karen, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves Always Ice Cream. She has learned about Constitutional amendments from the History Game. She has also really gained an interest in cake decorating from the videos. She is on the website at least once a week and we have had a subscription for 9 months, so it has kept her interested.”
Jeanette, Co-op Member
”We had gotten always-icecream for one of our daughters and found that our other daughter and son were trying to play hers. Thankfully we found that Homeschool Buyers Co-op had Always-Icecream and Clever Dragon at a discount here. We were so in love with the quality of the curriculum they provide, the games they have, and the fun our kids have playing and learning that we bought 2 lifetime subscriptions for Always-Icecream and 2 lifetime subscriptions for Cleaver Dragon. Thank you Always-Icecream and Homeschool Buyers Co-op for giving me the opportunity to put great schooling in front of my kids that I do not have to persuade them to do. You have been a life saver.”
Angela Smull, Co-op Member
”I subscribed all three girls and they are all enjoying it and learning - together and individually. When I hear the particular music I know they are working on their states. There is lots of math on the website also. They like watching the cooking videos and how things are made. Lots to do!”
Laura, Co-op Member
”I have 3 boys and purchased Clever Dragons for them. I'm always wanting computer games that have some educational value along with moral values for them to play. The problem is they start out very interested and always stop playing the game. This is not the case with clever dragons. The materials change enough to keep a continued interest. Thank you for offering Clever Dragons.”
Shari Drennan, Co-op Member
”We have Loved Always-Icecream from day One! We use it as a reward for our girls when they score well in school or have a great attitude. It is far safer than social media giants such as Facebook or Twitter. It is also a great way for them to connect with other girls their own age. They love the games on the site as well. I was impressed with the Geography information they picked up just from playing those games! Thank you for a great, safe site for our precious girls!!”
S. Strickland, Co-op Member
”My nine year old daughter loves Always Ice Cream!! She loves playing the educational games and earning scoops that she can use to buy stuff for her virtual pet turtle and to play other games. I love how the educational games are helping to build her confidence. My 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son enjoy watching their sister play on Always Ice Cream. They love watching the videos together. My oldest daughter will continue to use Always Ice Cream, and I will be purchasing a membership for my youngest daughter. I will also be purchasing my son a membership to Clever Dragons. I have recommended these websites to other moms in my homeschool group, and I will continue to do so. Websites that are educational and fun are great to have!!”
Melanie G., Co-op Member
”My oldest girls, ages 5-10, absolutely love Always Ice cream! Most other online subscriptions or software I've bought eventually becomes less of a draw for them, but not Always Ice cream. They're constantly finding a new subject to play games about, and are always telling me what new levels they've reached. Anatomy? German? Geography? They love them all... I couldn't be happier that we made the purchase.”
Sweet Oatmeal Hill, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old daughter loves Always Icecream! The fun games keep her engaged and she quickly learned where all 50 states are on a map. My 10 year old son enjoys the games on Clever Dragons and is currently learning to type! I am so glad that this was offered through the co-op. I recommend it to anyone who wants to supplement their school day with fun.”
Becki L, Co-op Member
”My ~9 y/o daughter really enjoys her membership! They just did a nice upgrade so the girls are more human looking and not quite so "wii-esque" anymore. Only thing we wish is that she and her older brother could chat between her Ice Cream membership and his Clever Dragons one.”
Bonny H., Co-op Member
”My Daughter LOVES the Always Ice Cream website and plays on it daily. I participated in the GroupBuy you had on it before and hope you do another one now that Clever Dragons has started, my Son LOVES it and I will definitely participate if you do!!!”
Anna M., Co-op Member
”My 3 kids ages 5, 6 and 8 love their accounts. I have 2 girls and a boy. So we have experienced both cleaver dragon and always ice cream. My kids can't wait to get their turn to play their games to earn their gold so they can take care of their pets. Not only are they learning from the games, but they are learning responsibility by taking care of their pets. We also give gold coins, for chores done and if they do something extra nice they are rewarded by coins. We love Always-Ice cream, it's well worth the money.”
Shonda Peterson, Co-op Member
”I've been very pleased with Always Ice Cream. I bought it about a year ago for my 10yo daughter. She loves earning her scoops!, and is learning to type with one of the games. She will often find a fun activity that correlates to a topic we're studying and it really helps to reinforce/supplement the material. The lifetime membership was well worth it and I'll probably get the Clever Dragons for my son later this year.”
Caroline S, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old daughter LOVES Always Ice Cream! She begs to be able to go on and work on skills, talk to other girls, take care of pets, and decorate her house. She's learning math, languages, science, the bible, and even typing! And it's all so much fun and rewarding that she can't help but succeed. With all the levels it looks like she'll be using it for years to come.”
Colleen M., Co-op Member
”I bought a membership for my 8-year-old daughter. She needed reinforcement of her math skills. This was a perfect fit! She loves the games and has shown improvement from the extra practice. It is also very easy to prevent interaction with other members online if that is your preference. We have both been really happy with the website.”
Jenny L., Co-op Member
”We bought always icecream for our daughter and clever dragons for our son. They love them and they actually learn from the games. We would highly recommend these to anyone.”
Mr. and Mrs. Lombari, Co-op Member
”my daughter is 13yrs and is DX with Mild MR. She has been stuck at a 2nd/3rd grade level for quite some time - since starting with Always-Icecream she has moved up to 4th and 5th grade work! She loves moving from subject to subject and ASKS to do school -Thanks for a great product!!”
Susan, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old son enjoys the Little Dragons membership. He has fun while learning and that makes me feel good about rewarding him with computer time. Thanks, Homeschool Buyers Co-op for the great lifetime membership pricing.”
Dawn M., Co-op Member
”My girls have enjoyed playing and learning on Always Icecream. It's a safe site I can allow them to use without concern of content. I have recommended it to friends. It is a great value!”
Cynthia C, Co-op Member
”We actually have both Always Ice Cream for our daughter and Clever Dragons for our son. Both offer a ton of educational games for our kids and they love playing them. They have learned their states, Spanish, geography of the world, math, spelling, etc. from these sites. They love getting to go play on the sites, and they like that they earn points that they can use to buy stuff for their personal pages. We have not used many of these sites, but I would have to say that this is one of the best out there. Not only that, but their customer service is impeccable. Any issues or concerns I have had were handled super fast and to my satisfaction. We have lifetime memberships to both and I think it was more than worth it!”
Joanne Ruscella, Co-op Member
”We bought a family membership to Clever Dragons (the boys' site) through the Co-op and it could not have been nor continue to be a bigger hit. I wanted a safe place for my boys to learn some computer skills, practice other skills (like math facts), and have fun. They eagerly do the "games" as if they weren't educational at all and love spending the coins they have earned to decorate their castles and care for online pets. It is easier to navigate than other learning sites I've tried, and the parental updates on each son is great. I can even award bonus coins to them for doing what I want them to do (like playing the learn-to-type game or cleaning their room in real life)! I cannot say enough good about this site.”
B.C., Co-op Member
”We purchased the lifetime membership to Clever Dragons for my 8 year old son 3 1/2 months ago. While his initial "every moment I'm awake" obsession of wanting to play the educational games has waned, it still is a favorite destination. The games are not flashy--mostly straightforward multiple choice, and have a lot of content, but still seems to be engaging. My son has learned to identify most of the states by shape and location, among other things, solely from this program. I like that I can ask him to play Clever Dragons when I'm busy with other duties and I know he's still learning. He likes the castle/dragon theme, and earning "gold" He also appreciates that most of the games are not timed, as that is something that is stressful to him in many computer games. They send out weekly summaries of what your son has played, how many levels they progressed, what "non-educational" game activities they did. We feel very satisfied with this purchase.”
Nancy S., Co-op Member
”Always icecream has given my daughters an educational way to combine a "Facebook-like"experience with blogs,games,and innocent YouTube videos. I know that they are safe as long as they are logged in to always icecream. We all love it.”
Theresa R, Co-op Member
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