Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
What are the system requirements for using ACTIVATE?

Pentium Processor 1.6 Ghz or higher (or equivalent) 1GB RAM, minimum

Internet Connection:
High speed: 1,000 kbps down/ 250bps up. No matter how fast the network connection between workstation and server is, if other bandwidth intensive activities (VoIP, streaming video, audio downloads, database backups, etc.) are running on the network at the same time, program performance may be impacted.

Firefox 24 or later, OR
Chrome 30 or later
Internet Explorer is NOT supported

Safari 6.0 or later, OR
Chrome 30 or later

iPad 2.0 or later, with Safari

Fire HDX or later, with Silk

In addition, you will need to have: Open Port 80 and 443 (normal web browsing), JavaScript enabled, accept Cookies, and your Popup Blocker Off (or set to accept popups from

What ages are appropriate for ACTIVATE?

The cognitive training program in Captain Bluefeathers Island is designed to provide challenge and maximum benefit to brains of all ages. Kids between the ages of 5 and 14 in particular do well with the games. Older children will also benefit from the playing the games, although they might find it difficult to engage with the cartoon characters onscreen.

How often should my child be training on the system?

ACTIVATE recommends completing the 20 minute workout five times a week, with three times being the minimum recommended “dose”. If the child is enjoying and benefiting from the program and want to do more, there's no harm in doubling up and doing 40 minutes a day. In order to avoid fatigue, we do not recommend more than two workouts a day.

Note: If your child is able to follow the recommended five times a week workout schedule, you should receive the Cumulative Cognitive Report which is unlocked after 1,000 minutes. If you would like to receive the Cognitive Reports, see below for more information on the reports schedule in order to plan your child's schedule for the 3-month subscription accordingly.

Does my child have to do the physical exercise program?

ACTIVATE recommends following the physical exercise program for a variety of reasons, but children do not need to do the program to work through the entire computer program. Many children participate in “extracurricular” physical exercise programs, like soccer or karate, and wonder if its okay to substitute those programs for the ACTIVATE program. In some ways, thats fine – any aerobic exercise will have benefit for developing brains – but remember that the ACTIVATE exercise program includes lessons that specifically tie in cognitive tasks with physical games and activities – allowing the brain to work through memory, categorization and pattern recognition tasks in new ways. ACTIVATE believes in its physical exercise program, but you are free to supplement your childs computerized training however you like.

Is it okay to take a break from the program?

Yes. In fact, periodic breaks may be beneficial, especially if they help keep the child motivated and the experience of using ACTIVATE a positive one.

What happens if my child closes the browser in the middle of a training session?

At the end of each 5 minute session, the data from that game is transmitted to the ACTIVATE database. You will never lose more than 5 minutes of data due to an unexpected loss of power or other interruption. If the connection to the internet is lost, a message will appear onscreen asking for the connection to be reset before the child moves on. If the child completes 2 games, and signs out leaving 2 unplayed – and then signs in again later that day – the remaining two games will be waiting. If they return the next day, an entirely new 4 game session will be waiting.

How do I know if my child is progressing?

On the Parent Dashboard, you will see your child’s work expressed in terms of “Progress” and “Percentile”. Progress is the best overall indicator of student success – it reflects both the number of levels completed and the speed at which the child is engaging with the program. Percentile puts that progress in context by showing you how your child’s work compares with thousands of other students in the ACTIVATE database of the same age. You will see a line graph on the Parent Dashboard that shows your child’s progress over time, along with the average growth curve of a child the same age.

How do I know if my child is completing their sessions?

On the Parent Dashboard, you will see a listing for “Minutes Played”. ACTIVATE is delivered in 20 minute sessions of four 5 minute games. If a child completes 3 games, and then closes out of the program, the Dashboard will show that the child has completed 15 minutes of training. The number on the Dashboard reflects the total amount of training the child has completed to

When will I receive cognitive reports about my child?

The Preliminary Cognitive report unlocks after the child has completed the first six sessions of the program (after taking the NIH Toolbox Tests on sessions 4, 5, and 6). A Game Performance Report unlocks once the child starts playing the computer games, and the Cumulative Cognitive Report unlocks after 1000 minutes. If you would like to receive all the cognitive reports as part of the 3-month subscription, please plan your child's time accordingly. If your child surpasses 1,000 minutes while working with the program during the 3-month subscription, you will be able to run the cumulative report again but if it is run after a small interval of time, it wouldn’t necessarily show much growth over the previous report.

I checked the system requirements, but I'm still having a technical issue with the games.

Because ACTIVATE runs right in your browser, clearing the cache can resolve many issues. If the games are “lagging”– running slowly – your computer or tablet’s processor might be having trouble keeping up. Try closing any other tabs or applications that might be running at the same time. If you continue to have problems, don’t hesitate to drop us a note using the form on this page.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.