Topic:10 Ways to Make Learning More Efficient and Effective
Presenter:Betsy Hill, President, BrainWare Learning Company
Date/Time:07-23-2019 11:00 AM Pacific
Hosted By:Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Description:As many families get ready for a new school year, they are probably spending a lot of time thinking about what they need to learn, the best tools and resources to help with that, and getting everyone in the back-to-school mindset. They may also be reminded of some of the successes and disappointments of the last school year – what was easy, what was hard – what did and didn’t get mastered.
What families may not be thinking about is the learning process itself, how they and their children learn best – and we’re not talking about learning styles. So, just in time for the school year, we will look at what the science of learning tells us about some of the best ways to help our children (and ourselves) be the most efficient and effective learners they can be.
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