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  • It's Learning Resources Month at the Co-op!
  • Community Update -- Field Trips and Contest for October

  • Homeschool Planet FREE Trial -- "I absolutely love it!" -- Erin M.

  • Deals of the Day -- Supercharged Science, Achieve3000, and Looney Tunes Phonics

  • Deals of the Week -- LAST CALL -- Fascinating Education Science, Science Bits, ExploreLearning Gizmos, and Science Starters

  • GroupBuy Roundup:

    • New -- Human Body Detectives - New Girl's Curriculum: Being Me, Highlights - Which Way USA, and God's World News

    • LAST CALL TODAY -- College Prep Genius

    • In the Pipeline -- Portals School Courseware, McCarthy Music, and Ocean Classrooms

  • Free Curriculum Discoveries and their ClickSchooling Reviews
  • Writing Tips by Julie Bogart, Brave Writer
  • Cathy Duffy Reviews
  • Just for Fun
Please join us in giving a hearty Co-op "Welcome!" to 440 new homeschool families in the last week.

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What's Happening at the Co-op...

Grab the kids, pack up the car, and hit the road for a fun and educational field trip! With the Co-op's Field Trip finder, you can search for field trips near you and spend the day exploring -- just click here.

Tell us some of your favorite resources, how you stay organized, and any of your teaching secrets for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card as part of Learning Resources Month!

Stay tuned for the winner of September's STEM Month contest as the winner will be announce in next week's newsletter on 10/8.

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Homeschool Planet - Online Planner

Homeschool Planet - FREE 30-Day Trial

Homeschool Planet - FREE 30-Day Trial

Are you thinking about a planner for the new school year? Or, do you need to change what you're currently doing?

If so, organize your world with a subscription to Homeschool Planet - everything you need to organize your home and your home school in one easy-to-use online planner!

But, don't take our word for it - here's what Co-op Member Erin M. has to say:

"I am in love! Homeschool Planet has been one of the best purchases I have made for our homeschool. I am not a good micro-manager, but Homeschool Planet is. It has kept everyone accountable because if assignments are not marked complete, then I am "forced" to make a decision about what to do with that assignment. I cannot just let it slip into the "assignment blackhole". When something needs graded, the grading helper reminds me until I actually put the grade in. If one assignment or an entire day of assignments needs moved, it's a simple as a click or two.

The kids love it. They like checking off the boxes, plus when they ask me what to do next, I just tell them to go look at their planet and keep working until everything is checked off. They know school is done when there are no more boxes to check.

I will use Homeschool Planet through our entire homeschool career. I absolutely love it."
-- Erin M., Co-op Member

Click here to start your FREE 30-day trial!
Deals of the Day - Today Only!
TODAY ONLY (October 1, 2015), purchase any of these Deals of the Day and receive Bonus SmartPoints. Don't miss these BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET!

Supercharged Science - Save 35% + Get 1,000 SmartPoints

Supercharged Science - Save 35% + Get 1,000 SmartPoints

We are pleased to offer Supercharged Science, a Cathy Duffy Top 102 Picks, at savings of 35%!

Supercharged eScience is a video-based online curriculum that explains science topics to kids in a practical real-world way, then uses step-by-step videos to guide them through every detail of activities, experiments and projects that let them apply the concepts they just learned.

This GroupBuy offer is for new subscribers and renewals. For new subscribers, receive a Welcome DVD with extra-cool Science Lessons and a package of hard-to-find parts -- a $65 value -- FREE!

Order today and receive 1,000 SmartPoints as a Deal of the Day.

Achieve3000 Literacy Program - Save 44% + Get 600 SmartPoints

Achieve3000 Literacy Program - Save 44% + Get 600 SmartPoints

Achieve3000, an award-winning provider of online, literacy and science instruction for students in grades 2-12, is available at the Co-op!

Achieve3000 is used by over one million students in public and private schools. One school administrator told one of our advisors that if he could have only one curriculum, Achieve3000 would be it.

One of the things that makes Achieve3000 unique is its use of real-time Lexile assessment to assign appropriately challenging material for your child ("differentiated learning").

Members save 44% off the retail price and earn 600 SmartPoints when you purchase Achieve3000 today as Deal of the Day.

Looney Tunes Phonics - Save up to 40% + Get 300 SmartPoints

Looney Tunes Phonics - Save up to 40% + Get 300 SmartPoints

Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics for K-3rd grade is an online fully animated phonics program. Available exclusively through the Co-op at savings up to 40%, Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics incorporates the research-based curriculum and instructional design of the highly acclaimed ClickN READ Phonics® and features Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and all their Looney Tunes friends.

Choose from a 12-month or 6-month subscriptions. Save even more by opting for the Looney Tunes + ClickN SPELL Bundle, which includes a 12-month subscription to Looney Tunes and a 12-month subscription to ClickN SPELL!

If purchased as a Deal of the Day today, you'll also receive 300 SmartPoints.

Deals of the Week - LAST CALL!

Introduction to Last Call for Deals of the Week

Our Deals of the Week are the BEST DEALS ANYWHERE, but for a limited time only, so don't delay!

For the products with Bonus SmartPoints, after this Saturday (unless otherwise noted), we will continue to offer the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for them but the SmartPoints will be reduced or removed altogether.

NOTE: The Deals of the Week SmartPoints listed below will be awarded based on purchases from 9/27 - 10/3 and are awarded at the time of purchase.

Fascinating Education Science - Save 40% + Get 500 SmartPoints

Fascinating Education Science - Save 40% + Get 500 SmartPoints on Fascinating Education's Chemistry, Biology, and/or Physics online curriculum. Is your student baffled or bored by your textbook? This program focuses on the essentials with graphics and audio narration to engage the learner. For Grades 6 and up.


Science Bits - Save 75% + Get 300 SmartPoints

Science Bits - Save 75% + Get 300 SmartPoints on a One (1) Year Subscription to Science-Bits. For Grades 6 - 12.


ExploreLearning Gizmos for Science & Math - Save 40% + Get 500 SmartPoints

ExploreLearning Gizmos for Science & Math - Save 40% + Get 500 SmartPoints on online, interactive math and science simulations from ExploreLearning. Now *ONLY $89!*


Science Starters - Save 73% + Get 600 SmartPoints

Science Starters - Save 73% + Get 600 SmartPoints on a 1-year subscription to the award-winning Science Starters for one teacher and up to 3 students. Choose from Biology or Chemistry. For grades 9-12.


This month, we will be shining the spotlight on the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for Learning Resources at the Co-op. If you or your homeschool could use additional resources, keep reading as we have great products in store for you!

Taken Charge - Core Tech Skills - Save up to 27%

Taken Charge - Core Tech Skills - Save up to 27%

Taken Charge by Galvanize Labs is offering exclusive savings up to 27% through the Co-op!

This unique interactive online game teaches technology in an incredibly fun way. It is designed to engage students with a cutting edge game environment while teaching them technology skills and topics like Internal PC Hardware, Digital Media, Boolean Search Logic, Internet Functionality, Home Network Setup, Internet Safety, and much more.

This new GroupBuy offer allows members to pay as little as $30 per year for a single student. That means you can jump in now and continue learning through the school year.

PLATO Learning Electives - As Low as $39.95

PLATO Learning Electives - As Low as $39.95

If you have been thinking about adding electives to your curriculum but aren't sure where to start, we have a solution for you!

We are pleased to present exclusive savings for PLATO Electives online courses from the Career Technical Education Library by Edmentum, a leader in online education! You choose from 16 course titles for high school level and up. Choose from courses such as Digital Art, Fashion Design, Web Design, Finance, Law, Marketing, Architecture, Engineering, and much more.

Members are able to choose from the following options:

  • Single Course - Choose ONE - $39.95
  • Combo Pack - Choose TWO - $69.95
  • Triple Pack - Choose THREE - $99.95

Jump in and save BIG on this exclusive GroupBuy offer from PLATO!

RoboCAMP - Save up to 50%

RoboCAMP - Save up to 50%

RoboCAMP is a carefully prepared online, interactive curriculum dedicated to promoting STEM education for grades K-8th through the use of LEGO WeDo and LEGO Mindstorms robotic sets (LEGO kits not included).

With RoboCAMP, your child can learn robotics, science, technology, and math using an online platform that offers ready-to-use lesson plans perfect for introducing robotics to elementary and middle schools students. You'll have 24/7 access to your learning materials with interactive features for your students. You choose your 'CAMP' to coincide with your LEGO kit (WeDo or Mindstorms). There are seven CAMPs to choose from with one subscription good for the whole family!

Members will save up to 50% on this exclusive GroupBuy offer!

Monarch - Save 10% + Get Bonus SmartPoints

Monarch - Save 10% + Get Bonus SmartPoints

If you have been looking for a way to introduce Technology into your homeschool this school year, the Technology electives from Monarch might be just the ticket!

Monarch is an online Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12 from Alpha Omega Publications. Monarch provides lessons in the five core subjects of Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science, as well as a wide variety of enriching electives including Technology electives.

These electives include options such as:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Media
  • Office Application Tutorials
  • Fundamentals of Computer systems
  • Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development
  • and much more!

Members save 10% and receive Bonus SmartPoints (10 SmartPoints for every $1 spent), exclusively through the Co-op.

Plus, within minutes of placing your order, you'll receive an activation code for your 18-month subscription. No shipping, no waiting!

Human Body Detectives - Save up to 89% + Get 400 SmartPoints - New Girl's Curriculum

Human Body Detectives - Save up to 89% + Get 400 SmartPoints

The award-winning Human Body Detectives Curriculum uses educational adventure stories and activities to teach kids about specific body systems and their nutritional needs.

We're happy to announce a new Human Body Detectives course for girls ages 10-14: Being Me: The Scoop on What's Happening in My Body for only $35 (a 64% savings).

In addition, if you're looking to add a health curriculum to your day-to-day, check out these other Human Body Detective courses:

  • Elementary Curriculum Superbundle for only $39.95 (an 89% savings)
  • Nutrition 101 for Middle and High School for only $29.95 (62% savings), plus receive HBD's Learn about Nutrition Elementary Curriculum as part of the package!
  • Teen Health Basics 101 for only $14.95 (40% savings)

If you place your order today, you'll not only get immediate access to the digital downloads but you'll also receive 400 SmartPoints as a Deal of the Month!

See the offer page for details on Human Body Detectives Nutrition 101 for Middle and High School as the curriculum also requires obtaining The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn OBrien and Rachel Kranz.

Highlights Which Way USA - Save 30% + Bonus SmartPoints

Highlights Which Way USA - Save 30% + Bonus SmartPoints

We're pleased to announce that the new Which Way USA™ from Highlights™ has arrived at the Co-op!

Which Way USA adventure kits invite children to take a U.S.A. road trip with a team of explorers and discover America while solving puzzles that help them get to know the states. Each state kit includes a puzzle book and a state map that your child will use to solve the WHO, WHAT, and WHERE of a mystery related to that state.

Your child will meet fascinating heroes, visit natural and man-made wonders, and relive great events that shaped the history of the United States—all while solving puzzles and reading maps.

Members save 30% + Get Bonus SmartPoints exclusively through the Co-op, and can choose from specific state bundles or the complete 50 state set.

God's World News - Save up to 68%

God's World News - Save up to 68%

God's World News has returned to the Co-op with their Print Edition magazines for a limited time!

These monthly magazines are a great curriculum supplement for a variety of subjects, including Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Geography, Science, History, and Bible. God's World News offers magazines for PreK thru High School students with a Biblical Worldview to help you bring current events into your homeschool classroom.

Members save up to 68% on this exclusive GroupBuy. As soon as you register for the special Co-op Shopping Link, you'll be able to place your order. God's World news is only here for a limited so be sure to check it out soon!

Note for Canadian and International Members: Please see the offer page for instructions on how to receive the discounted pricing.


College Prep Genius - Save 62% - Ends TODAY, 10/1!

College Prep Genius - Save 62%

It's LAST CALL for College Prep Genius at the Co-op! Developed by an SAT instructor and homeschool mom, Jean Burk, the College Prep Genius program is designed to help students master the strategies behind the SAT tests in order to improve their overall performance.

The new Comprehensive Digital Program currently retails for $129.95, but exclusively through the Co-op, we're able to offer for $49.95 - a 62% savings. If you have a student taking the SAT between now and January*, this could be the online course for your homeschool.

Don't take our word for it – check out these testimonials from parents who have used the program and this short webinar by Jean, entitled 5 Reasons FREE College Can Happen to You. Plus, see what The Old Schoolhouse and Cathy Duffy Reviews have to say about the College Prep Genius program.

With the next SAT test date set for Saturday, October 3rd, your child can get started with College Prep Genius today!

Please be aware that the format for the SAT will change in March 2016 so it is important that your child use appropriate materials for this next testing timeframe (October to January tests) in order to maximize their performance on these standardized tests. The College Prep Genius test taking strategies can be used on a multitude of tests so might aid your child on other standardized logic-based exams, too.

In the Pipeline

In the Pipeline Intro

These Special Offers and GroupBuy savings are "in the bag". Read below to see what's coming!

For some, there are a few more details to be worked out before we can go live. We hope to take these Group Buys live in the few weeks. Stay tuned!

Portals School Courseware by Evan-Moor - Save 50% - Coming Mon., 10/5!

Portals School Courseware by Evan-Moor - Save 50%

We are pleased to announce that Portals School Courseware from Evan-Moor will be coming to the Co-op on Monday, 10/5!

Your favorite Evan-Moor daily titles and more are now available in digital format. Access up to 12 series of daily lessons across grade levels for up to 5 students via the Portals School Platform.

Portals School Courseware now gives access to titles that homeschoolers have come to know and love such as Building Spelling Skills, Daily Geography Practice, and more. Members will save up to 50% on this exclusive GroupBuy offer!

If you would like to be reminded when this GroupBuy launches, click here.

McCarthy Music - Save up to 23% - Coming Mon., 10/12!

McCarthy Music - Save up to 23%

We are pleased to announce that McCarthy Music will be coming to the Co-op on Monday, October 12th with savings up to 23%!

McCarthy Music's unique training tool - The Illuminate Piano - works with custom software for piano instruction conveniently in your home (or any other place you want to be!). The Illuminating Piano is a 61-key midi controller (piano) with each key capable of illuminate brilliantly and evenly in any possible color combination, guiding you through songs note-by-note. Notes are displayed on the keyboard to guide your play and you can plug in with a USB cable for your PC, or utilize your BlueTooth technology to go wireless using an iPad.

The software allows access to a library of 1,000+ songs to learn, including hits like “Let It Go” from Frozen. All ages can learn to play the piano with this unique instrument from McCarthy Music!

If you would like to be reminded when this GroupBuy launches, click here.

Ocean Classrooms - Save 25% on Marine Science Curriculum - Coming Soon!

Ocean Classrooms - Save 25% on Marine Science Curriculum

Discover the dynamic universe beneath the waves with Marine Science from Ocean Classrooms. High-definition images, videos, interactives, and instructional strategies that help students learn make these online course highly engaging and easy to implement. Inquiry-based offline activities and labs bring core concepts to life.

If you would like to be reminded when this GroupBuy launches, click here.

GroupBuy Calendar - See what else is coming to the Co-op!

GroupBuy Calendar

Be sure to check out the GroupBuy Calendar and you'll not only see what's coming up, grouped by subject, but you can select the "Remind Me" link to get notified when the offer launches via (a) a reminder email from us or (b) an entry in your calendar.

Note: Some of our suppliers don't want us to pre-announce their GroupBuys savings, so they won't show up in the GroupBuy Calendar. Stay subscribed to this email and the newsletter to get announcements for all offers as they come and go.

Free Curriculum
This week, we offer these free curriculum discoveries and their ClickSchooling reviews.

Please let us know if YOU find any great educational websites!
Writing Tips by Julie Bogart
This week, we offer these recent writing advice tips from Julie Bogart, the creator of the popular Brave Writer writing and language arts curriculum:

Check our Free Writing Tips section frequently for new tips, or sign up for Julie's Daily Tip newsletter on the Brave Writer website.

P.S. We'd like to remind you that the Co-op has the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for Brave Writer writing and language arts curriculum: Save 50% on Brave Writer.
Cathy Duffy Reviews
By special arrangement with Cathy Duffy (author of the new "102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum"), Co-op members hear about Cathy's latest reviews.

Don't forget that the Co-op has BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for many of
Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks!

Get the Best Deal Anywhere for Cathy Duffy Top Picks.

And, if you're not sure which curriculum might be right for your child, take a look at Cathy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum -- and save 50% on the various eBook editions, if you purchase through the Co-op!
Just for Fun

Do you have any videos, games, jokes, quotes or other light-hearted or inspirational Internet discoveries that you would like to share with us? Tell us about it.
We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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