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Another Best Deal on the Planet!

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as an authorized provider of Monarch, an online Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12 from Alpha Omega Publications. This allows us to offer members the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for Monarch:

  • The LOWEST PRICE anywhere (currently 10% off) -- the deepest discount allowed by Alpha Omega.
  • BONUS SmartPoints* -- 10 SmartPoints for every dollar you spend that you can use to purchase award-winning curricula through the Co-op.
  • IMMEDIATE fulfillment -- within minutes of placing your order you'll have the activation code(s) you need to get started with Monarch.

Note: The SmartPoints are awarded at the time of purchase. Check out what you can buy with SmartPoints on our SmartPoints Spend 'Em page and in our SmartPoints Vendor Hall.

If you are going to purchase Monarch anyway, why not the get added value?

An Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Monarch is an interactive, Internet-based Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12 that's compatible with most web browsers on a Windows® or Macintosh® operating system.

Accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, Monarch offers Bible-based online lessons in the five core subjects of Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science, as well as a wide variety of enriching electives. Monarch subscriptions run for 18 months beginning on the date of purchase.

A multi-dimensional learning experience, Monarch engages homeschooling students with cutting-edge, media-rich lessons infused with movie clips, animations, learning games, audio clips, and web-related links.

Budget Friendly Options: Monarch's 1 Year Family Plan and 1 Year Individual Plan also available through the Co-op!

With Signature Co-op Value!

We are pleased to offer not only the best price anywhere, but also a pile of SmartPoints that you can use to purchase other award-winning online curricula through the Co-op.

For example, if you purchase $500 of Alpha Omega curriculum, you not only get the savings shown above, but you will also earn 5,000 SmartPoints.

That's more than enough SmartPoints to purchase ANY of the following curriculum through the Co-op:

And many more! What's more, your SmartPoints will stay in your balance for up to 2 years - ready for you to redeem on any number of Co-op products!

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Scroll down for more information about Monarch:

    • Visit the Alpha Omega website for more information on Monarch.
    • Read a list of Monarch features.
    • View a comprehensive video overview.
    • Check system requirements for Monarch.
  2. Please be an informed consumer and carefully read the Terms & Conditions. The T&Cs tell you everything you need to know about this offer. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the T&Cs.

    In Particular:

    • Fulfillment: 

      SmartPoints Fulfillment: You will receive your SmartPoints within minutes of placing your order.

      Monarch Fulfillment: Within 15 minutes of receiving your order, the Co-op will post a special link in your "My Subscriptions" page that you can use to activate your new Monarch subscription(s) on the Monarch website. Simply sign into your Co-op account and look in the 'Monarch" section on your "My Subscriptions" page for instructions and the link.

    • Shipping: Not applicable.
    • Returns/Cancellations: Alpha Omega Publications does not offer a refund for Monarch. Please check all the available information BEFORE you make your purchase to be sure you want this product.
  3. When you are ready to buy Monarch, select the big, blue button below.
  4. Don't keep these savings a secret -- tell your friends and homeschool groups!
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