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We are pleased to announce our GroupBuy offer to save $25 + receive 750 Bonus SmartPoints on a 12-month Subscription for Little Passports World Edition will begin on 12-09-2016 and end on 12-11-2016. Click here for more info about Little Passports World Edition. Click "Remind Me" (below) if you would like to be reminded when this GroupBuy starts:

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My 6 yr. old daughter LOVES Little Passports. She gets so excited when the package comes in the mail each month. We sit down together and go through it right away. What a fun way what to explore the world right in the comfort of your own home. We will continue to use it and have already told our friends about it.
Cindy J., Co-op Member
My daughter loves Little Passports! I try to save it for Wednesdays when we do our geography (homeschool) but she always spots it and wants to open it right then! She wants to show her "suitcase" full of goodies to everyone. I'm so glad we decided to order it!
Suzanne H., Co-op Member
We purchased little passports and are LOVING it! The kids love Sam and Sophia, and love getting their own mail with treasures and activities from around the world. It is a perfect way to introduce other countries in a fun way! We bought it, and then told 2 other families about it and they are loving it too! We are all expanding on the introductions to the countries together, and the kids are excited to tell each other about the package that came in the mail! My kids love the photos, the puzzles and the little suitcase they get to store their tr...(more)
Melinda, mum of 4, Co-op Member
My daughter looks forward to her Little Passports package every month! She LOVES looking through everything and finding out where they're going next. She is engaged in learning in a way that other curricula cannot provide - as a friend of travelers back at home. Because of Little Passports, she wants to learn more about the countries Sam and Sofia visit. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking for an engaging way for elementary aged children to learn geography.
Darby D, Co-op Member
This is a wonderful product! My daughter can't wait for the next shipment. She is interested in the geography and culture of each featured country. But most of all, she loves the gift that comes with each package (a piece of amethyst from Brazil, a sushi eraser from Japan, oragami paper, etc.)!
Brandy, Co-op Member
The CD is fantastic!!! This month's letter is terrific as well! Our social studies curriculum covers each of the 7 continents and thus far the Little Passports materials seem like a terrific match for my classroom instruction!
Amy, mother of 9-year-old son & 1st grade teacher
We have received three shipments so far from Little Passports - the welcome kit (so neat!) and Brazil and Japan. My daughter is a geology nut, so the amethyst from Brazil thrilled her. We received the Japan package just after the big earthquake in Japan, so it was perfectly timed, and we had a lot of extra discussion surrouding Japan. We love getting the big padded envelopes every month and we are really looking forward to the coming packages. Thanks for the opportunity to get Little Passports at such a good price. I had looked at it before, bu...(more)
Amanda C., Co-op Member
Our family loves Little Passports. I had been trying to teach my 1st and 3rd graders geography and they were completely uninterested. When they got their first letter from Little Passports they could not wait to get out the map and solve the clues by finding countries that even I did not know! They look forward each month to getting their new letters!!
S Allison, Co-op Member
We just signed up with Little Passports in September. At first my eight year old son balked at the idea because he was afraid his older brother would make fun of him. However, once those packages started coming he really got into it! When they arrive he gets his suitcase and spreads everything out on the floor. Then he adds the new items and does the puzzles. That is great for him because he is a reluctant reader, but wants to do the LP pages by himself! The passport was a wonderful idea. Each little component adds to the fun. My little...(more)
Mary F., Co-op Member
My 7 year old daughter loves Little Passport! She loves getting mail and the little gift and pictures that come. I love the activities that we work on together. I've used it to introduce her to world geography and history. I plan on signing up for the second year.
B. Wright, Co-op Member
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