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This offer has been closed. When we are able to re-launch another Little Passports offer, we'll let you know via our Member emails and GroupBuy Calendar.

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My mother-in-law just purchased the Little Passports program for our sons this past Christmas. It has been a fun journey for our 4, 6 and 7 year olds to learn more about the world around them. We had an extra surprise this past month. The featured country was the home of our exchange student. While we were enjoying the information that Little Passports provided, she was able to review the information with us, reinforcing what we were learning. I had just written myself a note this week to find out where to purchase it so that each of my sons ca...(more)
Wendy M., Co-op Member
The world map was a fantastic surprise. My daughter refers to it often throughout the day, and it has led to interesting discussions about the world and different cultures.
Nicki, mother of 10-year-old daughter
My 6-yr-old son looks for the next Little Passports delivery in the mail all the time - he loves it. And it's such an easy way to introduce him to maps and geography. Good stuff!
L. Mitchell, Co-op Member
My 5 year old loves her Little Passport packages that arrive every month! She puts all of her little treasures in the Little Passport suitcase and shows it to people who come to visit. I love all that she is learning about different countries. It is a great way to learn about different cultures and geography!
Pam R., Co-op Member
We love Little-Passports. My son is 7 and he looks forward to the new package each month. He enjoys printing out the pictures from each country and the on-line games associated with it. We also love the gifts with each country. We will continue to use it and tell our friends how much fun it is!!
Beth, Co-op Member
My two girls (5 and 8) are loving their Little Passports. When the package comes each month, they hurry to open it up and examine all the treasures inside. It's a great way to learn about geography and culture and they enjoy having Sam and Sophia as virtual pen pals.
Erika Sparks, Co-op Member
We have enjoyed Little Passports although I was a little skeptical about at first simply because my son seams to know a little more on some countries and I was afraid he might be bored but...that little suit case (although he had a small one for special travel) did bring joy to open and show his treasures received by mail and the expectation of receiving a package each months.Also,the stickers are adding to the look where we can interact about the flags and countries it represent.The world map with is stickers tags help motivate the search of...(more)
Isabelle Hidaka, Co-op Member
This is our first year using Little Passports. We've received 2 shipments so far and every day I hear, "When are we going to get a package from Sam and Sophia again? Where do you think Sam and Sophia are?" Quality product, educationally sound - very hands-on and interactive. Absolutely no regrets about this purchase!
Kathie R., Co-op Member
I haven't used the program yet, I plan to use it in conjunction next school year when we study world geography. I have receieved the package and looked through it of course and found it to be exactly as described.
The kits look great and I corresponded with the company a few times. The customer service was phenonemal!!! Almost immediately returned my emails in a a kind friendly manner and answered all of my questions.
We look forward to starting this program, my children are very excited and I would encourage anyone to purchase!
Dani W, Co-op Member
We got our Japan packet today and it has definitely been the favorite! My son could tell immediately from the package that it was from "Little Passports." All the "toys" were a big hit and he likes the origami the best he's already made the plane and the dog! So I had to tell you how much we've enjoyed this mailing!
Milli, mother of 6-year-old son
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