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Little Passports
World Edition
Grades K-4

Offer Expires 05-31-2016 at 11:00 pm Pacific

Purchase Little Passports World Edition - Save 15% + Earn 750 Bonus SmartPoints!

The Co-op is pleased to offer exclusive GroupBuy savings on Little Passports World Edition with three different subscription options for their product offering (monthly, 6-month or 12-month).

Bring the World To Your Home Every Month!

Travelling the world not in your homeschool budget this year? No worries! Bring the world to you with Little Passports World Edition!
Every month, pen pals Sam & Sophia set out for a global advernture. Your child receives a package in the mail, and learns about a new country through engaging materials and activities. This fun way to learn is the perfect addition to your day-to-day curriculum.

The first month you will receive the Explorer Kit, with everything you need to get started:

  • Signature blue suitcase and passport
  • Wall-sized world map
  • Welcome letter from Sam & Sophia
  • Activity sheet, stickers, plus access to online games!
Monthly packages include:
  • Letters from Sam & Sophia
  • Country-specific souvenirs
  • Stickers, photos, and activity sheets
  • Plus, access to online games
Little Passports World Edition is a favorite among our homeschooling families -- just check out these member testimonials!

How does it work?

By clicking the "Buy Little Passports World Edition Now" button below and purchasing any of the Little Passports World Edition subscriptions at the Little Passports website, the Co-op earns a commission. We are pleased to share this with you in the form of SmartPoints -- 750 SmartPoints -- that you can use to purchase many of the award-winning online curriculum available exclusively through the Co-op!

SmartPoints stay in your account for up to 2 years and will be ready for you to redeem on any number of Co-op products. Check out options for what you can buy with SmartPoints on our SmartPoints Spend 'Em page and in our SmartPoints Vendor Hall!

*Note: Actual prices for the Little Passports World Edition subscriptions will be found on the Little Passports site.

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Get more information about Little Passports:

    • View the video segment at the top of this page.
    • Visit the Little Passports website for complete information.
    • Check out these newly developed study guides for the first 6 months of the World Edition subscription. These guides provide resources for integrating subscription materials into your lesson plan. They include engagement activities, bonus content, pop-quizzes and printables.
    • Review the rave testimonials from other Co-op members.
  2. Please carefully read these important Terms & Conditions.

    • Co-op Members Only: In order to receive the Bonus SmartPoints, you must be a NEW subscriber to Little Passports World Edition. You also must be a Co-op member in order to receive SmartPoints. We're sorry, at this time, Little Passports can only mail to the U.S. and Canada.
    • 15% Savings: When you use the 15% Promotion Code, it will take 15% off from whichever subscription you purchase. If you choose the monthly subscription, only your first month will reflect the 15% discount. If you are looking for additional savings, it is better to select the 6- or 12-month subscription packages as the 15% discount will be applied to the price for these bulk packages.
    • Filing Your Claim: You must complete your shopping trip and file your claim all on the same day in order to qualify for SmartPoints.
  3. When you are ready to buy any of the Little Passports World Edition subscriptions, click this Co-op shopping button. To save 15%, enter Promotion Code on the Billing Address page during Checkout (only available until May 31st!):

    While shopping at the Little Passports site, dont forget to check out their gift items under $35. They have science and art kits, activities, an interactive childrens book, and more. There is not a discount for these gift items but they might just add even more fun as your child travels the world with Little Passports!

    Buy Little Passports Now
  4. When you have completed your shopping trip at the Little Passports website, click the File Your SmartPoints Claim button to provide your proof of purchase information:

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My son immediately rips open the Little Passports packages when they arrive in the mail. Maps, toys, the letter tumble onto the table, and he excitedly sorts through his treasures while I read the letter with him. He wants to know what the characters are going to do next, and I'm happy to say that Little Passports always comes through with fun and heart-warming vignettes. As we try to reduce the "stuff" in our lives, I think sending our friends around the world with Little Passports is going to be a winner on our holiday gift list this year.
Lori, mother of 7-year-old son
My 5 year old can't wait to get her packages from Sam & Sophia! She loves the great little gifts they send and she loves that her 10 year old sister joins in the fun by reading it to her and loving it with her:)!
Tory Ran, Co-op Member
Our family LOVES Little Passports. I mainly got it for my 6 y.o. daughter. But the 11 y.o. son is loving coming up with meals and music from the countries. It makes it a wonderfully easy way to get a unit study about the different countries started. It keeps the interest level high for both kids. I do plan on extending our memebership from a year to the two year so we can do all of the countries.
Lori D., Co-op Member
"I can't wait for my package to come each month in the mail to see where Sam and Sophia have gone. I like the gift from each country, the stickers to put on my case and the games to play." Cooper G. 9 years old

I love to see how excited both our boys (12 and 9) get when the package comes. We have been studying about Countries and Cultures this year and 'little passports' has been a great supplement to our program. We all have enjoyed the time spent together learning about other countries. Thank you for your product and we look forward to n...(more)
Cristen G., Co-op Member
My two girls, ages 6 and almost 10, have loved Little Passports. They eagerly await its arrival each month so they can mark the map where Sophia and Diego have visited. Then they argue over who gets to go through the package first. They enjoy the pictures, souvenirs, and activity sheet that comes inside. It has been a fun way for them to learn about geography without them even knowing they are learning. They like to guess where the next month will come from and sometimes my older one will look information up on the internet about it so she c...(more)
Colleen Schoellkopf, Co-op Member
We have thoroughly enjoyed Little Passports so far. The kids are excited to see "where" we are going each month. It also serves as an excellent springboard to delve deeper into the culture and environment of each country. I did not introduce Brazil until closer to Earth day and it was an excellent opportunity to study the rainforest and for the kids to see the bigger picture. We love it!!
Dana Campbell, Co-op Member
We are loving Little Passports as a fun way to introduce culture and geography to our 6 year old. She is able to do the activities but I think that they would also be fun for kids up to age 9. I would love to see it expand for more countries because I would definitely buy it again and recommend to a friend.
Sara H., Co-op Member
My 6-yr-old son looks for the next Little Passports delivery in the mail all the time - he loves it. And it's such an easy way to introduce him to maps and geography. Good stuff!
L. Mitchell, Co-op Member
My 5 year old loves her Little Passport packages that arrive every month! She puts all of her little treasures in the Little Passport suitcase and shows it to people who come to visit. I love all that she is learning about different countries. It is a great way to learn about different cultures and geography!
Pam R., Co-op Member
The Little Passports World Edition has been enjoyed thoroughly by my 7 and 3 year old. It has inspired them to ask questions and (with help) look up more information about each country.
Paula, Co-op Member
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