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The Amethyst rock was a big hit as was the letter ...oh the CD was great! When we finished our subscription and a couple of months had passed, my son asked me why he wasn't getting the mailings anymore!
Jenifer, mother of 7-year-old son
My two girls, ages 6 and almost 10, have loved Little Passports. They eagerly await its arrival each month so they can mark the map where Sophia and Diego have visited. Then they argue over who gets to go through the package first. They enjoy the pictures, souvenirs, and activity sheet that comes inside. It has been a fun way for them to learn about geography without them even knowing they are learning. They like to guess where the next month will come from and sometimes my older one will look information up on the internet about it so she c...(more)
Colleen Schoellkopf, Co-op Member
My kids really enjoy Little Passports. We have only gotten the first two months, but they really look forward to seeing where Sam and Sophia have been what little treasures they sent to them. It's a great way to expand your geography lessons. We hang up the map and talk about the different countries and just expand on the information we receive each month.
M.Taulbee, Co-op Member
My daughter loves Little Passports! I try to save it for Wednesdays when we do our geography (homeschool) but she always spots it and wants to open it right then! She wants to show her "suitcase" full of goodies to everyone. I'm so glad we decided to order it!
Suzanne H., Co-op Member
We have enjoyed Little Passports although I was a little skeptical about at first simply because my son seams to know a little more on some countries and I was afraid he might be bored but...that little suit case (although he had a small one for special travel) did bring joy to open and show his treasures received by mail and the expectation of receiving a package each months.Also,the stickers are adding to the look where we can interact about the flags and countries it represent.The world map with is stickers tags help motivate the search of...(more)
Isabelle Hidaka, Co-op Member
This is a wonderful, innovative program. I am as eager to receive our package each month as my son is. I heartily recommend this product, and hope it will be expanded.
Jocelyn M., Co-op Member
I wanted to expose my 7yo son to geography but kept finding that we would never have "get to it." (sad I know)

So, when the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op offered the Little Passports program, I thought it was worth taking a look at. I checked it out thoroughly and was very impressed with what I found.

The program seemed to be just the thing that would expose my son to the world in a very fun and engaging way. With very little work from me being that the information is sent right to him! And, of course the bonus there is that HE gets his OWN...(more)
Shelah McLeod - in CA, Co-op Member
The Little-Passports package doesn't come soon enough for this household due to the anticipation of its arrival. The kids enjoy every part: the stickers for the map, suitcase and passport, the games on the computer, the token from the country, and the letter and puzzles in response to all that is learned. Our suitcase is getting full already.
AT, Co-op Member
We purchased little passports and are LOVING it! The kids love Sam and Sophia, and love getting their own mail with treasures and activities from around the world. It is a perfect way to introduce other countries in a fun way! We bought it, and then told 2 other families about it and they are loving it too! We are all expanding on the introductions to the countries together, and the kids are excited to tell each other about the package that came in the mail! My kids love the photos, the puzzles and the little suitcase they get to store their tr...(more)
Melinda, mum of 4, Co-op Member
The Little Passports World Edition has been enjoyed thoroughly by my 7 and 3 year old. It has inspired them to ask questions and (with help) look up more information about each country.
Paula, Co-op Member
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