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"The Best Homeschool Planner Out There!"

Like many homeschoolers, you've probably tried several online homeschool planners and found them either too confusing or too limiting.

That's why the Co-op is pleased to present a 30-day FREE subscription to Homeschool Planet -- an easy-to-use homeschool planner that gives you everything you need to organize your home and your home school.

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An Easy-to-Use, Full-Featured Homeschool Planner

At last -- a full-featured planner that doesn't require hours to learn how to use it. Just launch Homeschool Planet, click on the calendar, and start adding classes, assignments, and appointments!
Everything You Need:
  • A Calendar View that lets you see anybody's or everybody's calendars at once
  • A Planner View with a simple list of everything you need to do and when
  • Automatic Rescheduling -- A class time changes? You miss a few days to illness or vacation? No problem! Homeschool Planet automatically reschedules all the affected classes and assignments.
  • Separate logins for kids to view their assignments and check them off when completed.
  • Daily Digest emails to everyone in your family with their own schedule, assignments, and chores for the day
  • Email and text message reminders to help everyone stay on schedule (Some limits apply.)
  • Lesson plans with assigments, web links, notes, and more
  • Easy attendance tracking, grading and transcript creation
  • To Do lists for everyone in your family
  • Shopping lists (one each for Target, Safeway, etc.) that you can text to your spouse or have sent to your smartphone when on the go
  • Widgets you can use to do research, plan meals, send text messages, and more.
  • Mobile Version -- Ability to view and edit (with some limitations) your calendar on SmartPhones and tablets
  • Calendar sharing -- View the contents of your spouse's Google Calendar inside Homeschool Planet, and vice versa! This also works with Apple iCal and other online calendars.
  • Lesson Copying -- Copy any lesson for use at a later time by another student.
Homeschool Planet is, quite literally, a control panel for your life! To use it, all you need is a web browser and a broadband Internet connection.

Enjoy it FREE for 30 Days - No Credit Card Required

The right homeschool planner for your family is one of the most important tools you'll ever buy. That's why we are pleased to give you this 30-day free subscription, so that you can try out Homeschool Planet on your own schedule and with no risk.

If you subsequently decide to subscribe for only $65/year or $6.95/month, we'll add 365 days or (or 1 month) to your subscription so that you can continue using Homeschool Planet with no interruption.

If you have been looking for a single, easy-to-use homeschool planner for home and school, Homeschool Planet is the way to go! Enjoy!

NOTE: We are NOT collecting your credit card info, and you will NOT be charged when your trial subscription expires.

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Homeschool Planet 30-Day Free Trial

Enjoy Homeschool Planet FREE for 30 days.

Note: Homeschool Planet is available exclusively to Co-op members. Membership is free. Click the "Join Now" button in the right margin and get 100 Bonus SmartPoints for free!


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After handwriting my lesson plans for years I decided to give the Homeschool Planner a try and I love it. It allows so much flexibility while at the same time allowing me to plan a year at once. I love how I can look at the day, week or even month at a time and make changes with just a click. I would encourage anyone to give it a try for 30 days and see if it doesn't work for you.
Janine O, Co-op Member
LOVE IT!!!!! After reviewing 11 different homeschool planners the past several weeks, this is the one that most does what I want. I will be spreading the word.
S. Tebbetts, Co-op Member
I am a wife, mother, full time employee, home school teacher, children's ministry teacher, schedule keeper, co-op leader and I have somewhat of a social life with friends. On top of all of that I am a planner. Spreadsheets, notebooks and calendars galore! The many different calendars I have to pay attention to can be mind-numbing.

Having one child that is home schooled and another that in enrolled in our public school system has never been that difficult, but then you throw in the various testing dates, field trips and project deadlines ...(more)
Kristy H., Co-op Member
I love this product with a capital L-O-V-E! I have been homeschooling for 13 yrs now and have gone through many homeschool planners, paper and digital. I have found that I love the paper ones best, but love the idea of not using so much paper even more. The digital planners I tried were hard to figure out, as I'm very non-teckie. THIS planner though. Oh my THIS planner! I found out about it purely by chance, and I signed up for the free trial just to see if *maybe* this one would work. And oh it DID! The ease with which to use this is unbelieva...(more)
Rebecca, Co-op Member
I have been homeschooling for 3 years now and used pre-made planners at the start. They were helpful but I would have to alter them in someway to suit my needs. Then I decided to make my own on my computer and that worked well enough until something came up, sickness or vacation etc. then I would have to go back and figure out what was done and what wasn't. This year I stumbled upon the Homeschool Planet scheduler and decided to give it a try. What a great system it has turned out to be! It is very easy to use and if something is late, it ...(more)
Nikki Chan, Co-op Member
I simply do not have the time to sit a write out a lesson plan for our school year, which makes it hard to know how the whole school year is going to play out. And even if I did have time to write out a lesson plan, learning opportunities come up last minute that cause the schedule to change. People get sick and maybe you need a day or two to recover. And then there is your personal schedule, like doctor's appointments and the like . . .

With Homeschool Planet I can enter my plan in day by day OR with a few clicks I can auto create and ...(more)
Sally G., Co-op Member
I have tried a number of different planning and record-keeping products over the years, only to abandon each after just a few weeks. With high school looming next year, I knew I needed to get a system in place. I began using Homeschool Planet to plan our year over Summer, and two month into the year we're still going strong with it. My daughter is doing well using her weekly schedule, and I like that I can schedule repeating lessons easily and for most subjects the schedule doesn't need any further updating from me after the initial entry or...(more)
Kirsten P., Co-op Member
I'm still in the middle of the trial period for this software. My kids are really too young to have use of the software themselves for scheduling. However, I've found it very user-friendly, organized, and intuitive--it's the kind of program I would have written for myself if I had the skills and time. :) I am planning to continue to use it and pay for the service--it really does make planning easier. My husband and my father-in-law, both computer programmer/ analysts, were thoroughly impressed with the software also. Highly recommended!!
Kira, Co-op Member
This Planner is awesome! I have tried others but this planner gives me everything and more! I love the To Do list the Shopping List, the Bible Verse of the day! I love how I can sync all our family calendars into one! You have made my life so easy!!!!

The homeschool planner is so easy and so powerful, even my daughter loves it. She loves being able to mark her assignments when they are completed and the details I am able to provide her in each assignment with videos or websites are great.

With the helpers, its like having an electro...(more)
C. Thomas, Co-op Member
This calendar is great! Not only can I enter my kids lesson plans and check them off as they complete it but it can move the entire lesson plans where I need -- it saves so much time. It also keeps me organized for dinner plans. I entered what we will be having for the entire year and all I have to do is look at what's coming up for the next 2 weeks and buy groceries for what is planned. Another source for saving me time and money!! Love this calendar.
Mary Beth, Co-op Member
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