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I love Homeschool-Planet! As a beginner homeschooler, I was looking for a way to organize my day efficiently and easily, Homeschool-Planet was definitely the answer! It is easy to use with much flexibility and I love that I have printing options so that I can have a hard copy in my hands! Thanks!
Candace Kurtz, Co-op Member
I looked at many other homeschool planners, online and paper, before deciding on Homeschool Planet. I am so happy that I did! It is very easy to schedule and plan our days, plus if something changes and we need to move things around it is a snap to change. I will be a longtime Homeschool Planner user!
Allison Nester, Co-op Member
I absolutely love this homeschool planner!! I have only been homeschooling my three boys for four years, but I have tried so many different planning options. I've tried paper planners, where it is nearly impossible to plan the entire year at once - and then there's the erasing! Things will go amiss and re-planning will happen - so much trouble! I've tried online checklist programs (e.g. Cozi), but they required entering the new assignments every day. With four kids, one of them three years old, it just wasn't practical to enter lesson plans eve...(more)
T. B. Thomas, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been great for me! It helps me organize and keep track of my son's progress as well as keeping track of what we have to learn next. My son loves the immediate feedback that he gets when he sees his grades report every day. I love that I can see what we did yesterday, today and what we will do tomorrow. I also love that I don't have to worry about recording attendance since it does that for me, I have my whole year mapped out, and I can create a transcript when I need to. This is a valuable tool to have.
Mrs. Swift, Co-op Member
I think this product is amazing, in particular, for homeschool parents entering the high school years with their kids. To have schedule, capacity to send texts to husbands to pick up grocery items, do transcripts, and keep track of grades all from one schedule planner. Plus room to do lists of groceries, keep track of Bible verses to encourage you, I loved it. I'm not a computer person, but I could do this.
Margaret B., Co-op Member
This product is great! In fact, I was telling a friend about it this morning. I have used all the big homeschool planners and Homeschool Planet is by far the one I like the best. It has all the features I need and have looked for in other planners AND it is easy to learn, set up and use. Not an easy combination to find. I have used it exclusively for about 6 months and am looking forward to planning and tracking our next year with it.
Kathleen P., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been a wonderful and much needed addition to our homeschool program. Using Homeschool Planet has made scheduling much easier and has given me control over my organization. Both of my kids love having the daily plan printed out to see exactly what needs to be done and has given them more opportunities for independence in their work.

I have tried two products that were kind of similar, but neither of them were as user-friendly or as complete as Homeschool Planet. I will continue using Homeschool Planet and have and...(more)
Debra G., Co-op Member
I love Homeschool Planet! So do my children. They actually complete their work in a timely manner, whereas, before the planner, they took forever to do their work. No more frustrations there!!! Also, rescheduling is a snap! Grading is just gravy. ;-) This is everything you could ever dream of in a planner. Saves soooo much time!
Stacy Brandli, Co-op Member
I love this homeschool planner! I use it for my self as well for my high schooler who can go in and get his assignments every morning. It has been very easy to move things around and change lessons! I also can access from my phone. I also really appreciate the text or email reminder messages that I can send to my self or my kids. This planner solved alot of my concerns as to how to set up lesson plans that my son could access without wasting time rewriting everything!
Jennifer C, Co-op Member
I have spent the last 10 summers preparing lesson plans for my four daughters and have used various systems to accomplish this, at times overwhelming, task. Homeschool Planet has been a god-send this summer. I have tested this product with a shortened version of my lesson plans and it works like a charm. I have now purchased the annual subscription and am completing my lesson plans faster than ever. Not only that, but I feel secure that if we miss a day of schoolwork or a subject assignment is not completed, it and all the other assignment...(more)
Naomi Ortega, Co-op Member
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