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Use the free Homeschool ID card templates below to create your homeschool ID card. Then:
  • Print your card at home, or
  • Order a professionally printed, sturdy plastic (PVC) ID card from the Co-op for only $7.95 (and $5.95 for each additional card in the same order).
Note: We ask that you join the Co-op in order to use the free or paid ID card service. Membership is FREE and confidential. Join using the form to the right. See our Privacy Policy.
Step 1: Enter your homeschool information.
Select a Student or Teacher ID Template:
Enter Your School Name:
School Year:
Home Educator Name:
Student Name:
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY):
City, State & Zip (or Province & Postal Code):*
Photo: (GIF/JPEG/JPG/PNG Max size=1MB)
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* For your child's protection, we do not print addresses or phone numbers on Student ID cards.
Step 2: Preview your ID.
Step 3: Certify your information.
I hereby certify that I homeschool my children and the information provided
above is true and accurate.
Co-op E-mail Address:

(Enter the email address associated with your Co-op account. This should be the email address you use when you sign in at the Co-op website.)

Step 4: Choose a print option.
Please PRINT my design on a sturdy, plastic (PVC) card and mail it to the address below via first class mail. The first card costs $7.95, and each additional card costs $5.95. Maximum of 5 ID Cards per order. Shipping to U.S. is $0.50 for 1 card and $0.25 for each addl. Shipping to Canada is $1.25 for 1 card and $0.25 for each addl. Please allow two weeks for delivery.
Note: Co-op membership is FREE, private, and entitles you to a gift of 100 SmartPoints, a welcome package with freebies.
First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip/Postal Code:
Please display my ID on a PRINTABLE page so that I can print it on my printer.
Note: Co-op membership is FREE, private, and entitles you to a gift of 100 SmartPoints, a welcome package with freebies.
Very pleased with our Homeschool ID cards. They were printed with exact accuracy and arrived 4 days after I placed our order! So glad to have sturdy ID cards.
Crystie, Co-op Member
These ID cards are great! Identical to those made at public schools for official identification at low cost and no long queues! I ordered two and paid the full price for both because I wanted to check the quality first. But you can save by ordering two or more at one time! As my child grows, we can upgrade at little cost to our school and change colours, if we choose :)
A L Plummer, Co-op Member
I love the ID cards and my kids do as well. They were all very excited to get 'real' cards in the mail with their pictures on them. We have added ours to lanyards for 'school' outings so people know my children are in fact in school. They have also helped with us being able to attend special homeschool days and for me to get educator discounts at some local stores.
Dana Ogle, Co-op Member
I LOVE my ID card!!! I've only had a few opportunities to use it so far, but it was so nice to show it, and have no further questions asked. VERY happy with it and plan on ordering the hard copy every year! Will also definitely be ordering them for each of my children as they begin schooling.
Mrs. B, Co-op Member
My daughter and I received our personalized Homeschool ID cards just a few weeks ago, and the impact for my daughter was more than expected. She is finishing the quarter at her school before we start full-time homeschooling, and she has taken her ID to show all her friends and teachers (who have been very supportive). She is so excited that she will be homeschooled, and that she has an ID card to validate her hard work. For me, as her teacher and mother, I have already used the card to show businesses that I am instructing, and have received ...(more)
R. Gloden, Co-op Member
My family is a huge fan of the ID cards, as a matter of fact my children take pride in showing to friends and family. My daughter has used it to gain entrance at movie theaters and for any other request made of her along with her passport. As and administrator, it helps me to expedite the process of qualifying the school for education discounts for staff and students. No school should be without them!
James Evans, Co-op Member
I love our new Home-school ID Cards! They look professional and my child feels special with her new card. It is very helpful when verifying your are a teacher for teacher discounts. I will be getting one each year.
Darlene Snipes, Co-op Member
I' m very pleased with the card. Its well done and its helpful. My daughter likes hers very much.
Alex Kim, Co-op Member
I have been proud to use this card every year for awhile now on our homeschool journey. It is also nice for the kids to have their own student ID even just for a feeling of independence. Thank you for a high quality product that helps when we have to provide proof of education in any capacity. We truly appreciate it and all that you do!
Jules, Co-op Member
I'm pleased with our Homeschool-ID-cards. My son needed a photo ID to take a placement test at a local community college and, without a driver's license, this was the answer. I'll also be using them to open bank accounts for my children. Thank you.
Jeri P, Co-op Member
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