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Foreign Language Homeschool Curriculum

Foreign languages are a staple in virtually every homeschool curriculum. That's why the Co-op is pleased to offer the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for some of the most popular foreign language curricula in use by homeschoolers today. (Get more Co-op savings.)

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TBA Savings on Dino Lingo:
on a 1 year subscription to Discovery Education Streaming Plus, featuring over 4,600 foreign language videos, audios, teacher guides, worksheets, songs, activites, and much more. 
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SAVE 74% on Discovery Education Streaming Plus:
when you purchase Rosetta Stone Homeschool foreign-language curriculum through the Co-op. Version 3 is now available in 19 languages, including Spanish, German, Chinese, and more. 
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Save up to 50% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints on Rosetta Stone:
on Visual Latin, Dave Raymond's American History, Economics, and Modern Parables Bible Study from Compass Classroom! (For Grades K-12) 
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Save up to 45% + Bonus SmartPoints on Compass Classroom:
on books and curriculum from Memoria Press, a favorite provider of Latin, classics, and other curriculum for homeschoolers. 
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Save 25% on Memoria Press:
on award-winning foreign language Teacher's Kits from Little Pim! 
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Save 40% on Little Pim:
on The Learnables®, a favorite homeschool foreign language curriculum, and a Cathy Duffy "Top 100 Pick". For grades K-12 
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Save 25% on The Learnables:
I LOVE this product! I have tried various planners, digital and paper, and this has by far worked the best for me. My favorite aspect is being able to shift assignments on our schedule if we need to, with no fuss, no eraser, and no need to stress over the schedule being incorrect! I don't have my kids checking off their own work in the program, but I do print Daily Plans for each of my children, which helps tremendously with their sense of independence and keeping track of their own work. The email reminders are terrific! There are so many aspe...(more)
B. Baker, Co-op Member
I took advantage of the free trial for Homeschool Planet a few weeks ago and I really like it. I have tried a couple of the other online homeschool planners - one paid and one free. I definitely like Homeschool Planet the best. I've scheduled the first half of the year, with the knowledge that I would need to make changes after we began. We started school two weeks ago and I have had to change the schedule. It was super easy to make the changes and when I hit a snag and had to contact customer service, I had an answer within 24 hours. That's a ...(more)
Laurel Flechtner, Co-op Member
I searched everywhere on the internet, then found Homeschool Planet. It's just what I needed. It's very easy to use and looks great. Setting my kids profiles up was simple and quick. I love how easy it is to reschedule skipped lessons.

Whenever there's a problem (which is rare) the techs get right on it. Also, whenever I have a question or suggestion, they reply to my emails very quickly. This was definitely worth every penny.
SM, Co-op Member
I will never use paper again! This planner is what I have been looking for! I love that I can add in links to extra content that is available in the text book, or crafts, videos, or games I find online that fit with the days lesson, right there in the days lesson plan. Just click on it and we're there! I also love that if we have some sick days, or an unexpected vacation or field trip come up, I can easily move all the assignments up a day or more to accommodate for it. No more erasers! Chores can also be added in, which is a plus. I like that ...(more)
Sandy Meyer, Co-op Member
We just finished our free trial of Homeschool Planet and I love how easy the program is to navigate and my daughter loves being able to check off her work as she completes it. We decided to subscribe for the remainder of the school year. She especially loves to send me text messages when she completes and assignment and to report how well she did.
J. Cirka, Co-op Member
I've been using Homeschool Planet for a few months now and I think I have finally found the last planner I will use for Homeschooling! I have tried so many planners online only to be disappointed until NOW! Not only is the customer service excellent, they actually listen to the customers and are quick to help! The planner is easy to use which is also a big plus! It has most of the features I need and they have been adding even more I didn't know I wanted! This is going to make organizing my homeschool a breeze. I have already told friends about...(more)
Jamie Anda, Co-op Member
My famiy has been using this planner for just over a month. This is just what I have been looking for over a decade! After fiddling with paper planners and other difficult to navigate through systems, this has been a true blessing! My ninth grader plans out his entire schedule, giving him the opportunity to be autonomous. Easy to set up as well! We plan on keeping this well into our future! - Thank you!!!
Tami Nickel, Co-op Member
Love this planner! After 25 years of homeschooling this planner has made our schooling day so much easier! My last two students are boys 12 & 14 and they love how they can see easily their assignments for the day and check them off. They like being able to work ahead and I like that I can bump an assignment, a day, or even a week forward if something needs to be adjusted.
Cynthia Barger, Co-op Member
A friend told me about Homeschool-Planet when he saw how flustered I was trying to catch up on preparing my daughter's weekly homeschool plans. I went home that day and immediately tried Homeschool- Planet's free trial to see for myself how this worked. Last week, I purchased it for the 1x easy yearly fee.

Our Top 4 Benefits:

a) My daughter sometimes gets into 'the zone' and just wants to continue with that subject for awhile. Her enthusiasm for the subject was nice to see, but keeping up with updating her study schedules was ...(more)
S. Paul, Co-op Member
I have absolutely loved using the online Homeschool-Planet Planner. I had tried paper planners, homemade computer organizers, etc. but this program makes it all so easy. I am able to go in and plan lessons as far ahead as I like but can edit easily if the need arises. I love having the online grade book as well. Thanks so much for this tool!
Wendy Stacy, Co-op Member
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