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Foreign languages are a staple in virtually every homeschool curriculum. That's why the Co-op is pleased to offer the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for some of the most popular foreign language curricula in use by homeschoolers today. (Get more Co-op savings.)

on a 1 year subscription to Discovery Education Streaming Plus, featuring over 4,600 foreign language videos, audios, teacher guides, worksheets, songs, activites, and much more. 
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SAVE 74% on Discovery Education Streaming Plus:
when you purchase Rosetta Stone Homeschool foreign-language curriculum through the Co-op. Version 3 is now available in 19 languages, including Spanish, German, Chinese, and more. 
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Save up to 50% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints on Rosetta Stone:
on books and curriculum from Memoria Press, a favorite provider of Latin, classics, and other curriculum for homeschoolers. 
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Save 25% on Memoria Press:
on The Learnables®, a favorite homeschool foreign language curriculum, and a Cathy Duffy "101 Top Picks". For grades K-12 
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Save 25% on The Learnables:
on award-winning foreign language Teacher's Kits from Little Pim! 
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Save 40% on Little Pim:
on Visual Latin, Dave Raymond's American History, Economics, and Modern Parables Bible Study from Compass Classroom! (For Grades K-12) 
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Save up to 45% + Bonus SmartPoints on Compass Classroom:
Special thanks to Brett and the amazing support staff at Homeschool Planet for a resource that has helped our family tremendously with our organization, communication, planning, and record keeping for everything that has to do with homeschool! It is a unique program that takes into consideration all of the necessary aspects of what a homeschool parent needs for both home life and school life. Another thing that I am consistently impressed with is the timely and helpful responses that come from the staff when I have any questions or issues, but ...(more)
Jules, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has become a staple in our homeschool since we started our 30 day trial. I've never been able to find such a comprehensive, intelligent system at such a good price before. The rescheduling feature is vital to our homeschool, and keeps us accountable.
Shannen E., Co-op Member
This is an amazing tool. I can keep our lesson plans, our family calendar, to do lists, grocery lists, and chores all in one convenient location. I never have to try and remember, "Where did I write that down?" I can also access the information from my phone if I am away from the computer. I print the kids' chore lists and lesson plans out each morning and they know exactly what needs to be done without asking a dozen times. I will be using Homeschool-Planet for quite some time.
Amy D., Co-op Member
LOVE IT!!!!! After reviewing 11 different planners the past several weeks, this is the one that most does what I want. I will be spreading the word.
S. Tebbetts, Co-op Member
I had serious doubts that this software would fit my needs and actually work! It was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it have all the functionality that I need to plan my year out, it can shift my lessons out and change with my needs. My kids are staying on track of their assignments now that I require them to check off all their boxes before running off to play. I even added chores. To bad it doesn't check to see if they mopped properly around the toliet;)
Pam G, Co-op Member
I love Homeschool Planet, it gives me the opportunity to view everything in one place. I can setup my child's lesson plans daily, etc. I look forward to using it each year!!!
Susanne C, Co-op Member
A friend told me about Homeschool-Planet when he saw how flustered I was trying to catch up on preparing my daughter's weekly homeschool plans. I went home that day and immediately tried Homeschool- Planet's free trial to see for myself how this worked. Last week, I purchased it for the 1x easy yearly fee.

Our Top 4 Benefits:

a) My daughter sometimes gets into 'the zone' and just wants to continue with that subject for awhile. Her enthusiasm for the subject was nice to see, but keeping up with updating her study schedules was ...(more)
S. Paul, Co-op Member
I can't do school now without my Homeschool Planet planner. Our whole family is planned out there with text reminders of doctor appointments, special events (like the webinars) and youth activites. It was exactly what I have been longing for since I started homeschooling. I am taking two weeks this summer to write out lesson plans, find links and prep for next year. The cool thing is that I will never be off schedule even if something comes up and I have to reschedule a day. The program does it for me! On behalf of the boys, that you for maki...(more)
Karen K., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has become an invaluable part of our school day. It has shortened my planning time (and stress) exponentially and my kids always know what they should be doing and when to do it. It is very easy & intuitive to use. My kids (8 & 11 yo when we started) and I did not have to "go to school" to learn how to use it. The first time we opened it up I was immediately able to start inputting info and the kids could easily access their chores and assignments. I HIGHLY recommend Homeschool Planet!
Sherri A., Co-op Member
This planner is the best product I have purchased! Being a very detail oriented person, I have never found a planner that has met all my needs to organize and keep daily tasks in order. I have spread the word to my homeschool peers that they too should join homeschool buyers co-op. I am a new member, but am looking forward to everything this site offers for me and my family.
M. Gookin, Co-op Member
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