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Foreign Language Homeschool Curriculum

Foreign languages are a staple in virtually every homeschool curriculum. That's why the Co-op is pleased to offer the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for some of the most popular foreign language curricula in use by homeschoolers today. (Get more Co-op savings.)

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TBA Savings on Dino Lingo:
on a 1 year subscription to Discovery Education Streaming Plus, featuring over 4,600 foreign language videos, audios, teacher guides, worksheets, songs, activites, and much more. 
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SAVE 74% on Discovery Education Streaming Plus:
when you purchase Rosetta Stone Homeschool foreign-language curriculum through the Co-op. Version 3 is now available in 19 languages, including Spanish, German, Chinese, and more. 
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Save up to 50% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints on Rosetta Stone:
on Visual Latin, Dave Raymond's American History, Economics, and Modern Parables Bible Study from Compass Classroom! (For Grades K-12) 
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Save up to 45% + Bonus SmartPoints on Compass Classroom:
on books and curriculum from Memoria Press, a favorite provider of Latin, classics, and other curriculum for homeschoolers. 
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Save 25% on Memoria Press:
on award-winning foreign language Teacher's Kits from Little Pim! 
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Save 40% on Little Pim:
on The Learnables®, a favorite homeschool foreign language curriculum, and a Cathy Duffy "Top 100 Pick". For grades K-12 
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Save 25% on The Learnables:
I love this program! It really helps me plan and re-arrange lesson plans easily. I love the fact I can print out a daily assignment list for my child to check off as she finishes assignments. If our schedule gets interrupted and I have to shift an assignment or even change the entire schedule, it is incredibly easy to do without having to totally re-type or copy and paste. Plus, the entire lesson fits on the line- no partial assignments or words left off that didn't fit in the little box. It is worth the money!!!
S. Breakfield, Co-op Member
I never fill out testimonials, but I decided to do this one. This products has really helped me get our homeschool on track. Before this, I was creating my daughters homeschool plans on paper - in a yearly planner. The problem was that when our daily plan didn't go as expected, then it was very difficult to erase. Planning ahead became very difficult, because of the inability to adjust things easily in writing. I really appreciate being able to easily change plans using Homeschool-Planet. Now, if we miss a day or two of lessons, I just cl...(more)
Abigail Griffin, Mom
I cannot say enough good things about this online planner. I've been home educating my children for 16 years. It's easy and intuitive to use. The flexibility it allows is excellent. One of the best purchases I've ever made!
Lee, Co-op Member
We finally have a planner that's just right for our homeschooler family. It covers all of our needs and it's so easy to use! It's definitely a keeper.
Emily F., Co-op Member
This is my first year of home schooling and a friend recommended this. It has been a Huge time saver for me! It helps me stay organized and be organized. This would be an invaluable tool for anyone just starting out! I will continue to use this product:)
Carrie K., Co-op Member
Love this planner! After 25 years of homeschooling this planner has made our schooling day so much easier! My last two students are boys 12 & 14 and they love how they can see easily their assignments for the day and check them off. They like being able to work ahead and I like that I can bump an assignment, a day, or even a week forward if something needs to be adjusted.
Cynthia Barger, Co-op Member
I signed up for the Homeschool Planet Planner's free 30-day trial offer and I am now a yearly subscriber. I absolutely love this online planner. I am able to do everything with it; from planning my kids' school year and curriculum to keeping track of attendance & grades, to making transcripts, to appointments, to grocery lists and meal planning. I love that I am able to customize it any way I want and print off the calendars that pertain to each family member. Lesson planning is so easy and if you miss a day, it will automatically shift all...(more)
S. Park, Co-op Member
I've asked a lot of questions the last few weeks and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Homeschool Planet. It has already changed our summer school experience, and I'm looking forward to it transforming our fall and "making things happen". Thanks for this program and keep up the great work!
W. Baker, Co-op Member
I was looking for an LMS that would allow me to schedule my kids days, provide web-links, and allow for them to log-in and check it off as they go. Homeschool planet is the only LMS on the market that I found that was user friendly and could do all those things and more. This system has made my days so much easier and the kids like knowing what is expected for the day. If something comes up it is very easy to reschedule or adjust as needed. I have researched and done the free trial for every LMS available on the market and Homeschool planet is ...(more)
Mimi F., Co-op Member
After using this planning tool last fall for a month, I was impressed by all the options and my daughter loved it. However, I'm a paper & pen kind of person and was convinced I could find something I liked as well in hard copy. After several months of searching and trial and error, I came back and purchased Homeschool Planet with a huge sigh of relief. It allows us to track our days, classes, assignments without making us feel like a slave to our schedule. It's easy to move assignments to different days or shift all our assignments with a c...(more)
Jodie, Co-op Member
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