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Homeschool-Planet has really helped us stay organized. My daughter really enjoys getting her daily schedule by email. I have done a trial membership with two other similar planners and this one wins hands down. It is very easy to use and doesn't take forever to learn. I have purchased a year subscription and will likely use it for years to come. I have told all of our homeschooling families.
Amanda S., Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool-Planet for two months and really love it! It's super easy to use but also powerful. I would recommend it anyone wanting to get their homeschool more organized.
NS Colorado, Co-op Member
I've been raving to my friends since I first started using Homeschool Planet. I've tried many calendars and planners over the years which promised to make my life easier, but which only lead to me wanting to throw my computer out the window. I have, therefore, always ended up with the drudgery of making my own forms which, of course, meant drowning in mountains of paper.

Homeschool Planet actually delivers on its promise to make my life easier. I don't have a lot of spare time and I don't have a high tolerance for frustration, so I need som...(more)
C. Williford, Co-op Member
This was exactly what I needed! I was looking for one planner that I could use for all of our homeschool needs, as well our extra curricular activities. It works so well - my daughter prints off the daily digest email each morning and can check off the specific tasks as we go. My husband gets the email as well, so he knows what we've done that day and can be more involved by asking specific questions. And I love how easy it is to modify the schedule if you want to switch things around, and that I can access it on my iPhone to see it when we're ...(more)
K. MacIsaac, Co-op Member
I love love this planner!!! Especially now it tracks hours!! This is what I need the most and all in one place with assignments, grades, etc. Thank you!!
Tai Gruver, Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet is a great product! It's easy to set up, use and update; streamlines the planning process; eliminates redundant writing out of tasks that you'd have to do with book style lesson-planners; allows you to easily see if you've overlapped schedules inadvertently; and kids get to check off what they've done already and easily see what still needs to be done. I love the reminders feature, the calendar - I'm just really glad to have found this product for all of it's great features!! I only used it for part of the past school year,...(more)
Tracey B, Co-op Member
I just started a free trial membership of Homeschool Planet, and I absolutely love it! Although I am very technically challenged, I have found this website to be completely user friendly. This is my 8th year to homeschool my three children (8th, 6th, & PreK), and I have struggled with organization/time management every year until now. Thanks so much for developing such an amazing product. I look forward to improving my ability to use this online planner to the fullest.
K. Grafton, Co-op Member
I have tried several hard-copy planners, another on-line version--I have even tried to make my own. But, I have never found one so easy to use as the Homeschool-Planet! And it's not like I haven't had lots of experience in the Corporate world (what seems like in a previous life!) with planners. I never stuck with the other planners because it was just too much work to make changes. In our homeschool, there are lots of changes in my plan. We either don't spend as much time in school or we spend more time in school! With this planner it is ...(more)
Mrs. Monica Stephenson, Co-op Member
As homeschoolers we don't just do school, we live school. I have tried dozens of planners and schedulers over the last 12 years, never finding one that was completely perfect for us. Then I tried Homeschool Planet and I was sold right away! It's the perfect family organizer, school organizer, planning program, etc. It does any and everything you'd ever need while being easy to use! I highly recommend Homeschool Planet for every homeschooling family!
Niki McNeil, Co-op Member,
Co-Founder - In the Hands of a Child (www.handsofachild)
I just wanted to say that I LOVE Homeschool Planet! I am a working and homeschooling mother of six and this has been the ultimate tool in keeping my family organized. It is very easy to use and I can create my lesson plans weeks to months in advance with very little time and effort. I have tried other computer planners in the past, but ended up not following through with them. Being able to print a check list for each child is great and the widgets are an added bonus. I will absolutely be purchasing this program after my free trial! Thanks aga...(more)
Ashley T., Co-op Member
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