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Homeschool Curriculum
for Grades K-8 and High School

Howdy, homeschooler! You have just discovered what is probably the most important page on our website -- our summary of the many GroupBuys and special offers for homeschool curriculum, programs and material currently available through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Each and every discount is one of the Co-op's many homeschooling benefits. In every case, the discounts you get through the Co-op for your homeschool curriculum and materials come by virtue of the Co-op's purchasing power, which in turn depends on the size of our membership, so tell your homeschool friends and groups about the Co-op!

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* Prices depend on member participation; availability and pricing are subject to terms and conditions posted at each GroupBuy offer web page. ** Our price is so good we're not allowed to advertise it! Check our website for pricing. *** Earn SmartPoints which you can redeem for other curriculum available through the Co-op.

While many of these offers are ongoing, such as the home school curriculum noted -- you can pretty much count on the same discount being offered from month to month -- other offers are what we call "GroupBuys." What's a GroupBuy? A GroupBuy is a special, time-limited offer for home school curriculum that expires after a period of time, usually a few weeks, where the final price depends on the number of members that participate. Typically, we begin a GroupBuy with an email (be sure to subscribe to "GroupBuys and Special Announcements" in your "My Info" page!). It will say something like, for example, "Here's a math program for your home school for 20% off, but if we get 20 members to sign up, everyone will get 30% off, and if we get 100 members to sign up, everyone will get 50% off!" That's why it's so important to tell your friends about the many home school resources available through the Co-op -- the more we buy as a group, the more we all save!

Be sure to check back frequently -- the homeschooling benefits of Co-op membership change frequently!

For the past 5 years I have tried a variety of methods to keep five homeschooled children (10-16) organized. We starting using the beta version of Homeschool Planet in the last half of last school year. We were hooked. The kids loved it because they knew exactly what to do that day, what was planned for the week, and could see the weeks to come. I loved Homeschool Planet because it gave me a visual of where everyone was in their studies, individually or as a family. I never asked if their work was done, I just checked Homeschool Planet for...(more)
T. Charlton, Co-op Member
I absolutely love Homeschool Planet! I can track everyone's schedule at the same time, adjust things easily & whenever I want! AND keep track easily of my high schooler's grades for transcripts. I plan on continuing to use this service as long as possible!
Wendy S, Co-op Member
I love Homeschool Planet. It helps us stay organized and on track even when our lesson plans change. Assignments are easy to move and adjust. No whiteout needed! The kids can print daily assignment lists directly from email and they like logging in to check off assignments and see their grades. No more paper records for us. This is the best online tracker we've found.
Dana B., Co-op Member
I'm setting up Homeschool Planet for this coming school year, so my daughter hasn't yet used it. But so far I LOVE that I can combine very specific class schedules and assignments into the same calendar that I can keep track of every other appointment for every other person in my family as well as multiple to-do lists. I also like that I can access it on multiple devices away from home. This is the ultimate calendar for the color coded perfectionist like myself! Of course, it would also be great for non-color-coded perfectionists :)
Shelley G., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is a robust online homeschool planner. Previously, I maxed out my spreadsheets trying to track everything I wanted to track and I still was not able to get it all. Homeschool Planet has a way for me to track all of our school subjects and non-school subjects (like chores, extracurricular activities, and field trips) as well as designate family vs. independent work. I can have it all in one place!

Plus the support for Homeschool Planet is phenomenal and very timely! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an ...(more)
Crystal Wagner, Co-op Member / blogger at Triumphant Learning
As a whole famy unit we have enjoyed using this homeschool planner, my husband can check his email on a daily basis to find out what the kids are learning and can follow up with them a lot easier I can plan all our work and projects and print it out for everyone... No more writing and planning in 3 different planners ! I enjoy the txt feature and the reminder of unfinished work with the ability to dismiss move or add to another day. My kids like seeing all their work printed out and being able to check off as they go! I have shared this infor...(more)
K. Mendoza, Co-op Member
I am really loving this program and the features it provides my family. I love the different ways I can use it and color code everything - as well as assign calendar items to specific family members.
Kim Hawkins, Co-op Member
This is our second year using Homeschool-Planet and it is one of our most valuable school supplies! While the ease of typing in our weekly lessons is invaluable, what I most appreciate about HSP is that changes are so simple to make. Using traditional planners, I was tired of having to erase and shift lots of handwritten plans every time that "life happened" and we needed to reschedule. I found that I almost spent more time maintaining my written planner than I did planning some of the lessons! With HSP, changes are quickly and easily done ...(more)
Lorie A., Co-op Member
I have enjoyed getting familiar with Homeschool Planet during my free trial. It is fairly common sense and user-friendly to learn. I decided to go ahead and buy because it is a great way for parents and students to see their progress on a calendar, and to see how much you have left to accomplish for the semester or year, rather than floating around without a plan. It allows the students to see their yearly "To-do list" in a snapshot on screen and, once the parent has entered curriculum and schedule on the calendar, they can scroll to any day, ...(more)
Beth W., Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet is a great product! It's easy to set up, use and update; streamlines the planning process; eliminates redundant writing out of tasks that you'd have to do with book style lesson-planners; allows you to easily see if you've overlapped schedules inadvertently; and kids get to check off what they've done already and easily see what still needs to be done. I love the reminders feature, the calendar - I'm just really glad to have found this product for all of it's great features!! I only used it for part of the past school year,...(more)
Tracey B, Co-op Member
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