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Homeschool Curriculum
for Grades K-8 and High School

Howdy, homeschooler! You have just discovered what is probably the most important page on our website -- our summary of the many GroupBuys and special offers for homeschool curriculum, programs and material currently available through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Each and every discount is one of the Co-op's many homeschooling benefits. In every case, the discounts you get through the Co-op for your homeschool curriculum and materials come by virtue of the Co-op's purchasing power, which in turn depends on the size of our membership, so tell your homeschool friends and groups about the Co-op!

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* Prices depend on member participation; availability and pricing are subject to terms and conditions posted at each GroupBuy offer web page. ** Our price is so good we're not allowed to advertise it! Check our website for pricing. *** Earn SmartPoints which you can redeem for other curriculum available through the Co-op.

While many of these offers are ongoing, such as the home school curriculum noted -- you can pretty much count on the same discount being offered from month to month -- other offers are what we call "GroupBuys." What's a GroupBuy? A GroupBuy is a special, time-limited offer for home school curriculum that expires after a period of time, usually a few weeks, where the final price depends on the number of members that participate. Typically, we begin a GroupBuy with an email (be sure to subscribe to "GroupBuys and Special Announcements" in your "My Info" page!). It will say something like, for example, "Here's a math program for your home school for 20% off, but if we get 20 members to sign up, everyone will get 30% off, and if we get 100 members to sign up, everyone will get 50% off!" That's why it's so important to tell your friends about the many home school resources available through the Co-op -- the more we buy as a group, the more we all save!

Be sure to check back frequently -- the homeschooling benefits of Co-op membership change frequently!

Simply the best Program out there in terms of functionality and ease of use. Keep up the good work!
Robert James, Co-op Member
I've been using Homeschool Planet now for two years and I can honestly say that after twenty-four years of homeschooling it was the best decision I ever made for keeping our homeschool year on track! LOVE it!
Penny in TN, Co-op Member
I absolutely love Homeschool Planet. I have tried several online planners throughout my homeschooling years including paper planners and this by far is the best I have come across. I have been using it now for about 2 months and its literally cut the time I spend planning out the school work in half. Its so simple, easy, and yet it has everything that I need. I print out my kids daily schedule at the beginning of the week and as they complete the assignment there is a box for them to check off. One of my favorite features is that if we miss a d...(more)
Wanda R., Co-op Member
I am using the planner with my son in the 9th grade. I wanted him to have a schedule and be more independent in his studies. This is just what we needed! Although a little time consuming on the front end, it was well worth it to set up lessons for the entire year, and there are features to make this easier. Everything is adjustable - dates, lesson plans, school year, etc, to your needs. My teenager loves getting his school work schedule each day right in his inbox and he can work on his own with only supervision. I have not yet used the gradin...(more)
M. Marlow, Co-op Member
I'd been looking for a way to track and schedule our homeschool curriculum, and had tried four other pieces of software that always seemed to be lacking essential features. So, when Homeschool Planet came out this summer, I was super excited to see if it did what the others didn't. I'm so happy to say that Homeschool Planet has truly changed our lives for the better! It allows me to update, move and consolidate lessons, to grade and plan easily. The very best feature is the daily report that is generated and emailed to my seventh-grader. S...(more)
Ann Fitch, Co-op Member
After using several other online planners over the years, it's such a relief to find Homeschool Planet. It's extremely user friendly, organized and their customer service is top notch. I've told several friends about it, and I would highly recommend Homeschool Planet to anyone thinking of trying it out.

Thank you for such a valuable resource! :)
Katie W., Co-op Member
I sure do wish I had found Homeschool Planet sooner! What an amazing tool for Homeschool parents! I have used SEVERAL different planning programs and all of them were not as user friendly and they were not as time saving. I can tell this program was created by people who thought like homeschoolers. I have NEVER seen a planning program geared directly towards our specific needs as well as Homeschool Planet. My children can't believe how easy it is for them to check off their work. They love it! I can not thank you enough for this valuable ...(more)
Wendy, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been a lifesaver to me! I am new to homeschooling, and felt overwhelmed with the various curriculum scheduling. Each subject has its own schedule, in addition to any modifications I might make to suit our personal schedule. It all became quickly confusing. Homeschool Planet gave me an effective management tool to maintain proper educational progress for my children as well as the flexibility to make changes without excess confusion. In addition. it has even streamlined grading! As a new home school parent, I find this t...(more)
Rebecca G. (UT), Co-op Member
My famiy has been using this homeschool planner for just over a month. This is just what I have been looking for over a decade! After fiddling with paper planners and other difficult to navigate through systems, this has been a true blessing! My ninth grader plans out his entire schedule, giving him the opportunity to be autonomous. Easy to set up as well! We plan on keeping this well into our future! - Thank you!!!
Tami Nickel, Co-op Member
To the point: Yes, it's worth the money and this program will definitely get you organized and save your time for other important things you have going on.

I finally started up my free trial...but did so at the very end of the school year. (I had been thinking about it for quite sometime.) I figure I could use the summer to "play" with it and get used to using the calendar. I love the calendar! I was using three different calendars before and this program is all I need. I like that I can print out what we have going on and just stick it ri...(more)
Brandy A., Co-op Member
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