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Homeschool Curriculum
for Grades K-8 and High School

Howdy, homeschooler! You have just discovered what is probably the most important page on our website -- our summary of the many GroupBuys and special offers for homeschool curriculum, programs and material currently available through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Each and every discount is one of the Co-op's many homeschooling benefits. In every case, the discounts you get through the Co-op for your homeschool curriculum and materials come by virtue of the Co-op's purchasing power, which in turn depends on the size of our membership, so tell your homeschool friends and groups about the Co-op!

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* Prices depend on member participation; availability and pricing are subject to terms and conditions posted at each GroupBuy offer web page. ** Our price is so good we're not allowed to advertise it! Check our website for pricing. *** Earn SmartPoints which you can redeem for other curriculum available through the Co-op.

While many of these offers are ongoing, such as the home school curriculum noted -- you can pretty much count on the same discount being offered from month to month -- other offers are what we call "GroupBuys." What's a GroupBuy? A GroupBuy is a special, time-limited offer for home school curriculum that expires after a period of time, usually a few weeks, where the final price depends on the number of members that participate. Typically, we begin a GroupBuy with an email (be sure to subscribe to "GroupBuys and Special Announcements" in your "My Info" page!). It will say something like, for example, "Here's a math program for your home school for 20% off, but if we get 20 members to sign up, everyone will get 30% off, and if we get 100 members to sign up, everyone will get 50% off!" That's why it's so important to tell your friends about the many home school resources available through the Co-op -- the more we buy as a group, the more we all save!

Be sure to check back frequently -- the homeschooling benefits of Co-op membership change frequently!

First I have to say I am not at all a technologically sophisticated person. No smartphone or tablet here. I kept all of my records on a "regular" calendar and a spiral lesson planner. So far what I like is the daily reminder of my classes/activities that is sent to my e-mail. My kids don't have e-mail but when they get their own accounts that will be a very handy feature. I also like the attendance record which is mandatory that we keep in North Carolina. I've played around a bit with the transcript and grading features. My children are ...(more)
Edlyn, Co-op Member
I believe this is an excellent resource for organizing and keeping track of multiple students and an active household, as well as keeping track of a work schedule or business.
Jan, Co-op Member
Last fall, after trying every online homeschool planner I could find,I reluctantly went back to using Word and Excel for planning and record-keeping.

During the year, however, we were fortunate enough to enroll in the beta of Homeschool Planet. Within an hour, I had the basics down and the week's assignments ready to go. Even in beta, the product was remarkably stable.

This homeschool planner is very flexible and makes it much easier to monitor student progress. The kids enjoy checking off their work, and I appreciate how easily I ...(more)
Kim Zartman, Co-op Member
So Far I have used it for about two months and I like it a lot. Really helps keep us all on task.
T Garner, Co-op Member
I wish I had found this product years ago! Homeschool Planet has made our lives so much easier and made record keeping so much easier as well. I like to take time during the summer to plan out the year's lessons and all goes well until that first hiccup in the schedule....bring out the big eraser!! Homeschool Planet makes it easy to change our minds, reorganize our lessons, and reschedule classes without making more work. It also does the math for figuring out grades and generates reports with only a few clicks.
B. Graffunder, Co-op Member
I love this homeschool planner. This is my second year. It makes it easy for me to stay organized. I also love that I can add different profiles and send updates to their emails and phones. Thanks for such a great product
Mrs. Kobe, Co-op Member
I also love homeschool planet! I highly recommend getting it in the summer and playing around with it before the school year starts. The features are easy to use but there are so many that it has taken a little while to see how to best set things up for my family. I have 10children and homeschool 7 of them. With an average of 8 subjects, that's a lot to keep track of, not to mention all the doctor appointments and activities! Here I can keep it all together. I actually belong to an online school that gives the kids their daily lesson plans, b...(more)
Michele M., Co-op Member
I love this program! It really helps me plan and re-arrange lesson plans easily. I love the fact I can print out a daily assignment list for my child to check off as she finishes assignments. If our schedule gets interrupted and I have to shift an assignment or even change the entire schedule, it is incredibly easy to do without having to totally re-type or copy and paste. Plus, the entire lesson fits on the line- no partial assignments or words left off that didn't fit in the little box. It is worth the money!!!
S. Breakfield, Co-op Member
After using several other online planners over the years, it's such a relief to find Homeschool Planet. It's extremely user friendly, organized and their customer service is top notch. I've told several friends about it, and I would highly recommend Homeschool Planet to anyone thinking of trying it out.

Thank you for such a valuable resource! :)
Katie W., Co-op Member
To the point: Yes, it's worth the money and this program will definitely get you organized and save your time for other important things you have going on.

I finally started up my free trial...but did so at the very end of the school year. (I had been thinking about it for quite sometime.) I figure I could use the summer to "play" with it and get used to using the calendar. I love the calendar! I was using three different calendars before and this program is all I need. I like that I can print out what we have going on and just stick it ri...(more)
Brandy A., Co-op Member
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