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Time4Learning Choose a Free Gift + 200 Smart Points 09-02-2015
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Choose a Free Gift + 200 Smart Points on Time4Learning:
I have been enjoying my free trial of homeschool planet and intend to subscribe at the end. It is very easy to schedule tasks and assignments. It has helped keep ME on task and on schedule and enabled me to see the long view of our school year and organize our schedule with balance. I intend to give my son access to the site to mark of his own assignments as well. When there was a problem with an update, the site administrator was very quick to recognize that I was getting an error message and it was fixed promptly.
Pam B., Co-op Member
I love Homeschool Planet! So do my children. They actually complete their work in a timely manner, whereas, before the planner, they took forever to do their work. No more frustrations there!!! Also, rescheduling is a snap! Grading is just gravy. ;-) This is everything you could ever dream of in a planner. Saves soooo much time!
Stacy Brandli, Co-op Member
I ADORE Homeschool Planet! I've tried every other option out there. I was a die hard homeschool tracker fan, and used at different times all their options. But I'm a convert now! Homeschool Planet is easier to use. Sometimes I have to type in a bit more manually, but it's still so much faster, so I don't mind. And the layout is much more intuitive. Also, my son finds the schedule easier to glance at and understand, so he's actually doing the work and checking off the boxes. I really really love it! Oh, and no worries if you miss a day, it will ...(more)
Katie Meyer, Co-op Member
This program has been exactly what our family has needed to organize our lives and home school. I love that each child receives their weekly and daily schedule and is able to check off what they've accomplished. All eight of the children have loved using it. It has been so easy to get started and has met many of our desires. The 30 day trial was an added bonus. I can see we will be using it for a long time. The fee made it so affordable. This is the best tool our family has found to facilitate our home schooling experience. Others I have to...(more)
L. Milton, Co-op Member
I love using Homeschool Planet! In the past, I have always done my lesson planning in notebooks (on for each child) which always resulted in lots of erasing and rescheduling. With Homeschool Planet, I am able to move lessons when I need to and it seamlessly moves all the upcoming lessons as well.

I also like that I can input a whole year s or whole semester's worth of lessons in the beginning of the year. That way, I can always keep track of where we are and whether we'll be able to finish the material in time. It's a great pacing gu...(more)
Sheila C, Co-op Member
I am just beginning this amazing program and already I am a fan. I am traditionally a paper calendar girl, but having two high schoolers and one in elementary, I found I could no longer type a legible assignment into the one inch section a paper calendar provides. I tried an online calendar given to me for free and it was absolutely terrible and not user friendly among various children and assignments. So far, I am super excited about this, especially for the ability to print out the sometimes lengthy assignments and notations and the email to ...(more)
Jennifer F., Co-op Member
I highly recommend the Homeschool-Planet. I was able to use this program as a new homeschooling parent. It offers so many features and the ability to print your schedule showing multiple family members or a schedule for an individual. I printed my schedule with both my children's assignments listed and then printed one for each of them. They liked seeing their schedule for the day and checking off boxes as they completed their daily assignments. It is easy to create and schedule classes on the calendar for the whole year. I like the abili...(more)
Jan K., Co-op Member
First I have to say I am not at all a technologically sophisticated person. No smartphone or tablet here. I kept all of my records on a "regular" calendar and a spiral lesson planner. So far what I like is the daily reminder of my classes/activities that is sent to my e-mail. My kids don't have e-mail but when they get their own accounts that will be a very handy feature. I also like the attendance record which is mandatory that we keep in North Carolina. I've played around a bit with the transcript and grading features. My children are ...(more)
Edlyn, Co-op Member
I had serious doubts that this software would fit my needs and actually work! It was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it have all the functionality that I need to plan my year out, it can shift my lessons out and change with my needs. My kids are staying on track of their assignments now that I require them to check off all their boxes before running off to play. I even added chores. To bad it doesn't check to see if they mopped properly around the toliet;)
Pam G, Co-op Member
Love this planner, so user friendly and adaptable! It is by far the best one out there and I absolutely recommend it!
Dayna Holbel, Co-op Member
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