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Thinkwell Save 50% 03-23-2015
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Science & Technology
Thinkwell Save 50% 03-23-2015
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Social Studies
Thinkwell Save 50% 03-23-2015
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I have really enjoyed Homeschool-Planet. It is so great to have everything electronic. When plans change, it is super easy to just move back our schedule (without having to erase or draw a bunch of arrows). The check marks and reports make it easy to make sure that everyone completed their tasks as well. It's become my "command central" as I can put tasks, shopping lists and schedules in the software. Totally worth the investment!
Angie V., Co-op Member
I really like Homeschool-Planet. It's easy and I can keep track of everything in one place!
Milissa M, Co-op Member
I never fill out testimonials, but I decided to do this one. This products has really helped me get our homeschool on track. Before this, I was creating my daughters homeschool plans on paper - in a yearly planner. The problem was that when our daily plan didn't go as expected, then it was very difficult to erase. Planning ahead became very difficult, because of the inability to adjust things easily in writing. I really appreciate being able to easily change plans using Homeschool-Planet. Now, if we miss a day or two of lessons, I just cl...(more)
Abigail Griffin, Mom
I've been using Homeschool-Planet for the last month which included setting up our new school year for my 4 children grades 2-9, and I'm so pleased!

I have used several other online schedulers and this is by far the easiest and most comprehensive to use. The children are having no trouble using it and are enjoying have their own logins. They can even enter their own courses into their own schedules and can therefore take more responsibility for their learning. Due to the complex nature of other programs we've used this wasn't possible ...(more)
Kelly S., Co-op Member
I simply do not have the time to sit a write out a lesson plan for our school year, which makes it hard to know how the whole school year is going to play out. And even if I did have time to write out a lesson plan, learning opportunities come up last minute that cause the schedule to change. People get sick and maybe you need a day or two to recover. And then there is your personal schedule, like doctor's appointments and the like . . .

With Homeschool Planet I can enter my plan in day by day OR with a few clicks I can auto create and ...(more)
Sally G., Co-op Member
This is an amazing tool. I can keep our lesson plans, our family calendar, to do lists, grocery lists, and chores all in one convenient location. I never have to try and remember, "Where did I write that down?" I can also access the information from my phone if I am away from the computer. I print the kids' chore lists and lesson plans out each morning and they know exactly what needs to be done without asking a dozen times. I will be using Homeschool-Planet for quite some time.
Amy D., Co-op Member
I needed a planner that would help my autistic daughter keep up with her assignments. She likes lots of structure. I used this on a trial offer and it was amazing the difference it made to our school day. She could see exactly what was expected. It calmed our day down so much. As I use it I am really liking the flexibility. I can move assignments around as I need to when changes come into our daily plan. It is so user friendly. When I have had some questions on how to do something, I sent and email and got quick response. I have recommended it ...(more)
Sondra, Co-op Member
I have tried several homeschool planners, looking for one that would work for our family. Homeschool Planet is, by far, the most intuitive, easiest to use planner of all of them. I've finally found what I've been looking for! I have been able to schedule classes and make adjustments easily. The daily e-mails also allow everyone to know exactly what is planned for them each day. I love the fact that each child checks off the work they completed-what a time saver for me! Homeschool Planet has helped me to achieve the organization that I've always...(more)
Penny G, Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool Planet for 2 months now and I LOVE IT. The designs are great and I am glad that I finally found a non-complicated planner that I can start using right away. I love that it's online, so I don't have to "back up" my kid's information and can access it from anywhere. I was so into the program that I planned 6 months of certain, ongoing subjects in one sitting. And when something changed later on, I was able to easily go in and change it without it affecting the rest of the schedule. Tracking attendance days is rea...(more)
Kellee, Co-op Member
This is the online homeschool planner I've been looking and longing for! It needs to be easy to set up--check! It needs to be flexible for those days school doesn't happen--check! It needs to let me set it up the way I do school, not assuming everyone uses textbooks--check! It needs to have an indicator that we at least started that project--check! If I could remember everything I was excited about this might go on too long. Suffice it to say, if you haven't been completely satisfied with the other online planners you've tried... you may have j...(more)
R. Soto, Co-op Member
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