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Time4Learning Save 25% + Get 200 SmartPoints 07-07-2015
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Alpha Omega 1 Day Sale Save 20% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints 07-31-2015
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Dave Ramsey TBA Savings 07-13-2015
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Dynamic Literacy Save up to 40% TBA
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Math Mammoth - 40% Sale Save 40% 07-16-2015
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Save 40% on Math Mammoth - 40% Sale: Save up to 50% 07-27-2015
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Learning Wrap Ups TBA Savings TBA
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ST Math Save 40% TBA
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I cannot say enough good things about this online planner. I've been home educating my children for 16 years. It's easy and intuitive to use. The flexibility it allows is excellent. One of the best purchases I've ever made!
Lee, Co-op Member
We've tried several homeschool planners, record-keepers, trackers and Homeschool Planet has been the best I've used! The kids love being able to sign in to see what their assignments are each day, checking them off, and it's eco-friendly - no more paper to-do lists. I've posted on my social media about it being our fave - and hope to write a review on my blog.
Shannon Burgdorf, Co-op Member
It's great to finally find a planning product that does EVERYTHING I need...planning school days, tracking attendance, and grades, as well as keeping up with our non-school calendar, to-do list, shopping list...and more! We love Homeschool-Planet!
The Burt's, Co-op Member
Love Homeschool Planet! It has made planning for our homeschool year so easy and took the stress of planning away. Unexpected changes to our schedule are no problem. Changes are so easy to implement. You can split assignments or merge them. If you miss a day, it will shuffle all your assignments forward. We print up the kids daily assignments so they know exactly what they need to do each day.
Sue Humes, Co-op Member
LOVE Homeschool Planet!! With 6 children,5 different grades -- 2 quickly approaching high school and 1 already in high school -- Homeschool Planet has been a sanity saver. Keeping track of grades and producing grade reports and transcripts had me very worried, but this program is making it SO easy while helping me keep track of our busy family life. A big THANK YOU to the developer AND to those who are marketing this product!!
K. George, Co-op Member
We have been using Homeschool-Planet for almost a month and have already signed up for the year. We homeschool two boys aged 12 and 14. Their paths are diverging now as they discover their unique individual passions. Chaos was beginning to reign supreme, but Homeschool-Planet significantly calmed the rising sea of conflicting schedules. The boys both love the digest and to do lists. I love being able to see the 'whole' picture.
Barbara Johnson, Co-op Member
I spent 3 weeks of our summer break looking for the perfect homeschool planner. I homeschool 2 of my three boys, the oldest is in public high school.

I wanted a planner that my boys would have access too, would organize my homeschool, home-life, basically my sanity. Homeschool-Planet does all that!
Cathy, Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool Planet for almost 3 months. It has reduced my planning time each week & aids our homeschooling days in running smoother. It has been well worth every cent in the amount of time I save with it!
Renata, Co-op Member
I needed a homeschool planner that would help my autistic daughter keep up with her assignments. She likes lots of structure. I used this on a trial offer and it was amazing the difference it made to our school day. She could see exactly what was expected. It calmed our day down so much. As I use it I am really liking the flexibility. I can move assignments around as I need to when changes come into our daily plan. It is so user friendly. When I have had some questions on how to do something, I sent and email and got quick response. I have reco...(more)
Sondra, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is exactly what I was looking for for my family. I tell everyone about it. Working around my husband's odd work schedule is difficult and when you add in co-op classes and extracurricular activities and it gets very hard to keep up with our work using a paper planner. Every other online homeschool planner I tried was difficult to use or made rescheduling difficult. With Homeschool Planet I can easily reschedule lessons when things change and keep the kids on track. I love the printing feature and my sons like to have a paper t...(more)
Amber M., Co-op Member
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