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SmartTutor FREE 07-23-2014
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Alpha Omega 1 Day Sale Save 20% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints 07-31-2014
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BrainPOP Save up to 25% 08-01-2014
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SmartTutor Save up to 34% TBA
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PLATO Learning Electives TBA Savings TBA
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Mapping the World By Heart Save up to 25% 08-01-2014
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Old Western Culture TBA Savings TBA
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History & Geography
CICERO History Save up to 75% 08-01-2014
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CICERO Kids Save 73% 08-01-2014
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HMH History and Social Studies Save up to 40% 08-01-2014
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Notgrass SmartPoints TBA
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Language Arts
Cover Story Save up to 20% 07-28-2014
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One Year Adventure Novel Save up to 20% 07-28-2014
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Other Worlds OYAN Expansion Module Save up to 20% 07-28-2014
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Grammar of Poetry TBA Savings TBA
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MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer Save 51% TBA
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Science & Technology
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Teaching Resources
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Test & Assessment
Study Island TBA Savings TBA
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I am really impressed with Homeschool-Planet! It strikes a great balance between simple convenience and flexibility. Without the tedium that plagues most planners I've tried, I can customize my schedule based on my family's specific needs, and it only takes me a moment to adjust, adding or removing dates or tasks as needed. It is intuitive and well-designed.

My kids love the printed weekly plan: it has cleared up confusion and virtually eliminated the question, "what do I do next, Mom?" :)

I will definitely continue to use this planne...(more)
Brooke C., Co-op Member
The preprinted Well Planned Day journal is my go-to favorite homeschool planning tool, but this makes a nice addition since my kids get their own check off boxes right on their laptop. I recommend this one. It's very user friendly, yet has the right balance of options for scheduling a variety of repeatable and non repeating events including chores.
Pam G, Co-op Member
This product has made me able to keep up with my plans for my 5 homeschooled children much better. My children were amazed that I was keeping track of when and what so much better. (I'm not sure they were glad, though).

I have used 4 different planner software products. I like Homeschool Planet the best. I have been playing around with another one that hasn't been out too long (Well-Planned Day). The WPDay is very visually pleasing but Homeschool Planet is more user friendly, and nice to look at, to boot. The other two weren't web based, but...(more)
Kim, Co-op Member
I loved the experience, it really helped at a time of transition for my family. I plan on subscribing and i always brag about how wonderful and helpful it is. The children loved being able to see their assignments and just keep working.
J. Rhodes, Co-op Member
This product is amazing. The daily and weekly digests truly help keep my family and homeschool projects on time and on target. This product is well worth it's small cost for the benefits it gives a family on the run.
Flissa Olson, Co-op Member
I simply cannot say enough about this product. I'm an old fashioned Franklin Covey, Word lover, structured planner type of gal BUT also very visual. This planner does it all. Although we only have 1 child, we also have 2 pets, a profession, and volunteer roles to fulfill in the community. Along with teaching roles within a co op and small study groups.

Not only can I schedule out the academic needs for our daughter, but I can also create a new family member representative of one of our hats, such as Science teacher, or theater volunt...(more)
Lisa Fox, Co-op Member
I can't do school now without my Homeschool Planet planner. Our whole family is planned out there with text reminders of doctor appointments, special events (like the webinars) and youth activites. It was exactly what I have been longing for since I started homeschooling. I am taking two weeks this summer to write out lesson plans, find links and prep for next year. The cool thing is that I will never be off schedule even if something comes up and I have to reschedule a day. The program does it for me! On behalf of the boys, that you for maki...(more)
Karen K., Co-op Member
I have homeschooled our 3 children for 2 years and the hardest part is organizing all the "stuff". I am in day 20 of the 30 day trial and I am hooked. I have used other planners with little success. Homeschool Planet has allowed me to free up time to actual do more teaching-imagine that!!!! The KIDS Love it too!
Carla, Co-op Member
I am really liking this planner. We have been using it since mid-August, and it is working for us. It's not overly complicated like some, but has just enough of what we need to keep a record of what we are doing. And it is helping both my teenage son and myself stay on track!
Cindy K., Co-op Member
I have used several homeschool planning systems, both stand alone and online. Homeschool Planet is by far easier to set up, easier to use and keeps our homeschool running efficiently. My 9 year old son loves it and can follow along with his assignments with ease. We have finally found a program that we are sticking with. Thanks so much for coming up with this planning helper!
Helene Johnston, Co-op Member
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