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GroupBuy Calendar

Here is our calendar of upcoming GroupBuys and special offers. All dates are subject to change! ("TBA" = To Be Announced.)

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Note: This is not all of the upcoming GroupBuys. Some suppliers do not want us to pre-announce GroupBuys, so we are only showing GroupBuys where the supplier has authorized us to do so.

Always Icecream/Clever Dragons Save up to 50% 12-12-2016
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Save up to 50% on Always Icecream/Clever Dragons:
Language Arts
Grammar of Poetry Save up to 50% 12-12-2016
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Save up to 50% on Grammar of Poetry:
Math: Core
Math Mammoth - 40% Sale Save 40% 12-26-2016
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Save 40% on Math Mammoth - 40% Sale:
Piano Wizard Academy Save 42% 12-12-2016
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Save 42% on Piano Wizard Academy:
Little Passports Science Expeditions Save $30 + BONUS SmartPoints 12-09-2016
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Save $30 + BONUS SmartPoints on Little Passports Science Expeditions:
Social Studies
Little Passports World Edition Save $25 + Bonus SmartPoints 12-09-2016
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Save $25 + Bonus SmartPoints on Little Passports World Edition:
Little Passports USA Edition Save $25 + Bonus SmartPoints 12-09-2016
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Save $25 + Bonus SmartPoints on Little Passports USA Edition:
Little Passports Early Explorers Save $25 + Bonus SmartPoints 12-09-2016
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Save $25 + Bonus SmartPoints on Little Passports Early Explorers:
CodeCombat Save 95% TBA
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Save 95% on CodeCombat:
Thinking & Other Skills
Fitting Words Save up to 40% 12-12-2016
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Save up to 40% on Fitting Words:
After trying the trial period I bought the year subscription and I love it! You can schedule up to a month ahead (or longer, as needed), and if something comes up, it is so easy to change! Also it's easy to print out so your child can check off what they have done. I love this calendar!
Francine, Co-op Member
I have been homeschooling for many years and am forever looking for a homeschool lanner that suits my needs with 5 children in 5 different grades. I could not find one that would work, until NOW! Homeschool-Planet Planner is Amazing! It is very easy to enter all assignments as a group and individually! The children love it because they can open their page and check it off as they go! I love it because I know exactly what they have done and if they didn't finish something you can roll it over to the next or another day! Also, I can print daily,...(more)
Stephanie J, Co-op Member
I have been homeschooling for over 20 years. For the past 8 years I have used Calvert. I really liked having lessons planned out, the attendance was easy to keep track of. This year I have put together my own curriculum for my 7th grade son. I was really worried about the day to day planning aspect. I have tried paper planners, I am only good for about six weeks. I spent this past summer doing research on various online planners. I narrowed it down to three. I then came across Homeschool Planet. This is a game changer!! After watching videos an...(more)
R. Atkins, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been a lifesaver to me! I am new to homeschooling, and felt overwhelmed with the various curriculum scheduling. Each subject has its own schedule, in addition to any modifications I might make to suit our personal schedule. It all became quickly confusing. Homeschool Planet gave me an effective management tool to maintain proper educational progress for my children as well as the flexibility to make changes without excess confusion. In addition. it has even streamlined grading! As a new home school parent, I find this t...(more)
Rebecca G. (UT), Co-op Member
I have found this organization tool to be very helpful in my life. It helps my kids and I to stay on task but helpful if we fall behind or move ahead because with a couple of clicks you can change the schedule according to your needs.
Jen R., Homeschooler
Simply the best Program out there in terms of functionality and ease of use. Keep up the good work!
Robert James, Co-op Member
I have tried many different ways of setting up my sons lessons in the past nine years. Homeschool Planet is the best that I have found. I not only keep track of my sons lessons, but all family commitments in one place. LOVE IT!!!!
Trudy, Co-op Member
For years I have done my lesson plans on paper week by week. If I planned further out than this, life would happen and we would be off schedule. This year we switched to Homeschool Planet and it has been wonderful. Now I am able to plan out the entire year for many subjects, adjusting tasks forward if the kids work at a faster pace and back if we can't get it done on the assigned day. I'm able to send weekly and daily e-mails to my high schooler so she can see her schedule and work independently. I can give her notes and websites to link to...(more)
D. Davis, Co-op Member
I have attempted many different ways of tracking attendance, grades, hours, and class plans. Homeschool Planner does all of these plus, many additional reports needed to track our homeschool plans. Schedules are so easy to change, leaving neat and orderly.

I highly recommend everyone to try Homeschool Planner.
Eli, Co-op Member
Having been a dedicated paper and pencil lesson planner I tried computer planning grudgingly.I love it! So much quicker and just as clear as having a book in front of me!
Elaine H., Co-op Member
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