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Alpha Omega 1 Day Sale Save 20% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints 07-31-2014
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BrainPOP Save up to 25% 08-01-2014
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PLATO Learning Electives Volume Discount Pricing 07-28-2014
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Volume Discount Pricing on PLATO Learning Electives:
myON Free Subscription FREE 08-01-2014
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FREE on myON Free Subscription:
Mapping the World By Heart Save up to 25% 08-01-2014
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Save up to 25% on Mapping the World By Heart:
Old Western Culture TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Old Western Culture:
History & Geography
CICERO History Save up to 75% 08-01-2014
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Save up to 75% on CICERO History:
CICERO Kids Save 73% 08-01-2014
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Save 73% on CICERO Kids:
HMH History and Social Studies Save up to 40% 08-01-2014
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Save up to 40% on HMH History and Social Studies:
Notgrass SmartPoints TBA
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Language Arts
Cover Story Save up to 20% 07-28-2014
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One Year Adventure Novel Save up to 20% 07-28-2014
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Other Worlds OYAN Expansion Module Save up to 20% 07-28-2014
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Grammar of Poetry TBA Savings TBA
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MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer Save 51% TBA
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Rosetta Stone Reading Bonus SmartPoints TBA
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YourTeacher Save up to 50% 07-28-2014
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Math Mammoth Save up to 50% 08-01-2014
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Science & Technology
ScienceFusion Save up to 40% 08-01-2014
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Brock Magiscope TBA Savings TBA
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Digital Frog Science Software TBA Savings TBA
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Teaching Resources
abcteach Save up to 50% 08-01-2014
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Test & Assessment
Study Island TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Study Island:
I love the Homeschool Planet Planner! I use it not only for tracking school work but for tracking the entire family's activities, chores and more! I call it the hub because it has become the hub of our daily activity. It is simple to use with a 1 page interface which I love!
My youngest son age 12 loves logging on with his own personal login so he can see his activities scheduled for the day and check off his homeschool assignments as he completes them. He thinks it's neat how he can send me messages straight to my phone from the messenge...(more)
Jennifer Hoover, Co-op Member
We've tried several planners, record-keepers, trackers and Homeschool Planet has been the best I've used! The kids love being able to sign in to see what their assignments are each day, checking them off, and it's eco-friendly - no more paper to-do lists. I've posted on my social media about it being our fave - and hope to write a review on my blog.
Shannon Burgdorf, Co-op Member
I have looked into so many of these online planners, and most of them take up so much space with ads or make it difficult to do routine homeschooling tasks. I had figured I should just stick to paper when Homeschool Planet came along. I downloaded the free trial, and fell in love with all the attention to detail! I am still figuring out what it has to offer -- and the frequent updates encourage me that the developers truly listen. I ordered it for our first year, and I have told more than a dozen moms about it already. My daughter loves th...(more)
E. Esmaili, Co-op Member
I have spent the last 10 summers preparing lesson plans for my four daughters and have used various systems to accomplish this, at times overwhelming, task. Homeschool Planet has been a god-send this summer. I have tested this product with a shortened version of my lesson plans and it works like a charm. I have now purchased the annual subscription and am completing my lesson plans faster than ever. Not only that, but I feel secure that if we miss a day of schoolwork or a subject assignment is not completed, it and all the other assignment...(more)
Naomi Ortega, Co-op Member
I simply cannot say enough about this product. I'm an old fashioned Franklin Covey, Word lover, structured planner type of gal BUT also very visual. This planner does it all. Although we only have 1 child, we also have 2 pets, a profession, and volunteer roles to fulfill in the community. Along with teaching roles within a co op and small study groups.

Not only can I schedule out the academic needs for our daughter, but I can also create a new family member representative of one of our hats, such as Science teacher, or theater volunt...(more)
Lisa Fox, Co-op Member
I am really impressed with Homeschool-Planet! It strikes a great balance between simple convenience and flexibility. Without the tedium that plagues most planners I've tried, I can customize my schedule based on my family's specific needs, and it only takes me a moment to adjust, adding or removing dates or tasks as needed. It is intuitive and well-designed.

My kids love the printed weekly plan: it has cleared up confusion and virtually eliminated the question, "what do I do next, Mom?" :)

I will definitely continue to use this planne...(more)
Brooke C., Co-op Member
As the mom of an honors-level ninth-grader just beginning the homeschool journey, I needed something to help keep us on track with a lot of classes and extras. Homeschool-Planet fits the bill. I enjoy the fact that I can input and store all the info I need, and my daughter loves the simplicity of logging in to find, link to, and sign off on her assignments (she definitely prefers digital technology to paper or a dry-erase board). My favorite detail is being able to easily move assignments around as needed; that one element has already saved me ...(more)
L. Peterson, Co-op Member
Love the daily and weekly e-mailed schedules!
Cara, Co-op Member
I think this product is amazing, in particular, for homeschool parents entering the high school years with their kids. To have schedule, capacity to send texts to husbands to pick up grocery items, do transcripts, and keep track of grades all from one schedule planner. Plus room to do lists of groceries, keep track of Bible verses to encourage you, I loved it. I'm not a computer person, but I could do this.
Margaret B., Co-op Member
Being organized is very important when homeschooling. This is the best planner, calendar, and organizer that I have ever seen.

Love it and have recommended to my friends.
T Adams, Co-op Member
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