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Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett Save up to 50% TBA
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Little Passports Early Explorers Save 15% + Bonus SmartPoints 05-04-2015
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Little Passports USA Edition Save 15% + Bonus SmartPoints 05-04-2015
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Little Passports World Edition Save 15% + Bonus SmartPoints 05-04-2015
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I have been enjoying my free trial of homeschool planet and intend to subscribe at the end. It is very easy to schedule tasks and assignments. It has helped keep ME on task and on schedule and enabled me to see the long view of our school year and organize our schedule with balance. I intend to give my son access to the site to mark of his own assignments as well. When there was a problem with an update, the site administrator was very quick to recognize that I was getting an error message and it was fixed promptly.
Pam B., Co-op Member
I have tried several homeschool planners, looking for one that would work for our family. Homeschool Planet is, by far, the most intuitive, easiest to use planner of all of them. I've finally found what I've been looking for! I have been able to schedule classes and make adjustments easily. The daily e-mails also allow everyone to know exactly what is planned for them each day. I love the fact that each child checks off the work they completed-what a time saver for me! Homeschool Planet has helped me to achieve the organization that I've always...(more)
Penny G, Co-op Member
I absolutely love Homeschool Planet. I have tried several online planners throughout my homeschooling years including paper planners and this by far is the best I have come across. I have been using it now for about 2 months and its literally cut the time I spend planning out the school work in half. Its so simple, easy, and yet it has everything that I need. I print out my kids daily schedule at the beginning of the week and as they complete the assignment there is a box for them to check off. One of my favorite features is that if we miss a d...(more)
Wanda R., Co-op Member
I am loving Homeschool Planet! I was able to plan my whole year out, but also have the flexibility to shift things when life happens. It definitely takes the stress out each week to plan. Great website!!!
Joanna, Co-op Member
I've been using Homeschool-Planet for the last month which included setting up our new school year for my 4 children grades 2-9, and I'm so pleased!

I have used several other online schedulers and this is by far the easiest and most comprehensive to use. The children are having no trouble using it and are enjoying have their own logins. They can even enter their own courses into their own schedules and can therefore take more responsibility for their learning. Due to the complex nature of other programs we've used this wasn't possible ...(more)
Kelly S., Co-op Member
I have been looking for something like this for a very long time! Every year I search for just the right planner to use in homeschooling. Finally, I've found it! Every weekend I sit down and make a list of assignments and chores for each of my children. Each time I use it, I find another feature that enhances my use. Setting up profiles and entering subjects, etc. can seem time consuming, but it is SO worth it. I can have schedules emailed to me or each of my children, or I can print them out individually -whatever works for us. My kids ...(more)
Susan S., Co-op Member
I am very excited about using the Homeschool-Planet planner. It is the most intuitive online planner that I tested. I especially like the feature which automatically numbers the lessons by page numbers or chapters. In addition, the technical support has been outstanding!
Melanie, Co-op Member
I'm really enjoying this planning system. The product is easy to use and it is simple to navigate about the system. I love having my schedule for the day e-mailed to my inbox so I can see what was planned. I also love being able to move assignments around with ease. Beats my old method of erasing and rewriting assignments on paper. I'd highly recommend Homeschool Planet if your current system is tedious or not working and you'd like to get your school organized!
Maria, Co-op Member
I actually had practically run out of the 30 days to look it over, having only 2 days. After 48 hours I knew our family ABSOLUTELY NEEDED it to organize our home. We have 8 children plus a Chinese exchange student for the year. I always wrote everything out by hand and it was a nightmare to say the least. Now all my family's curriculum is on the planner, their clubs, no more missed activities:) The best part of it all is that it is e-mailed to all I have indicated daily and my husband is very aware of everyone's daily schedule. I was able to p...(more)
A. Guzman, Co-op Member
I love Homeschool Planet! So do my children. They actually complete their work in a timely manner, whereas, before the planner, they took forever to do their work. No more frustrations there!!! Also, rescheduling is a snap! Grading is just gravy. ;-) This is everything you could ever dream of in a planner. Saves soooo much time!
Stacy Brandli, Co-op Member
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