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I think this product is amazing, in particular, for homeschool parents entering the high school years with their kids. To have schedule, capacity to send texts to husbands to pick up grocery items, do transcripts, and keep track of grades all from one schedule planner. Plus room to do lists of groceries, keep track of Bible verses to encourage you, I loved it. I'm not a computer person, but I could do this.
Margaret B., Co-op Member
I signed up for the Homeschool Planet Planner's free 30-day trial offer and I am now a yearly subscriber. I absolutely love this online planner. I am able to do everything with it; from planning my kids' school year and curriculum to keeping track of attendance & grades, to making transcripts, to appointments, to grocery lists and meal planning. I love that I am able to customize it any way I want and print off the calendars that pertain to each family member. Lesson planning is so easy and if you miss a day, it will automatically shift all...(more)
S. Park, Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool-Planet for two years. It has become an essential part of my homeschooling day. I count on it to organize our day, remind me of important tasks and track our long-term work. Thank you for creating such a user-friendly and helpful product.
Diana Zaheer, Co-op Member
I have 10 children and Homeschool Planet is really helpful. I like how I am able to see each child's schedule separately but most of all I like how the scheduler allows me to easily change my daily plans by moving things ahead a day when life happens! I've always just used paper planners but I think this is so much more helpful!
Renee P, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has enabled our homeschool to stay on track this semester. I am appreciating its ease of use, especially the editing capabilities, since our schedule seems to change constantly these days. I like the comprehensiveness of Homeschool Planet. It does more than any other organizers I've tried in the past. Best of all, my student uses it daily without any further prodding from me. Highly recommended.
Barbara, Co-op Member
If you have any problems with organization you must try the calendar offered here. My daughter is in 4th grade and wanted to be a little more in charge of her homeschool schedule so I posted her schedule on the homeschool planet calendar and in was the first week she finished her work on her own and early. I felt relief that we had a month planned out in advance and could easily shift assignments based on our schedule. There are so many other added benefits that I cannot wait to get back on the calendar and plan out our school year.
The Well Rounded Child, Co-op Member
After having tried every homeschool planner I could get my hands on, including the online My Well Planned Day, I reluctantly went back to using Word and Excel for planning and record-keeping. Because I work in the elearning industry and live in the clouds so to speak, this was particularly discouraging.

But that was before I enrolled in your beta. Homeschool Planet is JUST what I was looking for. It's simple-to-use, flexible, and makes monitoring student progress so much easier. I love it! The kids enjoy checking off their work, and I a...(more)
Kim Z., Co-op Member
I am really enjoying it. I am still having to learn how to navigate it though. It is helping as I have seven kids homeshooling and need a central place to keep this sort of thing. I also like that my older kids receive an email right to their inbox every day about their work and I am looking forward to using hte chore aspect of it.
K. Butler, Co-op Member
As a naturally disorganized sort of person, I find the structure implicit in this homeschool planner very helpful. I especially love the ease of printing a daily assignment list. The only missing piece I would like to see added would be a space for generating long term lesson plans.
Amy, Co-op Member
This program has been exactly what our family has needed to organize our lives and home school. I love that each child receives their weekly and daily schedule and is able to check off what they've accomplished. All eight of the children have loved using it. It has been so easy to get started and has met many of our desires. The 30 day trial was an added bonus. I can see we will be using it for a long time. The fee made it so affordable. This is the best tool our family has found to facilitate our home schooling experience. Others I have to...(more)
L. Milton, Co-op Member
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