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I am so happy to be able to share how Homeschool Planet has enhanced our homeschool curriculum.

First, it's easy to personalize, very user friendly, and easy to edit whenever necessary. My children log-in to see their own page and schedule that I easily set up with different colors and highlights to really make each subject stand out. I even add in their reading time, breaks and any necessary extras. There is no more guessing about what is expected of them daily. This program has added a harmony to our day. Whew!

For instance, I ...(more)
Regina B., Co-op Member
Homeschool planet has allowed my teenagers to be in control of their own schedule and allowed our family to be a happier place. They can see the assignments for the week, they can add assignments from their outside classes, they can even decide to adjust the schedule if necessary. All this and I can see at a glance if they are behind in anything. It is wonderful!
J Jones, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has decreased the time I have to spend on administrative tasks. I am usually pleasantly surprised when I am looking for a specific solution and email support - it's either already there or in the process. My parents like receiving the weekly progress emails so they can stay on top of what their kids are doing. I will definitely continue to use it! I have told other homeschool moms about this wonderful program.
Connie Herrick, Co-op Member
I have been homeschooling for 20 years and homeschoolplanet has been the most helpful organizational tool that I have used. It allows me to prepare each child's schedule long beforehand online. Because I can always shift lessons around to future days, if my planning wasn't quite right (it never is) without having to 'erase'--as with pencil and paper, I am much more efficient and effective in planning our school year.

I also appreciate being able to email or print out the schedule each day/week for each student. This seems to 'objectify'...(more)
C. Crevier, Co-op Member
I really like this homeschool planner. It makes it so easy to make adjustments to my school year plan when I need to move something to another day. Before in a paper planner it became a lot of work and a big mess. This is making my life as a homeschool mom much easier. I will definitely continue to use it.
B. Buchanan, Co-op Member
With Homeschool-Planet I finally feel organized for my school year! It is what I have been wanting for so long! My children also enjoy the freedom they have of checking their schedule for the day and using initiative to get it done, they love marking their assignments complete!
Vivienne vdM, Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool Planet for 2 months now and I LOVE IT. The designs are great and I am glad that I finally found a non-complicated homeschool planner that I can start using right away. I love that it's online, so I don't have to "back up" my kid's information and can access it from anywhere. I was so into the program that I planned 6 months of certain, ongoing subjects in one sitting. And when something changed later on, I was able to easily go in and change it without it affecting the rest of the schedule. Tracking attendance ...(more)
Kellee, Co-op Member
Finding a planning system that worked for our family has been as challenging as homeschooling itself. I needed something that allowed me to plan for all 3 kids, it was easy to use, and that my husband could easily follow as he is the primary teacher at our home. Homeschool Planet delivered just that.

I love that my oldest (teen) has access and can mark each assignment complete as she goes along. I appreciate being able to add links to websites and attach documents, that's a huge plus! She also likes she can access her planner via her sm...(more)
Kayra Johnson, Co-op Member
I signed up for the free trial of Homeschool Planet and spent a couple days "playing around" and adding curriculum, schedules etc. Having looked at a few other online planners, Homeschool Planet stands heads and shoulders above the others and does EVERYTHING I need a homeschool planner to do! I use curriculum with a variety of formats...some schedule by day, some by "Lesson 1, Day 1-?", some "5 lessons then a quiz" and ALL were easy to plug in, auto-fill for the lesson pattern and adjust as needed. I also liked the printable option for daily...(more)
Resa E., Co-op Member
As a naturally disorganized sort of person, I find the structure implicit in this homeschool planner very helpful. I especially love the ease of printing a daily assignment list. The only missing piece I would like to see added would be a space for generating long term lesson plans.
Amy, Co-op Member
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