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Math: Core
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Thinkwell Save up to 45% 05-16-2016
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Science: Hands-on Experiments
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Social Studies
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I just completed my 30 day trial with Homechool Planet and I must say I am very pleased so far. I just purchased a year subscription. I wish I would have had this program available when I first began homeschooling years ago. No more endless writing to create my own schedules for the kids. If we miss a day, I can move all classes forward with a click on the keyboard.
Jeannine, Co-op Member
I have used an Excel workbook for tracking attendance, grades, weekly logs, etc. for the past several years, which has worked out fine. We are in our 8th year of homeschooling. With this year having my oldest in 7th grade, I needed something more of a schedule with easy ability to assign and move things around. I looked at a lot of options online and decided to try the free trial of Homeschool-Planet. Within just a few days we were hooked. Both my son and I love that he can bring his schedule up on his tablet and mark things off as he completes...(more)
M. Thomas, Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool Planet for about a month. Planning is easy, consistent and flexible. Homeschool Planet also has a grade transcript planner that does the transcripts for you. This is something I was afraid to do before especially for my high school student. I wasn't sure how to do transcripts but now it is automatically calculated. It also allows space for you to place accomplishments so you won't forget them on college applications.

Making changes to the schedule is easy. You no longer have to erase or change an entire class p...(more)
Laurie Halvorson, Co-op Member
I simply cannot say enough about this product. I'm an old fashioned Franklin Covey, Word lover, structured planner type of gal BUT also very visual. This homeschool planner does it all. Although we only have 1 child, we also have 2 pets, a profession, and volunteer roles to fulfill in the community. Along with teaching roles within a co op and small study groups.

Not only can I schedule out the academic needs for our daughter, but I can also create a new family member representative of one of our hats, such as Science teacher, or theat...(more)
Lisa Fox, Co-op Member
I am enjoying using this planner. It is much more intuitive than the other on-line planner I've tried. I love the automatic rescheduling feature and the grading reminders when you start the program up. this homeschool planner actually makes my life easier.
Janet B., Co-op Member
As a first time homeschooling Mom to four (5th grade, 3rd grade, Kindergarten, and Preschool) I was struggling to see how I could organize everything for the coming year. I love to color code and organize my family. I am adamant about our calendar being up to date constantly. So, when I ran across Homeschool Planet I thought, well, it's better than writing it all out by hand, but I probably won't like it as much as my Google Calendar. I have been so surprised! I love it! It has kept me so organized and has completely replaced my families ...(more)
Angie, Co-op Member
I loved it! I just started homeschooling and Homeschool Planet made my life extremely simple and organized. When I had questions, I was able to find the answers I need on the videos. I definitely would recommend this to any homeschooler, whether rookie or veteran. Thanks!
CM, Co-op Member
I love this homeschool planner! I use it for my self as well for my high schooler who can go in and get his assignments every morning. It has been very easy to move things around and change lessons! I also can access from my phone. I also really appreciate the text or email reminder messages that I can send to my self or my kids. This planner solved alot of my concerns as to how to set up lesson plans that my son could access without wasting time rewriting everything!
Jennifer C, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been a lifesaver to me! I am new to homeschooling, and felt overwhelmed with the various curriculum scheduling. Each subject has its own schedule, in addition to any modifications I might make to suit our personal schedule. It all became quickly confusing. Homeschool Planet gave me an effective management tool to maintain proper educational progress for my children as well as the flexibility to make changes without excess confusion. In addition. it has even streamlined grading! As a new home school parent, I find this t...(more)
Rebecca G. (UT), Co-op Member
"I have been using this planner while on my FREE trial. WHAT A PROGRAM!!! I am BLOWN away! This is my 26th year of homeschooling, and with only 3 years left to go,...I JUST NOW started using this awesome planner? Thank you, THANK YOU!!!"
Lori Kilfian, Co-op Member
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