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Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett Save up to 50% TBA
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Art & Music
Mark Kistler's Virtual Classroom Save 33% 10-16-2012
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Foreign Languages
Mango Languages Save 20% 06-04-2015
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Discovery Education High School Math Techbook Get 500 SmartPoints 05-28-2015
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Discovery Education High School Math Techbook Free Trial Free Trial! 05-28-2015
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Discovery Education K-8 Math Techbook Get 500 SmartPoints 05-28-2015
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Discovery Education K-8 Math Techbook Free Trial Free Trial! 05-28-2015
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CTC Math Save 60% + Get 500 SmartPoints 06-01-2015
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Science & Technology
Magic School Bus Science Club Save 50% + Get 1,000 SmartPoints 05-28-2015
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Thinking & Other Skills
Always Icecream and Clever Dragons Save 36-50% 06-01-2015
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I loved the Homeschool-Planet Planner. I've tried other computer-based planners and have also used Word and Excel on my own to organize my lesson plans. Homeschool Planet is by far the most user friendly program I've tried. Everything is very self explanatory and easy to understand. It's easy to use and set up. I also like the auto-generator for assignments. That being said, the only thing I didn't like was the way it printed out assignments. Each day is printed on 1 sheet of paper which translates to 5 pages per week per child. I would love to...(more)
Rhonda H., Co-op Member
Last year was our first year of homeschooling and I tried EVERY homeschool planner I could think of to try to get the academic year organized without any luck. I was pretty frustrated and a little panicked about the upcoming year because planning was such a weak point for us (me!).

When Homeschool Planet was offered in Beta version, I honestly thought I would be disappointed. I figured it would be like every other planner I tried - overly time-consuming, counterintuitive, and difficult to manage. That was not the case at all.

From the m...(more)
Sarah L., Co-op Member
I am really enjoying using this homeschool planner. This is my 20th year of homeschooling and this planner has many of the features that I created for myself using Word and Excel, but it links them all together which saves me tons of paper and lots of time since my student (I am homeschooling my last of 4 children) has access to it as well.
L. Brenchley, Co-op Member
After using this planning tool last fall for a month, I was impressed by all the options and my daughter loved it. However, I'm a paper & pen kind of person and was convinced I could find something I liked as well in hard copy. After several months of searching and trial and error, I came back and purchased Homeschool Planet with a huge sigh of relief. It allows us to track our days, classes, assignments without making us feel like a slave to our schedule. It's easy to move assignments to different days or shift all our assignments with a c...(more)
Jodie, Co-op Member
This is the first time in my four years of homeschooling that I have finally been able to organize my day and stay on track. I have tried numerous daily planners and have always felt they are missing something. With the Homeschool-Planet I have the opportunity to put in the missing pieces. I recommend everyone going for the free trial!
Jenny, Co-op Member
I was part of the beta test and have purchased this for the year. I have to rave about Homeschool Planet. If you are using a paper planner, you may want to consider this online homeschool planner instead. It has so many features and benefits, it's amazing! Some of my favorites:

It's SO user friendly. If you have used a calendar before, it is very intuitive and has information and explanations right where you need them.

Text- My daughter thinks this is so cool that she can text me if we're in two different parts of the house!"I need help!" ...(more)
Lauren W., Co-op Member
Homeschool planet has allowed my teenagers to be in control of their own schedule and allowed our family to be a happier place. They can see the assignments for the week, they can add assignments from their outside classes, they can even decide to adjust the schedule if necessary. All this and I can see at a glance if they are behind in anything. It is wonderful!
J Jones, Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet is a great product! It's easy to set up, use and update; streamlines the planning process; eliminates redundant writing out of tasks that you'd have to do with book style lesson-planners; allows you to easily see if you've overlapped schedules inadvertently; and kids get to check off what they've done already and easily see what still needs to be done. I love the reminders feature, the calendar - I'm just really glad to have found this product for all of it's great features!! I only used it for part of the past school year,...(more)
Tracey B, Co-op Member
I needed a homeschool planner that would help my autistic daughter keep up with her assignments. She likes lots of structure. I used this on a trial offer and it was amazing the difference it made to our school day. She could see exactly what was expected. It calmed our day down so much. As I use it I am really liking the flexibility. I can move assignments around as I need to when changes come into our daily plan. It is so user friendly. When I have had some questions on how to do something, I sent and email and got quick response. I have reco...(more)
Sondra, Co-op Member
After a miserable year last year of spending hours on Sunday afternoons compiling lists for all my kids, I knew something about my planning routine had to change. I have 6 children, and the youngest is starting preschool, so it had to be automated and EASY. I researched for weeks, but everything I found was either not user friendly, too expensive, too confusing or took just as much time to maintain as my paper system. I even had a Saturday afternoon date for coffee with my computer-geek husband and listed all the things I wanted a planning prog...(more)
Kerry Marsh, Co-op Member
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