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Art & Music
eMedia Music Save up to 50% 11-10-2014
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Save up to 50% on eMedia Music:
Foreign Languages
Dino Lingo TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Dino Lingo:
History & Geography
Rand McNally World Atlas Save 93% 11-04-2014
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Save 93% on Rand McNally World Atlas:
Language Arts
MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer Save 51% TBA
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Save 51% on MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer:
Math Mammoth - 1 Day Sale Save 40% 11-03-2014
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Save 40% on Math Mammoth - 1 Day Sale:
Science & Technology
TYSC Collections Save 40% 11-10-2014
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Save 40% on TYSC Collections:
LEGO Education TBA Savings 11-11-2014
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TBA Savings on LEGO Education:
Special Needs
Read&Write Gold Save 54% 10-27-2014
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Save 54% on Read&Write Gold:
Test & Assessment
Study Island TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Study Island:
I absolutely love the Homeschool Planet. It has so many helpful features, it is well worth the small amount of money it costs for membership. I am always on a budget, but this is something I will gladly invest in. When you have a family of five and a busy schedule, Homeschool Planet is such a great companion! I'm so glad I tried it out.
Callie J., Co-op Member
I write this in the same manner that I shared my thoughts with dear homeschool friends since I stumbled upon Homeschool Planet - I am SO excited about this product that I want to tell everyone I know how much it has already made my life easier! I am not only impressed with the entire platform, but the quality of customer service (and stellar people involved in creating and implementing this program) is top notch and much appreciated.

Homeschool Planet can be used in any way that you need it to work for you and your family. It not only helps...(more)
Jules, Proud Homeschool Mom/Teacher and Children's Book Author, Co-op Member
We just finished our free trial of Homeschool Planet and I love how easy the program is to navigate and my daughter loves being able to check off her work as she completes it. We decided to subscribe for the remainder of the school year. She especially loves to send me text messages when she completes and assignment and to report how well she did.
J. Cirka, Co-op Member
I loved the experience, it really helped at a time of transition for my family. I plan on subscribing and i always brag about how wonderful and helpful it is. The children loved being able to see their assignments and just keep working.
J. Rhodes, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is the newest and best online planning tool I have ever used! Homeschool Planet is flexible and customizable, and yet it is designed with a homeschool family in mind. I am participating in the Beta best of the product at this time, but when the product is released to the public I intend to continue using it. The developers have been very responsive to my questions and suggestions. Homeschool Planet is cheaper than similar products I have seen on the market, but still fully functional. It helps with day-to-day scheduling an...(more)
Monica S, Co-op Member
I am loving Homeschool Planet! I have used 3 other planning tools before. They were either too complicated or didn't offer enough functionality/flexibility.

This one is a perfect fit for our family - very intuitive, easy to make changes/additions, and great customer service. My kids enjoy the easy-to-use daily checklists we print out, and I love the the quick entry for completed/graded assignments. I also like that it reminds me each day of items we missed the day before so I can reschedule them if needed - that really helps us stay on tr...(more)
Leslie Brookman, Co-op Member
A friend told me about Homeschool-Planet when he saw how flustered I was trying to catch up on preparing my daughter's weekly homeschool plans. I went home that day and immediately tried Homeschool- Planet's free trial to see for myself how this worked. Last week, I purchased it for the 1x easy yearly fee.

Our Top 4 Benefits:

a) My daughter sometimes gets into 'the zone' and just wants to continue with that subject for awhile. Her enthusiasm for the subject was nice to see, but keeping up with updating her study schedules was ...(more)
S. Paul, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has enabled our homeschool to stay on track this semester. I am appreciating its ease of use, especially the editing capabilities, since our schedule seems to change constantly these days. I like the comprehensiveness of Homeschool Planet. It does more than any other organizers I've tried in the past. Best of all, my student uses it daily without any further prodding from me. Highly recommended.
Barbara, Co-op Member
Last year I decided to try homeschool-planet for the thirty days free trial. During that time my children had access to it, and used it for the first month of school. When it came time for me to make the decision, I asked for their opinion...was it worth the money we would spend to keep it? I received an overwhelmingly unanimous, YES! They love being able to keep an online account of their daily activities, and being able to click the box when completed gives then a sense of satisfaction! I love being able to have one place to keep it all toget...(more)
Charis Holloway, Co-op Member
I admit it; I'm organizationally challenged. And with 13 years of homeschooling under my belt (and 10 years to go, Lord willing) I've experienced plenty of frustration trying to find a system that works for our family to coordinate curriculum assignments, outside activities, and chores. And then the Homeschool Buyers Co-op offered a free trial to Homeschool Planet. WOW! It's so user-friendly and not as steep a learning curve as other e-planners I've tried. I've discovered it is adaptable to those times when "real life" happens, (unlike paper pl...(more)
Carol G, Co-op Member
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