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I also love homeschool planet! I highly recommend getting it in the summer and playing around with it before the school year starts. The features are easy to use but there are so many that it has taken a little while to see how to best set things up for my family. I have 10children and homeschool 7 of them. With an average of 8 subjects, that's a lot to keep track of, not to mention all the doctor appointments and activities! Here I can keep it all together. I actually belong to an online school that gives the kids their daily lesson plans, b...(more)
Michele M., Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool Planet for almost 3 months. It has reduced my planning time each week & aids our homeschooling days in running smoother. It has been well worth every cent in the amount of time I save with it!
Renata, Co-op Member
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how excited I am about the Homeschool-Planet planner! I stumbled on it in an e-mail and signed up for a 30 day trial. It is easy to get started, very user friendly and one of the best features is the amazing customer service. I was still in the trial period and had 2, maybe 3 different issues and I e-mailed the help line and they respond quickly, on the weekend and resolved the issue. One had to do with another calendar and how it was linking with this homeschool planner. Now I can sync my plan to eat...(more)
Noelle F., Co-op Member
This is my eighth year of homeschool and I consider myself a pretty organized person I had a very good system in place last year in regard to keeping track of grades attendance and daily work So when I saw Homeschool Planet advertised I initially dismissed it because I was so satisfied with my own system After seeing it in several emails I decided to watch the introduction video and give it a trial since we were about to start school and I was getting ready to create my booklets for each child I am SO happy I did This is the best tim...(more)
Laurel D., Co-op Member
The system is a little hard to learn. The videos help, but they are a little out of date. Even so - it is doable with a little elbow grease, and it is TOTALLY WORTH THE EFFORT!!
I'm still figuring out all the particulars, but I love how much easier our homeschool runs with the ability of the children to reference their own checklists and just get things done. They love it it too because they can see exactly what is expected of them. Before, it was just let's work on this or that for this many minutes - or # of pages.
I haven't even gotten ...(more)
Deb, Co-op Member
I absolutely love Homeschool-Planet. It was so easy to learn and set up. I used a different online program before and it was confusing, not user friendly, made me dread setting up my school year, and it took days to do it. Homeschool-Planet took me no time to set up my entire year. My kids love getting their daily plans emailed to them. I use the texting option for my oldest so he knows what appointments he has to schedule into his day along with schoolwork. I like to do my entire lesson plans for the whole year, but in the past I was alw...(more)
Tracy C, Co-op Member
Without question, this homeschool planner has been a God-send. I have tried several planners, spreadsheets, etc. which never worked well. The best part is the fact that none of my students have any excuse as to why their work is not done. Their assignments are emailed to them daily. I love this. I would like to see a desktop version, as my internet is glitchy at best, which has been a headache at times.
Sam W., Co-op Member
I'd been looking for a way to track and schedule our homeschool curriculum, and had tried four other pieces of software that always seemed to be lacking essential features. So, when Homeschool Planet came out this summer, I was super excited to see if it did what the others didn't. I'm so happy to say that Homeschool Planet has truly changed our lives for the better! It allows me to update, move and consolidate lessons, to grade and plan easily. The very best feature is the daily report that is generated and emailed to my seventh-grader. S...(more)
Ann Fitch, Co-op Member
I love this homeschool planner! I had been searching for a planner with all the characteristics this one has to offer but couldn't find one until now. My husband and I were considering writing a computer program to meet our needs. Everything that I wanted is in your planner. So, we decided to use what you have created. I really like how you can touch any date and time on the calendar and enter you class schedule. It is perfect for us. The only thing I might add is the ability to manage the calendar from the iPad. I use mine all the time....(more)
J. Hammond, Co-op Member
I tried Homeschool planet when it first was offered through the co-op awhile ago. I thought it was great idea but there were a few glitches that I did not care for and I expected more from the calendar. I tried the free trial again a few months ago and it has been amazing. I am able to coordinate my work calendar with my kiddos school calendar and all activities plus my hubbie's travel schedule. My husband can now see what the daily schedule is like. I love that I can enter my grocery list, my notes, all reminders, drs appts, sports activ...(more)
A DiTrolio, Co-op Member
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