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Art & Music
eMedia Music Save up to 50% 11-10-2014
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Foreign Languages
Dino Lingo TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Dino Lingo:
History & Geography
Rand McNally World Atlas Save 93% 11-04-2014
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Save 93% on Rand McNally World Atlas:
Language Arts
MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer Save 51% TBA
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Special Needs
Read&Write Gold Save 54% 10-22-2014
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Test & Assessment
Study Island TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Study Island:
Well worth the $65! My husband and I recently separated, and as a result, I'm working more. I needed something easy to use -- for me and my kids -- since I'm not at home as much. Homeschool Planet was easy to set up, and I love that I can keep track of my kids' day even when I'm not at home.

My favorite feature is the Rescheduling Helper. Being able to shift one lesson--or the entire schedule--forward with the click of the mouse has already been a lifesaver. In the past, any deviation from the plan meant lots of erasing and re-writing. No...(more)
Jennifer Templin, Co-op Member
This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would allow me to do my planning in advance, that the boys could access and work on their own. Before, I had been creating a weekly schedule on paper, creating my lesson plans in a spreadsheet, and tracking work and grades in a notebook. Now, I have it all online in one place. It rolls so many things into one, it's keeping me better organized as well as the boys.
Lori K., Co-op Member
I'm still in the middle of the trial period for this software. My kids are really too young to have use of the software themselves for scheduling. However, I've found it very user-friendly, organized, and intuitive--it's the kind of program I would have written for myself if I had the skills and time. :) I am planning to continue to use it and pay for the service--it really does make planning easier. My husband and my father-in-law, both computer programmer/ analysts, were thoroughly impressed with the software also. Highly recommended!!
Kira, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is the perfect tool for busy homeschoolers. Using Homeschool Planet has helped me to manage what happens in class from day to day. With Homeschool Planet I'm able to send my children daily emails with schedules and students are able to click a box letting me know they have completed an assignment. My favorite feature is the ability shift assignments forward when my child needs a little more time on a lesson. I recommend this product to any homeschool parent. It's a lesson planner, gradebook, and problem solver all in one!
Homeschool Mom of 6, Co-op Member
Thanks to Homeschool Planet, we are having the best, simplest, most organized school year yet. My 13 year-old loves being able to sign in to her own user account and mark each assignment as completed .
Amanda Wilson, Co-op Member
Wow! What a well thought out and wonderfully designed planner. This program is simple enough to get your planning done quickly and thoroughly without the discouraging learning curve of other, more cumbersome programs. For the first time ever, I actually have lesson plans completed right through our New Year break! Additionally, our children are able to work without interruption to their schedule even when I had to stop for medical treatment. This program sends daily and weekly work notifications to me, my students, and even dad (who can no...(more)
C. King, Co-op Member
This is the first planner I have purchased that actually works!! I love how easy it is to reschedule assignments if we miss them or need to take an unexpected day off because of sickness, etc. It is so user friendly, too. No need to watch/read tutorials to figure out how to use it. It has definitely helped our school day flow more efficiently!
Sydney R., Co-op Member
I would like to share with you the planner from It is called Homeschool Planet, and I love it!!! It has so many great features that I spent the first several days after starting my trial gushing about it to my husband. Here are some of the reasons I love this product:

1) The interface is very user friendly! It is very easy to add family members and assignments. I felt that it was all pretty intuitive, but they also have a tutorial available that is very helpful in making sure you'll get the most out of...(more)
Wendi Billington, Co-op Member
I was asked to demo the homeschool planet calendar last spring and kind of blew it off because I was already testing several other calendar and planning apps and I just didn't think one that was designed for "school" would meet my needs. In late August, frustrated with everything else I had tried, I decided to give it a go. Best. Decision. This. Year.

Admittedly, I'm a calendar fanatic. If it's not on my calendar, it doesn't exist. I wanted a calendar that would keep track of my to-do's, shopping lists, regular calendar events, chores,...(more)
Michelle, Co-op Member
I have homeschooled for many years now and I have found Homeschool Planet to be a brilliant planner. The ease of changing your schedule is wonderful. With a few clicks, all of our assignments can be shifted. The amount of time this planner saves will surprise you. Also, the customer service is great. When I've asked a question, I usually get a reply the same day. We will definitely continue using Homeschool Planet until we are completely finished with homeschooling. You could search for free programs or you could spend quite a bit of mone...(more)
Lisa, Co-op Member
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