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Dino Lingo TBA Savings TBA
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Language Arts
MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer Save 51% TBA
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Science & Technology
Brock Magiscope Save 20% TBA
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Social Studies
Little Passports USA Edition Save 15% + Bonus SmartPoints 09-08-2014
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Little Passports World Edition Save 15% + Bonus SmartPoints 09-08-2014
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I simply do not have the time to sit a write out a lesson plan for our school year, which makes it hard to know how the whole school year is going to play out. And even if I did have time to write out a lesson plan, learning opportunities come up last minute that cause the schedule to change. People get sick and maybe you need a day or two to recover. And then there is your personal schedule, like doctor's appointments and the like . . .

With Homeschool Planet I can enter my plan in day by day OR with a few clicks I can auto create and ...(more)
Sally G., Co-op Member
I simply cannot say enough about this product. I'm an old fashioned Franklin Covey, Word lover, structured planner type of gal BUT also very visual. This planner does it all. Although we only have 1 child, we also have 2 pets, a profession, and volunteer roles to fulfill in the community. Along with teaching roles within a co op and small study groups.

Not only can I schedule out the academic needs for our daughter, but I can also create a new family member representative of one of our hats, such as Science teacher, or theater volunt...(more)
Lisa Fox, Co-op Member
I love this product. I was able to input information for both of my children. The layout is great and it's easy to navigate.
Tesha, Co-op Member
I just started a free trial membership of Homeschool Planet, and I absolutely love it! Although I am very technically challenged, I have found this website to be completely user friendly. This is my 8th year to homeschool my three children (8th, 6th, & PreK), and I have struggled with organization/time management every year until now. Thanks so much for developing such an amazing product. I look forward to improving my ability to use this online planner to the fullest.
K. Grafton, Co-op Member
This program has been exactly what our family has needed to organize our lives and home school. I love that each child receives their weekly and daily schedule and is able to check off what they've accomplished. All eight of the children have loved using it. It has been so easy to get started and has met many of our desires. The 30 day trial was an added bonus. I can see we will be using it for a long time. The fee made it so affordable. This is the best tool our family has found to facilitate our home schooling experience. Others I have to...(more)
L. Milton, Co-op Member
Homeschool planet has allowed my teenagers to be in control of their own schedule and allowed our family to be a happier place. They can see the assignments for the week, they can add assignments from their outside classes, they can even decide to adjust the schedule if necessary. All this and I can see at a glance if they are behind in anything. It is wonderful!
J Jones, Co-op Member
I LOVE this product! I have tried various planners, digital and paper, and this has by far worked the best for me. My favorite aspect is being able to shift assignments on our schedule if we need to, with no fuss, no eraser, and no need to stress over the schedule being incorrect! I don't have my kids checking off their own work in the program, but I do print Daily Plans for each of my children, which helps tremendously with their sense of independence and keeping track of their own work. The email reminders are terrific! There are so many aspe...(more)
B. Baker, Co-op Member
After 4 years of searching, I've finally found what I've been looking for!

I've used planners (teaching and individual), spreadsheets (and a master one to manage those), handing out work daily or weekly, work boxes, and an online assignment tracker. What I wanted was something that was flexible, wouldn't take up a huge amount of time once things got going, was easy for me to see if someone was missing a subject, and would enable my four children to independently work. I was truly at my wit's end with scheduling because none of the things ...(more)
SM, Co-op Member
I came across this almost a month ago. I had tried an online planner before and thought I was going to love it but it was such a headache and I hated it.

Not only am I homeschooling but I watch my new grandson in the mornings, work on our family business, and I've just started working in the evening at a local college and that doesn't count all the things I do at church and helping with my brother who is not well. I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and I really put this in prayer about having something to keep everything on track for ...(more)
Sherbert, Co-op Member
I just started homeschooling this past school year, and have learned a lot about how I want to organize our school life at home. When I saw the free trial offer and all the great reviews, I thought, why not? I have really enjoyed my free trial! Even though we only used it for the tail end of this school year, I can see how it will improve our experience next year. My kids love getting their daily e-mail and being able to sign in to their calendar and check things off as they do them. I've purchased the year subscription and I'm actually loo...(more)
Melissa B., Co-op Member
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