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Alpha Omega 1 Day Sale Save 20% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints 01-31-2015
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Education Portal Save up to 67% TBA
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Language Arts
MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer Save 51% TBA
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I've been raving to my friends since I first started using Homeschool Planet. I've tried many calendars and planners over the years which promised to make my life easier, but which only lead to me wanting to throw my computer out the window. I have, therefore, always ended up with the drudgery of making my own forms which, of course, meant drowning in mountains of paper.

Homeschool Planet actually delivers on its promise to make my life easier. I don't have a lot of spare time and I don't have a high tolerance for frustration, so I need som...(more)
C. Williford, Co-op Member
I love love this planner!!! Especially now it tracks hours!! This is what I need the most and all in one place with assignments, grades, etc. Thank you!!
Tai Gruver, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been a sanity-saver! I have tried lots of other planners -- both paper and electronic -- and have never been as impressed with them as I have been with Homeschool Planet. I love that I can enter our lesson plans as far ahead as I need/want and they are easily adjustable with a simple click of a button. I don't need to erase and re-write if things change. I also find it incredibly helpful that I can add our appointments in, as well as chores and then have it all emailed to myself and each child (they are middle-school a...(more)
Amy T., Co-op Member
I love the Homeschool Planet Planner! I use it not only for tracking school work but for tracking the entire family's activities, chores and more! I call it the hub because it has become the hub of our daily activity. It is simple to use with a 1 page interface which I love!
My youngest son age 12 loves logging on with his own personal login so he can see his activities scheduled for the day and check off his homeschool assignments as he completes them. He thinks it's neat how he can send me messages straight to my phone from the messenge...(more)
Jennifer Hoover, Co-op Member
LOVE Homeschool Planet!! With 6 children,5 different grades -- 2 quickly approaching high school and 1 already in high school -- Homeschool Planet has been a sanity saver. Keeping track of grades and producing grade reports and transcripts had me very worried, but this program is making it SO easy while helping me keep track of our busy family life. A big THANK YOU to the developer AND to those who are marketing this product!!
K. George, Co-op Member
I am so happy to be able to share how Homeschool Planet has enhanced our homeschool curriculum.

First, it's easy to personalize, very user friendly, and easy to edit whenever necessary. My children log-in to see their own page and schedule that I easily set up with different colors and highlights to really make each subject stand out. I even add in their reading time, breaks and any necessary extras. There is no more guessing about what is expected of them daily. This program has added a harmony to our day. Whew!

For instance, I ...(more)
Regina B., Co-op Member
After 4 years of searching, I've finally found what I've been looking for!

I've used planners (teaching and individual), spreadsheets (and a master one to manage those), handing out work daily or weekly, work boxes, and an online assignment tracker. What I wanted was something that was flexible, wouldn't take up a huge amount of time once things got going, was easy for me to see if someone was missing a subject, and would enable my four children to independently work. I was truly at my wit's end with scheduling because none of the things ...(more)
SM, Co-op Member
Awesome! This program has been a life saver. Not only does it help me keep track of my homeschool lesson plan, but I also use it to keep track of upcoming projects and assignments for my non-homeschooled child. I would highly recommend this program. Worth every penny!
S Vaughan, Co-op Member
I really like Homeschool-Planet. It's easy and I can keep track of everything in one place!
Milissa M, Co-op Member
I have tried other paper planners with limited success. I just couldn't keep track of the papers. I had resisted trying an online planners because I really didn't think I would be able to figure it out. Not so, for Homeschool Planet. It is really easy to figure out, it has lots of options and gadgets, and I can choose how often to get digests emailed to me. It is nice to see what I have coming up on the calendar, what classes we have planned for each child, even what the weather is going to be this week. It's a very intuitive product and I...(more)
Kathrine K., Co-op Member
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