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BrainPOP Save up to 25% 08-01-2015
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Save up to 25% on BrainPOP:
Language Arts
Hooked on Phonics Save 55% 08-20-2015
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Save 55% on Hooked on Phonics:
Headsprout Save 58% TBA
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Save 58% on Headsprout:
Reading A-Z + Raz-Kids Save 60% TBA
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Save 60% on Reading A-Z + Raz-Kids:
Learning Wrap-Ups Save 25% + BONUS SMARTPOINTS! 08-03-2015
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Science & Technology
ScienceFusion Save 30% 08-01-2015
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Homeschool Programming Save 40% 08-17-2015
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Save 40% on Homeschool Programming:
Test & Assessment
TestRocker Save up to 77% 07-31-2015
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Save up to 77% on TestRocker:
From the very beginning, Homeschool-Planet was easy to use. Completely user-friendly and intuitive. While there are some free online planners available, this one was worth paying for. I wanted an online homeschool planner that I can access from anywhere but still have the ability to print out our week. I easily logged in and without having to learn the how-tos, I was able to input our entire school YEAR. I can easily schedule and reschedule classes, activities or chores. I like that I can color code all of it as well! It's easy to see yo...(more)
Raquel O., Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet is a wonderful planning tool! Super easy to use - my 2 students (13 & 15) have no problem navigating around the application and love being able to check off their progress as they go. They also love "being in charge" of their schedule - Great for teaching personal responsibility! I just enter in their assignments - no nagging, no pestering . . . it's up to the kids to complete by the designated due date(s).

I wasn't feeling well today, and the kids were able to continue on with their studies without me being there!! Yeah...(more)
SBG, California, Co-op Member
LOVE Homeschool Planet!! With 6 children,5 different grades -- 2 quickly approaching high school and 1 already in high school -- Homeschool Planet has been a sanity saver. Keeping track of grades and producing grade reports and transcripts had me very worried, but this program is making it SO easy while helping me keep track of our busy family life. A big THANK YOU to the developer AND to those who are marketing this product!!
K. George, Co-op Member
I started using Homeschool Planet in August and have found it to be the easiest of any homeschool planner I have used. In the past I have used a modified version of Donna Young's Excel worksheet planner (where I had to fill everything in), and then I used Homeschool Tracker Plus (where you can add your own lessons or use those created by others). Homeschool Planet is by far the best! [No...I'm not getting paid by them to tell you this! :)]

I love that it can be shared with Google Calendar as well as Iphone/Ipad calendars. In th...(more)
Amanda, Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet has really helped us stay organized. My daughter really enjoys getting her daily schedule by email. I have done a trial membership with two other similar homeschool planners and this one wins hands down. It is very easy to use and doesn't take forever to learn. I have purchased a year subscription and will likely use it for years to come. I have told all of our homeschooling families.
Amanda S., Co-op Member
I absolutely love Homeschool Planet!!! I was afraid to try it because I am seriously technology challenged when it comes to computers but I wanted to quit erasing and rewriting my daily/weekly/monthly planner all of the time. Homeschool Planet has been very easy to use and I absolutely love that it even has video instructions on how to set everything up. My children love getting printed daily lesson plans and I love the convenience of just pushing a button. I love everything about Homeschool Planet not just for the extreme convenience of schedu...(more)
Shannon G., Co-op Member
I have tried a number of different planning and record-keeping products over the years, only to abandon each after just a few weeks. With high school looming next year, I knew I needed to get a system in place. I began using Homeschool Planet to plan our year over Summer, and two month into the year we're still going strong with it. My daughter is doing well using her weekly schedule, and I like that I can schedule repeating lessons easily and for most subjects the schedule doesn't need any further updating from me after the initial entry or...(more)
Kirsten P., Co-op Member
When I was contacted about giving Homeschool Planet a trial run, I was a little nervous at first to give up my word document and "paper" planning that I've used for over 10 years, but I am so glad I did! I LOVE Homeschool Planet! It has saved me so much time. This homeschool planner is so flexible. When someone is sick or has to miss days of school work for any reason, Homeschool Planet reschedules all the school work with just a click or two. It is so versatile, so easy to add to, change or move assignments. It makes planning so much more effi...(more)
Jean E., Co-op Member, Wichita, Kansas
I am very excited about using the Homeschool-Planet planner. It is the most intuitive online planner that I tested. I especially like the feature which automatically numbers the lessons by page numbers or chapters. In addition, the technical support has been outstanding!
Melanie, Co-op Member
When I first tried out Homeschool planet, I didn't know how it would work out for us, but over time, it has become indispensable. My boys (11 & 13) can be completely self directed in doing the lessons I have planned out for them. We do a lot of online lesson work and Homeschool-Planet makes it super easy to direct the boys to where I want them to be.
Vickie B., Co-op Member
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