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CICERO Kids Save 77% 05-01-2014
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Language Arts
LEGO Education Save up to $24 04-18-2014
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MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer Save 51% TBA
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MindPlay RAPS 360 Save 50% TBA
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Reading Kingdom Save up to 60% TBA
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Math Mammoth Save 50% 04-21-2014
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ALEKS Save up to 40% TBA
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Science & Technology
Magic School Bus Science Club Save 50% + Get 1,000 SmartPoints 04-21-2014
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Discovery Education K-8 Science Techbook Get 500 SmartPoints TBA
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Discovery Education K-8 Science Techbook Free Trial FREE! TBA
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Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook Free Trial FREE! TBA
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My teens really appreciated the extra structure this product provided. They want to be independent and flexible, but they want to know what their assignments are every day, so they can check them off and move on. We loved to be able to see doctors and other appointments on the weekly calendar, and plan how those things changed our lesson goals for the day and the week. Everyone knew that the assignments were reasonable for the hours we had to spend since this software let us lay them all out in the calendar. So many features let us customize ou...(more)
Mary H, Co-op Member
I have absolutely loved using the online Homeschool-Planet Planner. I had tried paper planners, homemade computer organizers, etc. but this program makes it all so easy. I am able to go in and plan lessons as far ahead as I like but can edit easily if the need arises. I love having the online grade book as well. Thanks so much for this tool!
Wendy Stacy, Co-op Member
As homeschoolers we don't just do school, we live school. I have tried dozens of planners and schedulers over the last 12 years, never finding one that was completely perfect for us. Then I tried Homeschool Planet and I was sold right away! It's the perfect family organizer, school organizer, planning program, etc. It does any and everything you'd ever need while being easy to use! I highly recommend Homeschool Planet for every homeschooling family!
Niki McNeil, Co-op Member,
Co-Founder - In the Hands of a Child (www.handsofachild)
Homeschool-Planet has revolutionized the way we do school. We went from a somewhat disorganized schedule to a neatly arranged agenda of work - thanks to Homeschool-Planet's excellent planning software. This program is by far the easiest to use of the multitude of new programs popping up. Not only is the software user-friendly, but it is being enhanced on an ongoing basis to make it the most useful planning tool possible.

My children love pulling up their daily schedule via e-mail and then printing it out. Rescheduling missed classes is...(more)
Michele Petersen, Co-op Member
I was part of the beta test and have purchased this for the year. I have to rave about Homeschool Planet. If you are using a paper planner, you may want to consider this online planner instead. It has so many features and benefits, it's amazing! Some of my favorites:

It's SO user friendly. If you have used a calendar before, it is very intuitive and has information and explanations right where you need them.

Text- My daughter thinks this is so cool that she can text me if we're in two different parts of the house!"I need help!" She has...(more)
Lauren W., Co-op Member
I've tried just about every online planner free trial and they each have one or two things at which they excel. Homeschool Planet has incorporated the best parts of each of these other planners. However, Homeschool Planet excels where none of the others do: There was NO learning curve! None! I was walked through every part and never felt frustrated. It's a beautiful system and I can't think of a fault to point out. I am only sad that my kids are too young for me to justify the expense just yet. As soon as our schedules become even a tad...(more)
Athena Grey (not my real name, for privacy, please), Co-op Member
The preprinted Well Planned Day journal is my go-to favorite homeschool planning tool, but this makes a nice addition since my kids get their own check off boxes right on their laptop. I recommend this one. It's very user friendly, yet has the right balance of options for scheduling a variety of repeatable and non repeating events including chores.
Pam G, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has probably been my best Homeschool investment yet! I love everything about it. I love that my children can check the checkboxes when they are done with their work in each class individually. They love that they only have to see their specific work and not the whole family's. I love that I have my entire day all planned on one planner. I love that Homeschool Planet has thought of every single situation a homeschool parents might be trying to put on a planner and they have made it as easy as possible! There has not been one t...(more)
Jennifer Burton, Co-op Member
I am really impressed with Homeschool-Planet! It strikes a great balance between simple convenience and flexibility. Without the tedium that plagues most planners I've tried, I can customize my schedule based on my family's specific needs, and it only takes me a moment to adjust, adding or removing dates or tasks as needed. It is intuitive and well-designed.

My kids love the printed weekly plan: it has cleared up confusion and virtually eliminated the question, "what do I do next, Mom?" :)

I will definitely continue to use this planne...(more)
Brooke C., Co-op Member
My first year homeschooling- I tried a few other schedulers. Homeschool Planet is easy to use and has been essential in keeping me organized. I am very happy with this product!!
JD, Co-op Member
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