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Foreign Languages
Sara Jordan Bilingual Kid Series Save up to 62% 08-21-2014
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Save up to 62% on Sara Jordan Bilingual Kid Series:
Dino Lingo TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Dino Lingo:
History & Geography
Colonial Williamsburg TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Colonial Williamsburg:
Language Arts
MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer Save 51% TBA
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Save 51% on MindPlay Fluent Reading Trainer:
Thinkwell Save up to 50% 08-21-2014
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Save up to 50% on Thinkwell:
Science & Technology
Thinkwell Save up to 50% 08-21-2014
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Save up to 50% on Thinkwell:
3D Animation 1 Save 40% 08-24-2014
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Save 40% on 3D Animation 1:
3D Game Design Save 40% 08-24-2014
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3D Printing & Modeling Save 40% 08-24-2014
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App Design 1 Save 40% 08-24-2014
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Game Design Save 40% 08-24-2014
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Mod Design 1 Save 40% 08-24-2014
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Brock Magiscope Save 20% TBA
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Save 20% on Brock Magiscope:
Social Studies
Thinkwell Save up to 50% 08-21-2014
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Test & Assessment
Study Island TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Study Island:
I am so happy to be able to share how Homeschool Planet has enhanced our homeschool curriculum.

First, it's easy to personalize, very user friendly, and easy to edit whenever necessary. My children log-in to see their own page and schedule that I easily set up with different colors and highlights to really make each subject stand out. I even add in their reading time, breaks and any necessary extras. There is no more guessing about what is expected of them daily. This program has added a harmony to our day. Whew!

For instance, I ...(more)
Regina B., Co-op Member
I love Homeschool Planet, it gives me the opportunity to view everything in one place. I can setup my child's lesson plans daily, etc. I look forward to using it each year!!!
Susanne C, Co-op Member
I really like Homeschool Planet! My children love that they can check off their assignments each day. I love that lesson plans and assignments are easily inputted and that it keeps track of grades according to my grading system. I am also excited that it will create a high school transcript for my son! I think this program was well thought out and easy to use! It also quickly updates! Keep up the good work!
MJ Hutchins, Co-op Member
I have found it so easy to be organized with this program. Seeing as this is an area I have struggled in for a long time,I can honestly say I love it. I believe it has the ability to grow with my family's needs and I am a lifer for sure. Thanks Homeschool- Planet.
M. Kobe, Co-op Member
I was pleased and impressed with the level of flexibility in scheduling. Being able to shift things so easily when plans change is amazing. My other digital calendar can't do that. What finally sold me was the report printing. I can get all that information back out in a hard copy that suits my needs. I definitely plan to try out a full year.
Kristy J., Co-op Member
We've tried several planners, record-keepers, trackers and Homeschool Planet has been the best I've used! The kids love being able to sign in to see what their assignments are each day, checking them off, and it's eco-friendly - no more paper to-do lists. I've posted on my social media about it being our fave - and hope to write a review on my blog.
Shannon Burgdorf, Co-op Member
I can't do school now without my Homeschool Planet planner. Our whole family is planned out there with text reminders of doctor appointments, special events (like the webinars) and youth activites. It was exactly what I have been longing for since I started homeschooling. I am taking two weeks this summer to write out lesson plans, find links and prep for next year. The cool thing is that I will never be off schedule even if something comes up and I have to reschedule a day. The program does it for me! On behalf of the boys, that you for maki...(more)
Karen K., Co-op Member
I am really impressed with Homeschool-Planet! It strikes a great balance between simple convenience and flexibility. Without the tedium that plagues most planners I've tried, I can customize my schedule based on my family's specific needs, and it only takes me a moment to adjust, adding or removing dates or tasks as needed. It is intuitive and well-designed.

My kids love the printed weekly plan: it has cleared up confusion and virtually eliminated the question, "what do I do next, Mom?" :)

I will definitely continue to use this planne...(more)
Brooke C., Co-op Member
I have just completed my 30 day trial of Homeschool Planet and was quick to purchase the yearly subscription.

Homeschool Planet has made lesson planning so much easier for me. It used to take me hours to do 1 week of lesson plans on my homemade excel template. With Homeschool Planet I am able to do weeks of lesson planning, rescheduling things, add specific notes for certain days, and so much more. I like how I am able to set up a grading scale for each class and determine which assignments are homework, quizzes, projects, tests, etc. and...(more)
Cathy F., Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool Planet for about a month. Planning is easy, consistent and flexible. Homeschool Planet also has a grade transcript planner that does the transcripts for you. This is something I was afraid to do before especially for my high school student. I wasn't sure how to do transcripts but now it is automatically calculated. It also allows space for you to place accomplishments so you won't forget them on college applications.

Making changes to the schedule is easy. You no longer have to erase or change an entire class p...(more)
Laurie Halvorson, Co-op Member
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