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Foreign Languages
Sara Jordan Bilingual Kid Series Save up to 62% 11-30-2015
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History & Geography
Colonial Williamsburg Save up to 52% 12-01-2015
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Thinkwell Save 45% 11-27-2015
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Science & Technology
Magic School Bus Science Club Save 50% + Get 1,000 SmartPoints 11-27-2015
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Thinkwell Save 45% 11-27-2015
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Homeschool Programming Online TBA Savings 12-14-2015
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Social Studies
Thinkwell Save 45% 11-27-2015
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Save 45% on Thinkwell:
Homeschool planet has allowed my teenagers to be in control of their own schedule and allowed our family to be a happier place. They can see the assignments for the week, they can add assignments from their outside classes, they can even decide to adjust the schedule if necessary. All this and I can see at a glance if they are behind in anything. It is wonderful!
J Jones, Co-op Member
Without question, this homeschool planner has been a God-send. I have tried several planners, spreadsheets, etc. which never worked well. The best part is the fact that none of my students have any excuse as to why their work is not done. Their assignments are emailed to them daily. I love this. I would like to see a desktop version, as my internet is glitchy at best, which has been a headache at times.
Sam W., Co-op Member
We Love, Love, Love Homeschool-Planet. Just started using it in early September this year and it has helped me tremendously! My kids love getting their daily assignments sent to their email first thing in the morning. The rescheduling and grading helper are fabulous. I feel much more organized than ever before in my 9 years of homeschooling. Well worth the money. Thank you so much for creating this fabulously helpful program.
Mary S., Co-op Member
For years I have done my lesson plans on paper week by week. If I planned further out than this, life would happen and we would be off schedule. This year we switched to Homeschool Planet and it has been wonderful. Now I am able to plan out the entire year for many subjects, adjusting tasks forward if the kids work at a faster pace and back if we can't get it done on the assigned day. I'm able to send weekly and daily e-mails to my high schooler so she can see her schedule and work independently. I can give her notes and websites to link to...(more)
D. Davis, Co-op Member
I've asked a lot of questions the last few weeks and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Homeschool Planet. It has already changed our summer school experience, and I'm looking forward to it transforming our fall and "making things happen". Thanks for this program and keep up the great work!
W. Baker, Co-op Member
I have really enjoyed using Homeschool Planet. I like that I can print the weekly schedule. My kids like the fact that they can pull it up on their iPads and keep track of their work. It has been a big help in planning my week and even ahead some. I wish I would have purchased sooner.
ACutshall, Co-op Member
Love this planner, so user friendly and adaptable! It is by far the best one out there and I absolutely recommend it!
Dayna Holbel, Co-op Member
Last year I had been trying to pre-plan my week and months. A lot was repeating and it was a lot of writing, so I tried to use Excel and Word to make a weekly schedule. However, if and WHEN we didn't happen to follow that day's schedule, it was nearly impossible to move it forward and change up. And I only had 2 kids to plan and it was hard keeping them straight. I spent the whole year trying to keep up with it and as a result we really only accomplished math, reading and some writing. The kids weren't having fun and I was not only not having f...(more)
Erin K., Co-op Member
I'm setting up Homeschool Planet for this coming school year, so my daughter hasn't yet used it. But so far I LOVE that I can combine very specific class schedules and assignments into the same calendar that I can keep track of every other appointment for every other person in my family as well as multiple to-do lists. I also like that I can access it on multiple devices away from home. This is the ultimate calendar for the color coded perfectionist like myself! Of course, it would also be great for non-color-coded perfectionists :)
Shelley G., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been a wonderful and much needed addition to our homeschool program. Using Homeschool Planet has made scheduling much easier and has given me control over my organization. Both of my kids love having the daily plan printed out to see exactly what needs to be done and has given them more opportunities for independence in their work.

I have tried two products that were kind of similar, but neither of them were as user-friendly or as complete as Homeschool Planet. I will continue using Homeschool Planet and have and...(more)
Debra G., Co-op Member
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