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when you purchase Rosetta Stone Homeschool foreign-language curriculum through the Co-op. Version 3 is now available in 19 languages, including Spanish, German, Chinese, and more. 
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on Colonial Williamsburg HERO! The entire family can enjoy this unique History program! Enjoy access thru August 2015. Written for ages 10 and up; younger viewers may need parents for understanding. 
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Q: What's a "GroupBuy?"

A GroupBuy is a time-limited offer where, by purchasing as a group, members looking for discount homeschool curriculum and supplies can earn exceptionally deep discounts on selected educational products for their homeschools.

For example: In a recent GroupBuy for art curriculum, members started out with a 30% discount. When we collected 16 orders, everyone got a 40% discount. We ended up with over 80 orders, and as a result everyone received a 50% discount! So, it pays to tell your friends!

Q: How do I participate in GroupBuys?

When we have a GroupBuy ready for you, we will publish it on this page and send an email notification to members that have subscribed to "Special Offers" at their My Profile page.

We will give you a way to place your order on a special, secure order form. The Co-op does NOT take your money. We simply act as your purchasing agent. But you must get your order in by the cut-off date.

When order volumes reach certain published quantities, all participants get the associated volume discount, whether they buy one item or many, and whether they were the first person to order or the last. We notify all participants when prices drop.

When the cut-off date and time arrives, we stop taking more orders, give the merchant your order information, and they take it from there. The transaction is between you and the GroupBuy merchant.

Q: Is a GroupBuy like an eBay auction?

No! It's the opposite of an eBay auction!! On eBay, you don't want other buyers around, because they will drive your price UP! But with a GroupBuy, similarly like how schools get a discount on books, you want other buyers to participate because they can drive your price DOWN! So, it pays to tell your homeschool friends and homeschool groups if you want to save money!

Q: Will you notify me when you have a GroupBuy?

Only if you sign up for "Special Offers" at the My Profile page. Select "Please email me all Co-op special offers" if you want to hear about every GroupBuy. There aren't that many, so you aren't going to be deluged with emails.

Also, be sure you add "offers @" (without spaces) to your email address book. Otherwise, your well-meaning spam filter will ensure that you don't find out about these great deals while you are looking for discount homeschool curriculum and supplies

This is the first planner I have purchased that actually works!! I love how easy it is to reschedule assignments if we miss them or need to take an unexpected day off because of sickness, etc. It is so user friendly, too. No need to watch/read tutorials to figure out how to use it. It has definitely helped our school day flow more efficiently!
Sydney R., Co-op Member
I searched everywhere on the internet, then found Homeschool Planet. It's just what I needed. It's very easy to use and looks great. Setting my kids profiles up was simple and quick. I love how easy it is to reschedule skipped lessons.

Whenever there's a problem (which is rare) the techs get right on it. Also, whenever I have a question or suggestion, they reply to my emails very quickly. This was definitely worth every penny.
SM, Co-op Member
I think this product is amazing, in particular, for homeschool parents entering the high school years with their kids. To have schedule, capacity to send texts to husbands to pick up grocery items, do transcripts, and keep track of grades all from one schedule planner. Plus room to do lists of groceries, keep track of Bible verses to encourage you, I loved it. I'm not a computer person, but I could do this.
Margaret B., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet was the school and home management tool I was looking for. It provides a central hub for all my students' assignments, as well as their chores! The program provides great flexibility for those times when illness or unexpected learning opportunities arise, and even does the math and record keeping for me when I'm entering grades. My highschooler likes the assignment list that it can email to her. We're all staying much more on track! (The on-screen widgets are another plus; love the weather, shopping lists, and daily verse!) I ...(more)
Carol G., Co-op Member
I love Homeschool Planet! It does an excellent job of keeping all of us organized. The kids can mark off assignments as they finish them. I can keep up with what has been completed and what still needs to be finished. It is very user friendly. You can adjust lesson plans forward without having to redo days worth of plans. I will continue to use Homeschool Planet in the future.
A Brumme, Co-op Member
After the initial trial, I subscribed to the full year. Homeschool Planet quickly replaced all of my prior efforts to plan on paper and has made tracking the school year's assignments very easy for my family.
I expect that we will use this from this point forward until we wrap up our homeschooling effort with my four year old, as the Homeschool Co-Op has shown quick responses to my questions and suggestions.
Kevin D., Co-op Member
I love it and don't know how I could be organized without it. My daughter loves the reminders sent to her each day too. I only wish there was an app for your smart phone though so I could fix or update things on the run. [Editor's Note: Currently (as of 8/27/13) you can view your lessons and assignments on mobile devices, and mark assignments as completed. We are currently working on giving subscribers the ability to add/edit lessons and assignments as well.]
Murry hooper, Co-op Member
I simply do not have the time to sit a write out a lesson plan for our school year, which makes it hard to know how the whole school year is going to play out. And even if I did have time to write out a lesson plan, learning opportunities come up last minute that cause the schedule to change. People get sick and maybe you need a day or two to recover. And then there is your personal schedule, like doctor's appointments and the like . . .

With Homeschool Planet I can enter my plan in day by day OR with a few clicks I can auto create and ...(more)
Sally G., Co-op Member
I have been using Homeschool Planet for 2 months now and I LOVE IT. The designs are great and I am glad that I finally found a non-complicated planner that I can start using right away. I love that it's online, so I don't have to "back up" my kid's information and can access it from anywhere. I was so into the program that I planned 6 months of certain, ongoing subjects in one sitting. And when something changed later on, I was able to easily go in and change it without it affecting the rest of the schedule. Tracking attendance days is rea...(more)
Kellee, Co-op Member
First I have to say I am not at all a technologically sophisticated person. No smartphone or tablet here. I kept all of my records on a "regular" calendar and a spiral lesson planner. So far what I like is the daily reminder of my classes/activities that is sent to my e-mail. My kids don't have e-mail but when they get their own accounts that will be a very handy feature. I also like the attendance record which is mandatory that we keep in North Carolina. I've played around a bit with the transcript and grading features. My children are ...(more)
Edlyn, Co-op Member
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