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Welcome to the Co-op!
The world's largest buyers club for homeschoolers
Hi! Iím Brett Walter, a homeschool dad, and I invite
you to join us today and save an average of
40%-50% on your homeschool curriculum.
Membership is FREE, and entitles you to the
many benefits summarized on this page.
School Districts Get Discounts
Why not homeschoolers?
The reason is simple: schools have purchasing
power and homeschoolers don't because we
purchase as individuals.

Change that today by joining the Co-op!
GroupBuy Savings
Save 20%-90% on homeschool curriculum
How we do it? We contact suppliers at members
request and work out volume discounts for our
legendary GroupBuys. Then, the more we buy
as a group, the more we all save as individuals!
Homeschool Planet
"The best planner out there!" - Kara A.
At last -- a full-featured, online homeschool
planner that doesn't require hours to learn how
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Try it FREE for 30 days.
SmartPoints Rewards
More value for active members
Get 100 SmartPoints FREE when you join, then
get more by writing reviews, helping us spread
the word, and more. When you have enough,
use them to buy award-winning products!
Fabulous FREE Curriculum
and educational website reviews
Explore our huge ClickSchooling database of websites
offering free curriculum, featuring reviews by
our team of experienced homeschool reviewers.
using our online design tool
Create your own homeschool ID cards in
minutes using our design tool, then print them
at home or order professionally-printed plastic
ID cards for only $7.95
Fun Field Trip Finder
the Internet's largest database of field trips
Search our giant field trips database by zip
code, subject, or keyword to find field trips in
your area, many of them with member reviews.


Alpha Omega Publications
SAVE 15% + FREE Shipping + SmartPoints
Grades PreK-12
Alpha Omega Publications
SAVE 15% + FREE Shipping + SmartPoints
Grades PreK-12
Mapping the World By Heart
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Grades 5-12
Homeschool Diploma Templates
Grades PreK-12
Mystery of History
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Grades PreK-12
SAVE up to 64% + GET 400 SmartPoints
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Grades 5-9
Learning Style Assessment
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Rosetta Stone
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Grades K-12
SAVE 30%
Grades K-8
Grammar of Poetry
SAVE up to 60%
Grades 6-Adult
SAVE 15% + FREE Shipping + SmartPoints
Grades K-12
Always Icecream/Clever Dragons
SAVE up to 50%
Ends 05/09
Grades K-8
Switched-On Schoolhouse
SAVE 15% + FREE Shipping + SmartPoints
Grades 3-12
Mystery Science
SAVE 30%
Grades 2-5
HMH History and Social Studies
SAVE 36%
Grades 1-12
SAVE 15% + SmartPoints
Grades 3-12
Old Western Culture
SAVE up to 30%
Grades 6-Adult
Fab@School Maker Studio
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Grades 3-8
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Grades PreK-12
Math Whizz
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Ends 05/07
Grades K-8
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Grades K-12
Grades PreK-8
HMH Science
SAVE 25%
Grades 9-12
HMH Electives
SAVE 25%
Grades 9-12

Featured Offers

Homeschool Planet Free Trial
Grades K-Adult
Alpha Omega Publications
SAVE 15% + FREE Shipping + SmartPoints
Grades PreK-12
SAVE 25%
Grades K-12
SAVE 20%
Grades K-12
SAVE 50% + GET 250 SmartPoints
Grades 1-7
Institute for Excellence Writing
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Grades K-12
Wordly Wise 3000 Online
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Grades 2-12
DreamBox Learning
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Grades PreK-8
Reading Assistant
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Touch-Type Read and Spell
SAVE up to 73%
Grades 2-Adult
SAVE 44% + GET 500 SmartPoints
Grades 2-12
Explode The Code Online
SAVE 46%
Grades K-4
SAVE up to 40% + GET 500 SmartPoints
Grades 10-12
Saxon Math
SAVE 25% + FREE Shipping + SmartPoints
Grades K-12
Brave Writer
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Grades K-12
Human Body Detectives
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Grades 3-12
Visualize World Geography
FREE Shipping + 5,000 SmartPoints
Grades 1-12
BrainWare Safari
SAVE 55% + GET 500 SmartPoints
Grades K-Adult
Benefits of Membership
Organize your world with our full-featured, online planner. "The best planner out there!" - Kara A.
Use our FREE templates to create your homeschool ID card, or order a sturdy plastic card for only $7.95.
Featuring some of the deals on the Internet for homeschool educational products and services.
Get SmartPoints and spend them on award-winning homeschool curriculum available through the Co-op.

School districts get huge discounts on their curriculum. Why not homeschoolers? The reason is simple: school districts have purchasing power and homeschoolers don't because we purchase as individuals.

Hi! I'm Brett Walter, a homeschool dad, and I set out to level the playing field by creating the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, the world's largest homeschool co-op and a great source for award-winning, affordable homeschool curriculum.

It's a simple proposition and it works -- by taking advantage of our co-op purchasing power, you can save 20%-90% on your homeschool curriculum. By pooling the purchasing power of our entire membership, we are able to call major educational publishers and homeschooling curriculum providers and ask for the same discounts they give school districts. And it works! Because virtually every vendor will give discounts for their homeschool curriculum if they are assured adequate volumes.

How do we get the volumes needed for affordable homeschooling programs? We do it through a unique process called a "GroupBuy". Essentially, we negotiate volume discounts with the homeschool curriculum providers, then put an offer out to our members that says, for example, "Hey, Co-opers, you can get 20% off for this homeschool curriculum, but if we get 20 members to sign up, everybody will get 30% off, and if 50 members sign up, everybody will get 40% off and so on."

So tell your homeschool groups and friends about the Co-op, because the more of us who join, the greater our purchasing power, the more affordable the homeschooling programs, and the deeper the discounts we can get for our homeschool curriculum! All you have to do is JOIN TODAY. It's absolutely FREE and you can trust us to never use your contact info for anything other than to bring you the greatest homeschool curriculum values on earth.

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